Song is sung by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena. The song is I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You. If some of the characters are OOC than forgive us!

Moon so bright, Night so fine

Lina Inverse was standing at a balcony that was part Sairoon's castle.

It was so nice of Amelia too invite all of us to stay at her castle. After all those excitement with Dark Star and Valgaav and all those, some of us could use a little break, after all the food is always excellent at royalties.


"Just wish ol' Phil didn't have to go crazy and decide to throw all of us a party. Not that I'm complaining, the food is awesome, but...something seems missing." Lina muttered to herself.

Keep your heart here with mine

"What is missing Lina? I thought you wouldn't be complaining about anything that deals with large amount of food," said Zel coming up behind Lina, startling her.

Lina jumps. She turned around and gave Zel a dirty look.

"Since when did you start eavesdropping on other people's thoughts?" Lina demanded.

"You forget I have good hearing, and is it me or are you just not into the party tonight? You haven't been going crazy over the feast. Is something wrong?" Zel looked a little concerned.

I wonder what she means by 'something is missing' Well hopefully I will find out, and maybe tonight I will be able to confess...

Life's a dream, we are dreaming

Lina blushed a deep shade of red.

Why does he have to be some observant? Damn nothing gets past him easily. Now how the hell am I suppose to explain?

"Ano...nothing's wrong...just didn't feel like feasting tonight, got a problem with that?" Lina asked stammering a little bit.

Oh god why am I stammering...did he notice? How can I explain this! How can I confess my love to him?!

"Lina-chan...are you alright?" Zel took a few steps closer to her. "Is there something terribly wrong? Just tell me. I know something is wrong. I know you are lying right now." someone or something hurting you? I don't want to see you all hurt. Ever since I met you 2 years ago I fell for you. You are the only thing that probably keeps me going...Just tell me what's going on so I can make you be happy.

Lina gave Zel a long hard look. Is he concerned about me for real? Can he...Perhaps he feels the same way about me as I feel about him.

Race the moon, catch the wind

Zel was looking at Lina long and hard too. I gotta tell her. I can't hold it back any longer, to painful to hold it back. Zel kept taking steps till there was barely anything between them.

L-sama...why is he...?

"What is the matter?" Zel asked huskily, reaching up to caress her cheeks.

"Ano..." Lina was at loss for words. "Zel..."

L-sama...the way you say my name...keep saying it my Lina-chan.

Ride the night to the end

Zel was leaning closer and closer to Lina. Zel...are you going I thinking of what you are planning to do? You feel the same way as I feel too...? are not that my cue? Is that a sign that you love me too? I've got to go for it, otherwise I may never have this kind of chance again in my whole fucked up life.

Zel then finally hit his marked; right now Lina's silky, warm, lips. Lina didn't resist, or pulled back. She returned the kiss as willingly as she could.

Seize the day, stand up for the light

An eons passed by as they finally parted away. Zel was the one to break the silence.

"I never thought...I thought you would never be able to love me...a monster like me..." Zel said quietly, his serene tenor echoing through the night.

"ZELGADISS GRAYWORDS! QUIT PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN! YOU ARE NOT A MONSTER!" Lina shouted straight in his ear hoping that it would get through his stubborn head.

Zel just sweatdropped. "Ano Lina-chan...but that's what I thought, but I'm glad you don't think that way."

"Zel I've loved you since lord knows when. I haven't stopped loving you since than. I never judge your chimera look. I personally think it fits you! I don't know if I will be able to love you, if your cute chimera look was gone...Zelgadiss Graywords I love you." Lina took a deep breath after the lengthy speech.

"Lina Inverse I love you too, with all my heart." Zel kissed her passionately again. "I want to be with you forever. Ai shiteru koibito..."

" shiteru" Lina whispered into the night.

I want to spend my lifetime loving you
If that is all in life I ever do

"Well those two finally got together...and I didn't have to do anything this time! Now if only I could do something about my little problem..." Xelloss phased out.

Throughout all this there was another person spying: Amelia Wil Tesla Sairoon. love Lina-san. Why can't it be me? Now I've got no one...I shall never love another. I can't love another! You were my first love...this is injustice! No...being selfish is injustice. I want Zel-sama to be happy, and if it cost my happiness then so be it. It hurts so much though... With that the princess went back to the party with silent tears and heavy heart.

Heroes rise, Heroes fall

"Gourry-sama..." Sylphiel glanced at the full moon that was half hidden by the majestic clouds. "I'm glad you came back safe. You will always be my Hero."

"Hey Sylphiel! Come join the feast! Aren't ya hungry?" Gourry earnest faced peered into hers.

Sylphiel smiled. "I'm not hungry Gourry-sama. You just keep enjoying the food with Lina-san."

"Oh she's not hungry for some reason, so no need to worry about her! Too bad she can't always be not hungry, then I wouldn't have to compete with her!"

"Now Gourry-sama that is not could you talk about your lo -- " Sylphiel broke off being embarrassed.

Rise again, win it all

Gourry blinked. "Why'd ya break off? What were you going to say?"

"Well...ano...I was just saying that you shouldn't be talking like that about your...lover..." Sylphiel trailed off.

Gourry blinked again. " lover...what are you talking about?"

Sylphiel sweatdropped. "I thought you loved Lina-san...don't you?"

Gourry starting cracking up. "Me love the flat-chested, fiery sorceress? That's so priceless! Sylphiel I never knew you had that much of sense of humor!"

