Part 10

Filia looked up from her pile of pamphlets and groaned. "Man! I went to all the shopping places in Seoul! I need to go to some different place to shop! Dongdaemun and Namdaemun (1) are so boring now!" Filia got up from her bed and rubbed her forehead.

"Ne, why don't you try Itaewon?" Xelloss popped in his head through her bedroom door with a goofy smile.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Filia got her pillows and threw them at Xelloss.

"OWW!" Xel screamed, not in pain, but in surprise. "What was that for??" Xelloss stared at the blond girl in front of him that was very mad.


Xelloss leaned backward trying to save his poor ears. "Chamna. You get mad for no reasons do you?"

"WITH YOU AROUND, IT'S HARD TO NOT GET ANGRY!" Filia looked around the room to throw something at him.

Xelloss just walked up to her. "Look. I just heard you screaming and yelling about shopping centers.. I have a place. It's not as good as Myong Dong (2) or something like that, but it's fairly interesting."

Filia's ear perked up. "There is another shopping place in Seoul?? Where!?"

Xelloss sweatdropped. Dang this girl sure is crazy about shopping. "Itaewon."

Filia scrunched up her nose. "Where is that?"

Xelloss sighed. "I see you haven't been around Itaewon or Hannam-Dong (3) huh?"

"Sounds familiar..." Filia mumbled. "How am I suppose to get there?"

"I know the way. I could drive us." Xelloss offered.

Filia's eye bugged out. "...How about I drive and you just direct me!"

Xelloss pretended to be offended. "Fine. Do whatever you want. Just lemme tell Zel that I'm abandoning him right now."

After Xelloss left her room, Filia let out a huge sigh. This is going to be a long day for me...

5 hours later...

Actually it was a long day for Xelloss. Filia particularly dragged him all across Itaewon, buying this and that. Xelloss stood nearby waiting patiently, as Filia was bargaining with some old woman about a pair of shoes. Xelloss looked outside the window. WAIT A SEC?? Xel uttered a very fast "I'll be back" to Filia and ran outside. He glanced ahead to see if she was still there. Yes. I see her red hair. Better just follow her.

Xelloss followed Lina all the way to the restaurant she was working in. He heard her saying good bye to the owner saying that she'll be back tomorrow. Lina not noticing anything continued on to her small rented apartment. It was a good 30 minutes walk from the restaurant. Xelloss hid around the corner and watched Lina going into her house. He soon stepped out from his little hiding place.

"By god. Looks like I found her. Better tell Zel." Xelloss ran all the way back to the shoe store he left Filia at. When he got there, it wasn't pretty.

"WHERE WERE YOU!!!!!! IF YOU HAD TO TAKE A BATHROOM BREAK, IT SURE WAS LONG!!!" Filia screamed hitting him with all her merchandise.

Xelloss just ducked and ran outside.

"COME BACK HERE!!!!!" with that Filia ran after the poor guy.

Zel sighed. After going home with Xelloss, and him leaving with Filia to go shopping, he just came back to his apartment and just hung around. He looked at the paintings and other stuff he did of Lina. Where are's been 6 months...

Zel heard knocking on his door. Could it be?? He walked quickly to his door and swung it opened. There he saw the usual goofy looking face of Xelloss. Zel's face fell. "Oh. It's you."

"Who'd ya expect? Santa Claus?" Xelloss smiled and walked in. "I'm never taking your sister shopping anywhere, ever again!"

"Was it that bad?"

"Bad? BAD?? It's horrible! I took her out at what? 11? Now it's 9 pm? She's been shopping for 10 hours!! Man how do you stand her?"

Zel shrugged. "Beats me. I hardly even talk to her."

Xelloss nodded. "You still consider Lina as a sister?"

Zel looked away. "I don't know..."

"Speaking of Lina, I know where she is..."

"WHERE??" Zel grabbed his collars, "Where???"

"Aggg...gag...if you let me go, I'll tell you!"

"Oh...sorry!" Zel let go of him. "Now where is she?"

"Itaewon." Xel rubbed his sore neck. "I'll take you there tomorrow."

"Ok. See ya tomorrw. Go home. You look bushed." Zel said gently.

"Yeah...10 hours of shopping. A record for me..." Xelloss left.

Zel closed the door behind him and leaned against it. " were in Itaewon all these times? What were you doing all the way over there?"


1: 2 of Seoul most famous shopping center to buy stuff! ^^

2: Another famous shopping center ^^

3: A section in Seoul~ My neighborhood!!!! ^^

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