Part 2

"LINA!" called the Hotel manager. "Get back to work!!!"

Lina gave the manager a dirty look. "I'm still eating my lunch!" She pointed to the food that she still had. Next to it was a pile of dirty dishes.

The manager shook her head. "Lina you already ate enough for more than 10 people! I need you to start cleaning the rooms out and everything."

"Ok, but please let me finish my lunch?" Lina gave her the puppy eyes.

The manager sighed and threw her hands above the air. "FINE! But next time, please eat before the lunch hour ends."

Lina nodded with her mouth full of food. "Yes m'am!"

The manager walked away mumbling about how the good workers always have to be the weird ones.

Lina sighed too and continued to eat. She was reminiscing the past 10 years. It was hell. Her new father was an asshole. He beat her up all the time for not earning enough money in the little store they own. He blames her for everything, saying that she's a jinx in the family. Her new older brother was nothing like Zel at all. Like father, like son. He ordered her around in the store never lending a hand. He even treats his mom like she wasn't anything. Her new mom was still somewhat better. In fact her mom was pretty much like her first mom. Sweet and compassionate, but she could never stood up against her husband and her son.

Lina sighed. "I wish Zel was at least here, then things would be so much better. Also I so gotta get out of this household sooner or later. This is driving me nuts!"

Lina finished her foods few minutes later. She cleaned everything up and went to get her equipment to start her chores.

Room after room she went to clean. Finally she came to the last room in the hotel, which apparently was occupied by Xelloss. She knocked on the door to see if he was in there.

"Come in."

Lina went in and saw him sitting on the couch, with a bottle of Brandy.

"Don't mind me Xelloss. I'm just gonna clean the room and get out."

Xelloss sighed and stared at her. He took another glassful of brandy.

Lina just gave him a look. "Perhaps you should lay off the alcohol."

"Why bother. I hate being sober. My life was always nothing but shit. Both my parents never did love me. Sure they had a lot of money that could buy me anything I want. But it couldn't buy my parents love." Xelloss stood up and walked toward Lina.

"Why am I telling you this? We barely met. But your soul is so pure." Xelloss reached out and grabbed her hands.

Lina tried to take them away. "Xelloss..."

"Lina I like you. You are the first girl that isn't after me for my money. I like you a lot." Xelloss leaned and kiss her.

Lina was shocked, however she tried to struggle away from him. She used all her strength to shove him away. They broke apart. Xelloss had a hurt look on his face.

Lina just backed away. "Your drunk. You don't know what your saying. Please stop this Xelloss."

Xelloss just grabbed her again and tried to kiss her and succeeded.

Lina struggled and cried "Xelloss! Please stop!!" She literally shoved herself out of his grasp and ran out the room slamming the door.

Xelloss stared at the closed door. He slumped down on the couch and sighed. "Great. I blew it...and I really like her..." He poured himself more brandy and drank it.

Lina went to the locker room and was just trying hard to forget what just happened. Suddenly her pager went off. She got it out and saw a number that she didn't know. She sighed and went to look for a telephone booth.

Zel was at a dock. He had his cell phone out expecting the person he just paged to call back. Suddenly his phone rang.


"Zel, this is your mother. Where are you right now?"

"I'm just around mother. What is it?"

"Don't forget that we have dinner tonight with Amelia and her family. We have to discuss the wedding plans."

Zel sighed. Amelia...the last thing he wanted to think about right now was getting married to her.

"Yes mother."

"Zel I know you are not happy about this whole arrangement, but your father and I think she's the perfect match for you."

"Yes mother I'll be there later."

"Ok. Bye sweetie."

Zel hung his cell phone up. Great...Amelia. The daughter of the mayor. Just because she's rich and I'm rich doesn't mean we are perfect for each other.

His cell phone rang again and he answered.


"Hi. You paged my pager and I was wondering who you are..." said Lina.

"Oh. Pardon me. You see I'm looking for a friend of mine. His name is Xelloss. Someone told me that you know him and you worked at the hotel in which he is in right now." Zel explained.

Xelloss...of course I'd know him. Lina rolled her eyes.

"Yes. I do know him. But how come you couldn't contact him yourself?"

"You see I just came back from the states. I was here 10 years ago and he and I were pals. I wanted to hang with him again, but I couldn't get his number or anything."

Lina thought for a moment. 10 years ago...? Just came back from the states? Could it be? Nah it can't be him!

"I see. Well how about this. Meet me at the hotel he's staying in and I'll show you to his room."

"Ok. Fine with me. Which hotel?"

Lina gave him the hotel name and the address.

"Ok. Thank you so much. You seem to know a lot of people. Maybe you could also help me find this other person later..."

"Sure. Anytime."

"Well I'll meet you in the lobby at 4."

"Ok. Bye."


Zel hung up his cell phone and stared out the dock. Well I'll be able to find Xelloss. Now I need to find Lina. I hope that nice woman can help me now.

He got up and started walking toward his car.

Lina hung up the pay phone and started toward Xelloss' room.

She knocked. "Come in."

She went in and saw that Xelloss wasn't that drunk now.


"Lina I'm sorry about before. Could we forget about it and start over?"

Lina shrugged. "You're forgiven. By the way a long lost friend of yours paged me. I'll bring him to your room at about 4:10 ok?"

Xelloss blinked. What friend? "Ok."

"Well gotta get back to work." With that Lina left the room.

Xelloss smiled to himself. At least she forgave me!

Zel was driving toward the hotel and decided to page the girl again. She called him back in about 5 minutes.

"Hi. I'm coming right now."

"Ok. Think you could tell me about that other person you wanted to look for?"

"Well she..."

"It's a she? I thought it was another guy!" Lina exclaimed.

Zel chuckled. "No it's a girl. Well all I can tell you is that she's crazy about pepperoes." Zel smiled to himself remembering how crazy Lina was over pepperoes. "Also she should be about 23 years old by now. And her name is Lina."

Lina was shocked. It's Zel oppa. It's Zel oppa! ...I should tell him that I'm her...but...

"Hello? Well I'll see you at 4."

"Yes. Bye." Lina stammered out the "bye". She hung up the phone and just stood there. So Zel is back...I can't believe it! Now that he's back we can hang out again!! I'll just surprise him when he comes!

Lina ran to the locker room, so she could get ready.

Zel sighed. That girl never did say if she knew Lina or not. Oh well. Maybe she didn't hear my right. My cell phone has been weird sometimes.

Ring Ring

"Zel! This is your mother! Come to the hospital quick! Amelia has been in a car accident!"

"Really? I'll be there mom!"

Zel looked up to see where he was. He could barely see the hotel from where he was right now. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was 3:45. Damn! Looks like the meeting is going to have to take place later! I got not time right now. I'll call her later after this entire thing settles down!

Zel turned his car around and zoomed away to the hospital.

It was now 4:30. Lina was not happy. "It can't be Zel. Zel was always the punctual type! It must be some Ajushi (1) that just wants to find Xelloss." Lina said to herself.

Xelloss came down to the lobby. "What happened to that friend of mine?"

Lina sighed. "He didn't come. I guess he forgot or something. Well I'm off duty now. I'll see you later Xelloss."

Lina walked out of the hotel feeling very disappointed.


1: Korean for middle aged man.

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