" don't love Lina-san? I thought you did..." Sylphiel was just gaping at him.

In your heart, can't you feel the glory?

"Sylphiel, I don't love her. As a sister and a good friend I love her like that, but I can never love her like she was my lover. My heart belongs to someone else." Gourry looked intently at her.

Sylphiel stared back to him. Could it be? Could Cepheid be granting my wish? Could he...

Through our joy, through our pain

"And you know who it belongs too...?" Gourry looked earnest.

"Who Gourry-sama?" asked Sylphiel with hope.

"Well what else?? Food!!!" Gourry slammed his fist into his palm.

Sylphiel literally fell over. Ano...why did I even bother getting my hopes up.

"Hahahahaha!" Gourry heartily laughed out. "I'm only kidding Sylphiel! Yes I do love food with passion, but that's not it."

Sylphiel sweatdropped and sighed. "Ano Gourry-sama...then what's it?"

"It's you Sylphiel! I thought you'd have known by now for you are smarter than me!" Gourry smiled at her uncertainly. Will she feel the same way?

We can move worlds again

"Oh Gourry-sama!" Sylphiel threw her arms around the tall blond swordsman. "You mean it? I had hoped! I just thought that you loved Lina-san."

Gourry laughed again. "As I said before, I only love her as a sister, nothing more. Beside I think she likes Zel anyways." He grinned. Geez...I always thought it was obvious that I liked her...but maybe I didn't do a very good job of showing it? Well now I'll be able to show it...unless no food is around.

That certainly shocked Sylphiel. For a slow guy, he sures catches on quick. I thought you never would have seen it. But then Gourry-sama always catches on.

"Enough talking...I have to do what I've been dying to do since I-can't remember-when," Gourry said huskily. After he said that, he gently pulled Sylphiel closer to him, and kissed her fully on the lips.

Sylphiel had no objection toward this of course~ L-sama...this is actually happening...I've been dreaming of this for so long...and now it's actually happening. Arigato Cepheid...

Few minutes later they parted. They stood like that for a while. Gourry finally broke the stillness.

Take my hand, dance the dance with me...

"Well Sylphiel...wanna dance?" Gourry offered his strong arms to Sylphiel.

"Hai Gourry-sama...also...Ai shiteru," Sylphiel whispered out the last word.

"Ai shiteru Syl-chan."

The two new lovers headed back into the ballroom.

I want to spend my lifetime loving you
If that is all in life I ever do
I will want nothing else to see me through
If I can spend my lifetime loving you

"Hm...those two got together too...I didn't do anything here either. Must be something in the night. Well my so-called-job which I didn't do anything, is now all done for now...just got my mission to do and things should be hopping!" Xelloss phased out again.

Though we know we will never come again

Filia, in midst of all this, was in her room caring for the ancient dragon egg that held Valgaav. I'm glad that you are able to live again, this time in peace with no memory of before whatsoever.

Filia looked around the room and sighed. "Why do I feel so alone? Is it because I'm the only golden dragon left like Valgaav is of the ancient dragon?" Filia sighed again. "Damn you Xelloss...why did you do that? What did we ever do to you," grumbled Filia.

Where there is love, life begins

Someone knocked on Filia's door with hesitation.

"Who is it," Filia called, getting her mace ready.

"Up for some visitor Filia-chan?" asked the familiar voice.

No comments came from Filia for she was steaming inside and was trying to calm herself down.

"I don't think so Mazoku!" Filia said through her gritted teeth.

"I take that as a yes." Xelloss phased in to her room. Filia-chan...don't do anything rash. I don't intend to hurt you.

Filia rolled her eyes. "What do you want Xelloss?! If you are just trying to piss me off, then you are doing a very good job of it."

Over and Over again

"Sore wa Himitsu desu," said Xelloss with a smirk. Other than getting you mad, for you look cute when you're mad, but to confess you a whole shit load of stuff.

Filia facefaulted and then pointed the tip of her mace to his nose. "Is that all?? Just to infuriate me?? Don't you have better things to do??"

Xelloss phased closer to her. "Not necessarily, just wanted to tell you something. That is all."

"Tell me what?!" asked Filia.

Save the night, save the day

"This," with that Xelloss leaned over to Filia and ever so gently kissed her on the lip. L-sama...I've been waiting to do this, but how will she react?

Filia was just thinking these thoughts. Why the hell is this mazoku kissing me?? And why the hell am I not stopping this?? Could it be? Am I falling for the mazoku??

Save the love, come what may

They parted away afterward. Filia avoided eye contacts with Xelloss.

"Ano...I don't understand...I thought you hated me?" Filia said this and blushed at the same time.

"Filia-chan...why would I hate you? I could never hate someone with a lot of spunk like you. Why do you think I always try to get you to notice me by annoying you?" Xelloss moved a piece of hair out of Filia's face.

Love is worth everything we pay

Filia just stared at Xelloss with amazement on her face. "And through all these times, I thought u were an annoying bastard, but now I think you're a sweety? I think I've been hanging around you too much."

Xelloss sweatdropped. "And to think that I thought you were a pmsing bitch, but I guessed wrong to ne?" Xelloss put his arms around Filia.

Filia instead of getting mad as usual, just put her arms around Xelloss too. "I guess we were both wrong Xel-kun..." With this she kissed Xelloss softly on the lips.

I want to spend my lifetime loving you
If that is all in life I ever do
I will want nothing else to see me through
If I can spend my lifetime loving you

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