Part 11


navy = flashback

The next day came in a flash. Down on the busy streets of Itaewon, we saw two people getting out of a very fancy looking Alexus. People who were passing by were gawking at the sight of the car and many had envious look on their face. Xelloss pulled out a bag of some stuff and dragged Zelgadiss to a public restroom.

"Do we have to disguise ourselves??" Zelgadiss whined.

"Yes we have should, just in case she recognizes us and decides to flee again..." Xelloss paused. "Beside I thought you like to disguise yourself."

Zel glared at Xelloss with half malice and half exasperation. "I can still remember the time you talked me into dressing up like a woman!!! And I literally just made a fool out of myself!! I do like dressing up...or disguise or whatever! But the clothes and stuff you choose I cannot stand!!!"

Xelloss tried to smother his laugh.

"Come on Zel! Just do it!"


"Aw...come on. I did why can't you do it? are a chicken?" Xelloss hit his mark.

"Me...CHICKEN!!" Zel growled. "I'll show you who's the puny little chicken!"

Zelgadiss marched to his bed and looked at the stuff on the bed. Zel shuddered. On the bed there was a bright hot pink spaghetti strap and a black leather mini-skirt. There was also a pair of pantyhose, and knee-high leather boots. Not to mention a pile of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, ankle bracelets and etc. Also in Xel's hand was the Seventeen magazine and behind him was a pile of make up.

"Now don't chicken out on me hyung." Xelloss flashed him that infuriating smile.

Zel sighed. "The things I do for my dignity!" He sighed again and grabbed the spaghetti strap shirt.

....An hour later...

"Ne hyung. I hate to admit this, sure do look sexy," Xelloss remarked as he was studying a nicely dressed up Zelgadiss in front of him.


Zel actually could pass for a girl with that slim figure of his. He had on the clothes. Had big hoop earrings (He got his ears pierced when he turned 15.), a lovely choker, charm bracelets with lord knows how many charms, and an ankle bracelets over his pantyhose. Instead of wearing the boots, Xelloss decided he needed a sexy platform. So he got him a light pink 4 inches platform. ^^ Zel also had on layers of mascara, concealer, liquid makeup, loose powder, deep red lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and bright pink blush.

"Now remember. The deal was, we go to school and you are not allowed to change out of that and no taking off the jewelries and no washing off the make up."

"OK! I GET IT!" Zelgadiss stomped out of his room and unfortunately ran into Filia.

Filia froze for a minute, speculating what her brother had on. And then... "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" Filia fell to the ground on her knees and clutched her poor belly. "What--what on earth!! Why are you dressed like this!!"

Zel blushed through his pile of makeup. "DON'T ASK!" Zel stomped down the stairs where he got more laughters from his parents.

Filia still laughing saw Xelloss next to her. "Was it your idea?"

"Yup! He's gonna have fun at school today!"

Filia cocked her head to the side. "You mean YOU'LL have fun."

Xelloss shrugged. "Whatever. Well I'm outs." He ran down the stairs to catch up with his friend.

"Come on Zel. You gotta admit, it was hilarious!"

"Hilarious for you, but not for me!" Zel growled.

"Well are we going to go or not?" Xel asked impatiently.

"We are."

"Good. Then here, wear this wig."

"Nu-uh. No way in Jose am I gonna wear something like that." Zel pointed to the rainbow colored wig that Xelloss was holding.

"Well you got no choice, because this is all I could find at the last minute."


"Fine. I guess I have no choice." Xelloss sighed. "You know in the hotel room I am in right now?" Remember the incident 8 years ago? Where you had to dress up? I secretly video-taped it. Only I have it and know about it. I never showed it to anyone."


Xel held up a hand. "Here's the thing. You cooperate or I'll show Lina that tape."

Zel sputtered. "WHAT!! NO!! Fine I'll do it! Satisfied?"

Xel nodded happily. "Here you go." He handed him the wig, and put on an identical wig himself.

"You got the most strangest taste." Zel muttered.

"I know. Let's go."

Lina looked up from soup she was stirring and glanced at the clock. It read 2 o'clock. Looks like my shift ended till 7 o'clock. Better go back to the apartment for a bit.

Lina hung up her apron and got her stuff and left. Not knowing that 2 guys with crazy hairstyle and color were following her, she started toward her apartment. She soon came to the familiar place and went in the building to her room.

Zelgadiss and Xelloss finally were able to take off their wigs. They stared at the door she went in.

"Let me go in myself," said Zelgadiss.

Xelloss nodded.

Zelgadiss walked up to the door and knocked on it.

"Who is it?" asked Lina.

"...Just open Lina..."

Lina didn't really hear his voice for it was muffled just opened the door and saw Zelgadiss in front of her.

"Zel..." Lina stared at him in shock.

Zel had an expression that didn't look too happy, but instead of yelling at her, or slapping her or whatever, he just grabbed her in a tight hug.

"Lina...don't leave like that..." Zel muttered softly.

"Zel Oppa ..." Lina just buried her head in his shoulder.

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