Chapter 1: Xelloss' First Experiment

A month Beastmaster's Lair...

"Beastmaster...I have come," Xelloss said as he bowed to Xelas.

"Ah...good of to see you, my faithful servant." Xelas was drinking some form of alcohol from her wine glass.

"Well I'm afraid you are going to drop the faithful part, Lord Beastmaster, for..." Xelloss paused. How am I going to tell Beastmaster that I've fallen in love with Fil-chan?

"Is it about Filia?" asked Xelas as she was sipping her drink.

"Hai, it is Beastmaster," said Xelloss with wonderment. How did she know?

"I see. Is it the fact that you've fallen in love with one of our enemies?" Xelas said calmly. Oh Xelloss, don't look surprise. I have other loyal servant. I became suspicious of you, so don't think I wouldn't have them spy on you.

"Hai, but...I don't consider Fil-chan an enemy. I love her too much to consider the fact that she is a ryuzoku." Why is Beastmaster taking this so calmly? I know she got spies that were spying on me, but I expected anger from her...

"Well Xelloss...I do think you deserve a break, so I won't cut off the Mazoku in you, for you know you can't survive without the Mazoku immorality. You are now considered retired. Go back to Filia, I understand...but remember...our kinds don't forgive the betrayed ones..." Xelas turned her back on him.

What in the world...something is not right but...might as well just take this. "Very well Beastmaster, I thank you for the little freedom you gave me for now. I'll be going now." Xelloss phased out.

"Oh now don't think you're off the hook, my faithful servant. You will be given some free time, but later your action will catch up with you." With that Xelas gave off an evil laughter that could be heard all over the Slayers world.

Back at Sairoon...

"XELLOSS!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU NAMAGOMI!!!" Filia shouted throughout the whole castle. Where is that husband-to-be of mine!!! Filia went stomping around the castle with her mace of course. "WE HAVE TO MEET THE OTHERS TO CONTINUE THE PLANS FOR THE WEDDING!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!"


Zelgadiss rolled his eyes. "There she goes again...what did Fruitcake did now?" Zel slowly got out of his bed.

Lina burst in the room suddenly. "Zel!! Zel!!" Lina skittered at the front of the bed. "You're awake!! Good! We got to continue our plans for the triple wedding!! Everyone else is already awake...well Xelloss is somewhere right now, and Filia is looking for him, but other than that..." Zel cut Lina's usual rambling by giving her a deep kissing. (The author will not go into details here, let's just say tonsil hockey and mega other lemony stuff is happening ^_^;;)

In Sylphiel's room...

"Gourry-sama, we only have 3 weeks left before the actual wedding. We're suppose to meet Ms. Lina and the others in the courtyard remember?" Sylphiel said meanwhile laying out his clothes for him.

"Uh-huh! I know Sylphiel! I never forget something important like that! Ano...when is the wedding again?" Gourry asked with a confuse look.

Sylphiel sweat dropped. "In 3 weeks Gourry-sama~ Now get dress so we can go meet the others." The past month was the best time of my life. I'm so glad Gourry-sama and I are getting married!

In Amelia's room...

Amelia sighed. "I'm happy for the others, but I feel so alone...will there be anyone out there for me?" Amelia stood up from her bed.

"No wait! Moping around is not going to get me anywhere! I've got to keep hope! Moping around for that kind of reason is injustice!" Amelia got ready to meet the others..."I better get Daddy too..."

In Xelloss' secret place...

"Ah ha! Success! Now to see if this will work..." Xelloss mumbled some strange incantations...and started waving his staff in circular motions.

Meanwhile in the Gundam Wing World...

"Nataku..." Wufei was in his Gundam right now, thinking about stuff.

"Heero-chan...? Do I detect some kind of black clouds above where Wufei is right now???" Duo questioned.

"Hn...what are you talking about Baka?" Heero was typing away on his laptop, while Duo was next to him and Trowa and Quatre nearby. All 4 were sitting on a grassy hill. Only Wufei didn't join in with the 4 lovers.

"Just look!" Duo's voice filled with panic. "It's growing larger and it doesn't look good at all. Tro-man! Q-Chan! Look over there!" Duo pointed his long fingers in the direction of where Shenlong was right now.

Quatre's eyes got big. "Ohmigod! We got to tell him!"

Trowa put his arms around. "What on earth is that?"

Heero glanced up and then started running toward Wufei.

"What in the world...why is Yuy suddenly running toward my direction?" That's when Wufei glanced upward and saw the black clouds that seemed to have some magnetic force field. Which means that it was beginning to life his gundam up.

"Cripes!!" Wufei tried to move in any direction, however it was too late. His gundam was already halfway through the clouds.

