Part 12

"Babo..." Zel muttered into Lina's ear. "Why'd you leave? Why?" Zel hugged her tightly, afraid to let go. Afraid that she'll take off and he'd never see her again.

"Oppa, how'd you find me?" Lina asked. "Itaewon is the last place I thought you would find me."

"Xelloss happened to saw you, when he was dragged by Filia on one of her shopping frenzy." Zelgadiss pointed his thumb toward where Xelloss was unsuccessfully trying to hide.

Lina face brightened and then it faltered again, remembering what Amelia told her. I thought he thought I was a burden...but then...why is he looking for me?

Lina gently pushed herself away from him, opening the door wider. "Come in. Come in for some ice coffee."

Zel and Xelloss looked at each other. Xelloss shrugged and the two guys followed into the apartment with Lina.

It was a small one-bedroom apartment, with kitchen, living room, and a bathroom. Everything was small. Lina didn't have a couch, so the guys sat on the ground with these Korean style seating pad...(I can't remember what they were called!) Lina went into the kitchen to prepare for the coffees. Soon she came back with three cups of ice coffee. She handed one to Zel and one to Xelloss. Then she took a seat on the floor too.

"So how are things for the past 6 months?" Lina took a sip of her ice coffee. "Did you get married yet Oppa?"

Zel shooked his head. "No we are still planning."

Lina gave him an incredulous look. "What on earth is taking so long to just plan a wedding??"

"Oh you know Amelia. She tends to go overboard with the planning. She just wants a perfect wedding, so it's taking forever to plan!" Xelloss answered cheerfully, getting weird looks from both Lina and Zel.

"You seem to know her better than I do," Zel remarked. Lina nodded in agreement.

"Whatever." Xelloss shrugged and then looked at Lina. "So why did you leave?"

Lina squirmed uncomfortably. "I just felt like it. I wanted to live on my own."

"Still...why didn't you bother telling us?" Zel asked, not hiding the resentment his voice held.

"I...I didn't want to bother you guys. Beside if you guys knew, you guys probably wouldn't have let me do this." Lina sighed and got up.

Zel became angry and got up quick and grabbed her by the shoulders gently, but with some firmness also. "No. You know we wouldn't have minded. Now I know you are hiding something, and I'd like to know what."

Lina's eyes blazed with sudden fury. "Well excuse me for keeping to myself!"

Xelloss got up too, with a sweatdrop. He held up his hands. "Now, now! There is no reason to get angry over this." He receieved two very angry looks. "Then again...I'll just stay out of this. In fact, I'll be outside waiting." Xelloss walked out of the apartment, leaving them alone.

Zel and Lina just stared at each other for a long time. Both having the similar enraged expressions. Time passed slowly, and they still just stared at each other. Finally Lina made a move.

"Are you going to go home or not?" Lina asked coldly.

"Not until, you tell me the truth." Zel said just as coldly. He walked closer Lina, until there were barely any spaces between them. "Tell me the truth. I know when you are lying Lina. I know when you are lying. I know you to well."

"I'm not lying Zelgadiss," Lina said through clenched teeth. "I wanted to be on my own. What's so hard to not believe that?"

"Because I don't! I just don't understand, if that was your reason, why you couldn't have at least contacted me or Xelloss. But no. There has to be another reason for not telling us. I don't think you left, because you wanted to be alone. I think there is more to this, then the fact you wanted to be on your own."

Lina just didn't say anything for the next minutes. She just stared at him with such hatred, that she could've just burned holes through him. "Why don't you just believe that, that is the truth!"

"Then why didn't you contact us? It's not like you to leave without contacting!"

"Look who's talking! When you left for the states, you didn't even bother to try contacting me!"

"I told you! I didn't have your address and Filia didn't know it either!"

"Still I'm sure she'd known her phone number. Could've just asked for the phone number you know!"

"...I..." Zel trailed off, knowing that Lina had him there. Filia did know her number, but he never asked for it.

Lina glared at him. "See. I'm right. You did something similar to that too, but here you are complaining to me, that I left and haven't contacted you."

"Well ok. You have a point there, but I'm not going to leave, till you tell me the real reason! I know you are hiding something, and YOU WILL tell me!" Zel said stubbornly.


Xelloss paced back and forth, outside the door. Geez...they are arguing for a while now. How long will this stupid lover's quarrel go on? Then again, why did she leave? Xelloss sighed and leaned against the wall. Suddenly he heard some familiar voices talking. Xelloss ran to a well secured place and decided to eavesdrop, for the voices belonged to Filia and Amelia.

"I haven't seen Lina anywhere for the past 6 months. Any idea where she might have ran off too?" Filia asked Amelia.

Amelia tossed her short hair over her shoulder before answering. "Oh I think she left, after what I told her."

Filia turned to face Amelia. "Tell her what?"

"I told her that Zel thought she was a burden. I also asked her if she wanted to Zel to have all the happiness in the world. Her answer was yes. Then I told her to let him have the happiness, by leaving him alone."

"No way..." Filia stared at her open mouthed.

"Also the very next day, when your brother was going ballistic over trying to find her, I told him something too. I told him that she wanted him out of her life." Amelia smiled smugly to herself. "After that, he sure paid more attention to me!"

Filia shooked her head. "That was cruel! That was just so cruel!"

"Hey I get what I want, even if it means I have to be cruel. And Zelgadiss is one thing I want now." Amelia glanced at her watch. "Thanks for bringing me to Itaewon. I enjoyed it." Amelia smiled falsely. "Shall we go back?" Filia nodded. With that the two females left.

Xelloss came out of his hiding place. "Well I'll be. That bitch was the cause of everything. The cunning little good for nothing spoiled brat is something we should all watch out for." Xelloss turned around and walked back to Lina's door. "Might as well tell them shall we?"

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