Part 13

Zel and Lina glared at each other with so much malice, that you could particularly see electric sparks flying between them. This staring contest could have went on forever, however they were interrupted by a knock on the door. The knock sounded very timid. Xelloss' head popped into the doorway with a sweat drop.

"Am I interrupting something?" Xelloss asked calmly, ignoring two death glares being directed to him. "I have some interesting little tidbits to share with you two!"

"We're not interested Xelloss!" Zel snarled out.

"My, my. Zel hyung got some temper! Now, you two are mature adults, so I ask of you to just listen for a few minutes."

The way Xelloss asked them seemed to have calmed those two down, for they turned toward him. Oh yeah they each had a wary look, with a slight frown to it. In unison they asked, "What information?"

"Ah...I have to ask you though. Has Amelia told you two anything that relates to either of you?"

Zel and Lina stared at him with disbelieving looks on their face. "How'd you know?" Lina asked at the same time Zel uttered the similar question.

"Fruitcake, I know you were smart, but you cannot be psychic!" exclaimed Zel. Lina nodded in agreement. "Yeah...I don't think you're the type to have that kind of gift."

Xelloss sweat dropped. "I should be insulted, but forget it. Well...I happened to come across your sister and her new idol, aka your fiancÚ just a while ago."

Zel groaned. "I should have known, that Filia would have soon brought Amelia over here."

Xelloss nodded. He soon launched on to what he heard from eavesdropping on the two girls. After about 30 minutes of Lina and Zel adding additional information...let just say we got a very pissed off Zelgadiss, a shocked Lina, and a stony Xelloss. After Zel became angry, Lina and Xelloss had to hold on to him before he left to go after Amelia, and possibly killing her.

"That bitch...she is a spoiled brat." Zel turned to look at his friends. "I'm going have a little conference with her. I'll be back." Zel got up and left.

Lina sighed. So that's what happened...she was lying? Just to get me out of the league? But why...I don't even like him...Or do I?

Xelloss put his arms around her. "Don't worry about it."

Lina smiled at him. "Nah. No problem. I'm fine."

Xelloss smiled back. "By the way Lina..." Xelloss paused. "Will you give me a chance? I really like you."

Lina stared off into space. Do I like him enough to give him a chance? He is fun to be with. Not to mention, he is jal seng gyut suh (1)...Ah what the hell. Giving him a chance won't hurt. I won't regret least I hope I won't. "Sure...why not?"

"For real??" Xel looked at her in surprised. Whoah...she means it? I wasn't exactly expecting a yes...but who's complaining!

"Yeah." Lina nodded, although deep inside, she wasn't 100 percent sure. "Yeah. Why not?"

Zel was steaming in his Alexus. He was pissed, no make that beyond pissed. He tried to pay attention as he was driving, but it was difficult to even stay focused on the road. Zel sighed. That Amelia. I know there was something not quite right when she told me that. I should have known. No. I had to actually fall for her stupid plot. Damn her...

Zel reached for his cell phone and dialed her number. After a few minute he heard her perky voice. "Hi Zel!"

"Amelia...we got to talk. Meet me at this park. And I mean it!" With that he hung up.

Well Miss Amelia, if you want me, you ain't getting me that easily. No way in hell you are.

Amelia stared at the phone. Geez. He sounded mad. Wondered what blew his fuse. Whatever. I better get my car and go meet him.

Thirty minutes later, Zel and Amelia met up in the park. Zel still had a stony expression and Amelia had a confused one. She was confused with the way he was acting. Also his expression sure made her feel unease. The gentle summer breeze was gently swirling around them, but the atmosphere between just the two of them was very cold and winter-like. Amelia shivered under the cold eyes of Zelgadiss. What is going on here? Why is he so upset?

Zel stepped closer to her and slapped her full in the face. Amelia staggered backward putting up a palm to her stinging cheek. Good thing they were the only two people in the park at that time. Amelia just stared at Zel was a confused look. Why did he slap me? Why?

Zel walked over to her more and leaned his face into hers. "Don't act so surprised. You deserve that after what you have done."

"Wha--What are you talking about?" Amelia gaped at him, still holding her cheeks.

"What I mean is the fact that you lied to me AND Lina about all those bullshits you told us!" Zel's eyes shone with anger. He was using a lot of will power not to beat her up. His hands were clenched up into fists.

" did you find out?" Amelia asked softly.

"That's none of your goddamn business! Now tell me. Why did you do that?" Zel growled.

Now Amelia's face was red from anger. "Because you were spending too much time with that Lina girl of yours!"

"We are just friends! Aren't you being a little bit too over possessive?"

Amelia shake her head stubbornly. "No! You and I are getting married! You never hanged with me like the way you hanged out with her! So I became possessive! You never hang out with me!"

"I HAVE TO! Thanks to your plot, I have for the past six months!" Zel shouted.

"Why won't you give me a chance?" Amelia screamed at him.

"...I can't believe I'm having this kind of conversation right now. You are just an immature brat!" Zel turned around on his heels.

"Wait! You are not going to leave just yet!"

"Oh yes we are. We are through Amelia. The engagement is canceled!" Behind him he heard Amelia gasped, and she started to cry.

Zel ignored her and walked out of the park. God...she is so difficult.

Amelia continued to cry like some little kid lost his teddy bear. She couldn't stop crying. Maybe...maybe I shouldn't have done that? But...I love him...and what have I done?

Amelia went back to her car, still crying...

That woman...damn. Zel went to his apartment, and was doing some thinking. He was still steamed, but he cooled down a bit. However he felt guilty for getting her to cry. I didn't mean to make her cry... Zel sighed and stared outside the window.

He heard someone knocking on his door. "Come in..." Zel mumbled.

Xelloss came in. "Hi...what happened?"

Zel sighed and told Xelloss what had happened at the park. Xelloss was silent for a while afterward.

"I see..." Xelloss trailed off. "By the way...Lina said that she'd give me a chance."

Zel's back stiffened. "Oh...I see. Good luck you two."

Xel noticed his reaction, but pretended not to notice. "Thanks. I really do like her. I'm glad she decided to give me a chance."

Zel just nodded. "Well..." Xelloss trailed off. "I better get going. I'm glad you didn't at least murdered her." Xelloss flashed a quick smile and left.

...So Lina and Xelloss are an item now. Why am I so jealous over that? I just like her as a friend right? Right...? Zel sighed and decided to take a nap.

He...he broke off our engagement. could he?? Amelia sobbed harder, and continued to drive. She was crying so hard, that she couldn't focus on the road. She didn't know that she was stepping on the gas pedal hard, and she didn't know that her car was already at 75 mph, and is steadily rising. Soon it reached 100 mph. Amelia just kept on driving. Suddenly she lost control of her car, and it went skidding onto a curb and hit several phone booths. The last thing Amelia remembered was that she saw the car just going onto the sidewalk, before blacking out...


1: Korean for "good looking".

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