Part 1

"Awww Lina! Hurry up!" cried 14 year old Zelgadiss who was pushing his bicycle out the school's gate. He was waiting for his sister who was busy eating pepperoes (1).

"Just hold on a sec oppa (2)!!" shouted 13 year old Lina. She was down to her last box pepperoes. She too had a bike, however right now it was just staying there waiting for her to finish.

Zel waited few more minutes before getting frustrated and started to leave.

"Oppa!! Wait!!" Lina quickly stuffed the pepperoes in her mouth and quickly got on her bike, but was having trouble.

Zel ignored her and kept on riding ahead. He looked back though and he saw her still struggling. Few seconds later she finally got on and started peddling toward her brother. Zel however saw a truck behind his sister. He tried to call her name, but it was too late.


Few minutes later, sirens were heard everywhere. Lina was on the pavement covered in blood and is unconscious. Zel was by his sister sides begging her to survive. Medical people were heard giving orders. Zel being in distressed heard none of this. He only wanted his sister to live. He started to cry, adding more sounds to what was supposed to be a normal autumn day...

At the hospital, Zel and his parents were waiting impatiently outside the operation room to get the news of theirs daughter conditions. The hospital atmosphere made Zel very uncomfortable. Zel was also miserable.

I don't want her to die. As much annoying she can be she is a good sister. Please don't die. I'll never ignore you for eating pepperoes again! Also please lets never come to another hospital.

The door to the operation room opened. Out came a doctor in the green hospital garbs.

" are Lina's family right?"

"Yes. How's my little girl? Is she alright?" Zel's mom asked.

"She's fine. She pulled out of consciousness about 10 minutes ago. She got some broken ribs and a broken arm, but other than that she is fine. Right now she will be sent to her private room. She needs some rest. I know you probably want to go see her now. However there is something I must talked with you about." The doc looked down at Zelgadiss. "Maybe we should talk this alone..."

That sort of made Zel irritated. "I'm 14! I'm old enough to hear stuff now! I'm not some baby anymore!"

"Very well. How about coming to my private office."

They all nodded and followed the doctor down the corridors to his office. They soon reached the office.

"Have a seat," the doctor indicated to the chairs in front of his desk. They all took a seat, wondering what was going on.

"Well while we were treating your daughter, something told me to do a DNA test of your daughter."

"Was that necessary?" asked Zel's dad.

"Well after we found out something, I think it was. She was born in this hospital 13 years ago right?"

The parents nodded.

"Well unfortunately she isn't your daughter."

"What are you talking about?? She is our daughter!!"

"Actually have someone else's daughter. Apparently those two babies were mixed up. Let me get one of the nurses that have been working here for a long time. Please excuse me." The doc got up and left.

Zel's mom and dad were soon in a heavy discussion.

What...? She's not my sister? What's going on? What mix up??

A few minutes later the doctor and a nurse came in the room.

"I heard about the situation. I think I might know what happened. You see 13 years ago, when Lina and what was supposed to be your baby was born, they were side by side in the nursery. I'm assuming a little boy must have gotten into the nursery and was running around and bumped into the two beds, causing the nametags to fall off. Well I came in and saw the two nametags lying on the ground. I put them back on but I guess when they fell, they fell diagonally to the ground and I assumed..." the nurse trailed off looking nervously at the parents.

"So where is our real daughter right now?" the mom asked.

"At the family where Lina supposed to be. We've contacted that family and they should be coming soon." The doc explained.

"I can't believe we've been raising the wrong child..." Zel's mom muttered.

Zel's head was spinning from the information he just heard. I can't believe...she's not my sister? This got to be a bad joke! This got to be a nightmare!

15 minutes later, 3 very out of breath people came in. Zel recognized the daughter (now his sister) who was Filia, a classmate of Lina's. Zel stared at them. No way...that's my sister now? Filia's family was more on the poor side, while Zel's and Lina's family was one of the rich families.

If Lina has to go with them, she is not gonna be happy with that family. I heard that Filia's (or now Lina's) dad was an alcoholic. Also Filia's older brother is someone I wouldn't trust either...Oh man this is not cool.

"Ah hello. I'm sure my call might have surprised you all. But please have a seat and I'll tell you the situation." The doc said this cheerfully.

Filia and her parents sat down. Filia was giving Zel a wary look.

After 25 minutes of explaining, Zel had a headache, for Filia's father did not take this well, but he eventually calmed down.

"So I'm supposed to go with them now?" Filia asked.

"Yes honey. Lina is our daughter now." Filia's mom didn't look too happy.

Zel's parents were just plain exhausted. "Well looks like we got to break the news to Lina later," zel's mom said.

Zel turned to look at his parents. "Mom, Dad, let me do it."

They looked at him in surprise. "Ok, but if she goes wild, call us ok?"

"Mom I can handle her." With that Zel left the office and started toward the room where she was.

I do hope she takes this well. But why do they have to switch? Why can't we things just be the way it was before? Tears came to his eyes, as he realized that he was going to lose a sister he'd known all his life and get replaced by a girl that he didn't know at all.

Zel knocked on the door. He heard a faint "Come In". Zel opened the door and peeped in. "Mind if your oppa come in?"

"Oppa!" Lina said weakly, but happily also.

Zel sat down on the chair next to her bed. He took her hands. "I'm sorry about today Lina. I should've waited for you..."

Lina interrupted. "It's ok oppa! It could've happened whether I was fast or not. The future is so unknown, that anything could have happened. It isn't predictable, so don't blame yourself." Lina gave him a goony smile.

Tears came to his eyes again. "Thanks Lina. Thanks for understanding."

"Oh shut up and give me a hug without touching my ribs!" Lina spread one arm opened, for the other one was broken.

Zel leaned over and gave her a gentle hug. He sat back down and sighed. "Lina I got some bad news..." Zel retold what the doctor had told him, just awhile earlier. He told her everything.

Lina was silent after Zel finished. She had an unreadable expression on her face. Finally she said something.

"I guess that's life ne? I don't really mind. Filia do need a break from that dad of hers anyways. I'm tough so I can handle that big ol' guy!"

That was not the statement Zel was expecting.

"Just do me some favor oppa. Don't forget me! Visit me often! AND GET ME A LOT OF PEPPEROES!!" Lina gave him a big smile.

Zel sweat dropped. "Of course...anything for my sister..."

Lina smiled softly. "I'm not your sister anymore...just consider me as your friend."


A week later Lina got out of the hospital. She was looking forward to hang out with Zel, but exactly a month later when she was almost all healed, Zel and her former family with Filia now, left for the states. Lina wasn't too happy. Her new family is a pain in the neck. Her father always gets drunk and only care about money. Her mother on the other hand was a lot better. Actually she really took care of Lina well and Lina considers her as a mother. Her brother on the other hand is just like the dad. Always thinking about money and is very self-centered. Let just say it was a living hell for Lina.

10 years later...

A man was standing outside of an airport. He was tall and very slim. He had light blue hair that was blowing in the peaceful autumn breeze. His vivid sapphire eyes were looking around the familiar area in which he left 10 years ago. He had to go find someone...

"Zel oppa!" Filia called. "Come on! Get in the car!"

Zel nodded toward his sister. "Coming!" Lina...I hope you are alright.


1: Pepperoes are Korean snacks that are sorta like Pocky. ^^

2: Oppa are what younger Korean girls call their older brother or close older guy friends.

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