"WUFEI!!!!!!!!" Screamed 4 voices.

Back to Sairoon...

"Are we all here?" asked a booming voice that could only belong to the crown prince of Sairoon, Philonel.

"Everyone but XELLOSS!!!" said a sulky looking Filia all while cracking her knuckles and holding on to her mace.

With that everyone moved a meter away from her.

"Well let's just start anyways," said Amelia.

"Wait!" said Zelgadiss suddenly.

"Zel? What's wrong?" asked Lina getting worried for she knew that Zel hardly interrupted's her or something not good.

"Phil!! Look out!!!" screamed Gourry noticing something coming out of the black clouds that suddenly came in.

"DADDY!!!!!" screamed Amelia as some weird humanoid like thing landed on top of the Crown prince.

Phil however, just lift up the gundam like it weighed nothing. "Hahahaha! Never underestimate me! Where there is justice nothing is impossible!" Phil tossed Shenlong a few yards away.

Wufei came out of his gundam with his gun. "Who are you people?? Where am I??" He pointed the gun at the group. "Tell me if you do not want to die!"

Amelia gaped at him. That looks similar to the one Jiras had when we fought him once. The guy...he's...he's handsome.

Xelloss suddenly phased in. "Oh my! Oh my! I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to get you startled, I was just merely testing my experiment I was working on, and it looks like it is successful!" Xelloss grinned at a confuse and not-so-happy Wufei.


"Itai!!" shouted Xelloss after he landed from a 1000 ft drop. "Fil-chan that hurt!"

"I DON'T CARE!! START EXPLAINING!" Filia glared at Xelloss. The whole Slayers gang came up to Xelloss with the same looks on their face.

"Well I was working on an experiment. I heard that there were other alternatives world similar to ours, but they got no magic. I figured out the experiment which you combine several magic spells and know the incantation. The result is to drag in humans through a vortex, which are black clouds with a lot of magnetic force field. Well it looks like the experiment is successful!!" Xelloss grinned.

"Would someone kindly tell me what is going on here?! And where am I???" Wufei said not-so-kindly. Damn this is frustrating!

"I'll be glad too!" Amelia volunteered enthusiastically. "Is it ok with you guys, if I took him to the conference room and explain everything?

Lina shrugged. "Suit me. Come on you guys! Let's plan the wedding!"

The 3 couples and Phil started continued their plans.

In the Conference Room...5 hours after all the explaining and exchanging of informations...

Both Wufei and Amelia were quiet, for they were thinking...

Amelia tried to absorb in the information Wufei told her. Gundams, war, Wufei, guns, bombs, Wufei, justice, honor, Wufei. Could he be the one? The one I've been waiting for?

Wufei himself was in a deep thinking trance too. Shabranigdo, magics, Amelia, Nataku, Rezo, Amelia, Chimera, Lina Inverse, Lord of Nightmare, Amelia. Could she be the one? The one that I'm able to love after Nataku?

" say that you're an ally of justice?" asked Wufei politely.

"Hai...Justice rules!" Amelia said enthusiastically.

"I couldn't agree more..." said Wufei quietly.

Amelia and Wufei just stared at each other. Slowly, little by little, they got closer to each other. Finally they reached each other and Wufei gave Amelia a soulful kiss.

Back at the Courtyard...

"Like I was saying, this is going to be a triple wedding..." Lina started.

"How about a quadruple wedding?" asked a cheerful Amelia.

Xel, Fil, Zel, Lina, Gourry, Sylphiel, and Phil all sweat dropped.

"Excuse me??" said all 7.

"Wufei and I are getting married too!" cried Amelia.

Everyone but the two new lovebirds facefaulted.

"WHAT?????????????? ISN'T IT KIND OF TOO SUDDEN!!!" asked Lina.

"No...we were meant for each other. He loves me and I love him. We were made for each other. He needed someone like me to take over Nataku's place, and I need him too for the same reason, but for...Zel instead." Amelia blushed at the last statement.


"Amelia honey, I agree with Ms. Lina. Isn't it kind of too sudden?" asked Phil.

Amelia was getting teensy pissed. "If it's too sudden! Blame XELLOSS!!"

"Now, now! Let's just agree to a quadruple wedding shall we??" Xelloss was sweat dropping when he said that.

"I guess we haven't got any choice here huh? We can't force Amelia to change her mind..." Sylphiel started.

"So can we???" asked Amelia.

All seven looked at each other. "Why not?"

"HURRAY!!" shouted Amelia.

Wufei just smiled throughout all this. Nataku...thank you for bringing me to this beautiful young woman.

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