Part 14

How is she doctor?" asked a very worried Philonel.

"Well..." the doctor seemed distanced away. He had a trouble look on his face. "She's fine, however...I think she has amnesia."

Philonel usually tanned face, was very pale when he heard that. He grabbed the nearest chair and slumped in it. Nearby, Zelgadiss and the rest of his family were standing. Now they were shocked from the news too. Zelgadiss sat in those stupid waiting room chairs, and buried his face in his hands.

It's all my fault...Why am I the cause of everyone's car accident? First it was it's Amelia. Zel sighed in frustration, and looked up. He saw Xelloss and Lina not so far away. He got up from the chair heavily, and walked toward them.

"Zel...are you ok?" Lina asked with concerned in her eyes.

Zel nodded wearily. "Yeah. I'm fine. No I'm not..." Zel sighed and decided to go outside for some fresh air. Lina and Xelloss followed. After reaching outside, he turned to look at two of his closest friends. "It's all my fault."

Xelloss shook his head, "No it isn't. Don't say tha-", however he was cut off by Zelgadiss.

"Yes it is my fault!" Zel insisted. "If I wasn't so hard on her, then maybe she would've avoided all this!"

"In my opinion, I thought she deserved that..." Xelloss started, but was cut off again. This time by Lina.

"Shut up. Don't say stuff like that." Lina turned to look at Zel. "Don't worry too much about it. I have a feeling that it was meant to have happened. Could've happened even when you didn't confront her."

" she has amnesia. She won't even remember her own father." Zel turned away from Lina bitterly. "You two go home. You guys don't have to be here."

Xel and Lina glanced at each other. Lina was about to protest, but Xel motioned her to just stay quiet. Xel patted Zel's shoulder. "Ok. Call us later ok?" Zel barely nodded, and then Xel and Lina left. Lina however stopped in the middle of the road to just stare at him for a while. Xelloss waited patiently for her, and soon she came to him and they left. Zelgadiss meanwhile didn't notice that Lina was staring at him. He was lost in his own thoughts...

"Amelia honey!! Don't you remember me???" Philonel was going ballistic, trying to get his daughter to remember who he was. "Remember your father? Your partner for Spread-the-Justice compaign??"

Amelia just stared at her father blankly. "So you''re my father?"

Philonel totally lost it. "NO!! MY BABY REALLY HAVE AMNESIA!! NOO!" He broke down and started sobbing his head off. Then suddenly as he started, stop crying, and stood up with his fist in the air. "WAIT!! THIS IS NO TIME TO BE CRYING! JUSTICE AND LOVE WILL BRING MY BABY BACK! I CAN GUARANTEE THAT..." Philonel rambled on and on...

"Excuse me..." the doctor came in and faced Zel, his family, and Philonel. "But who was the last person to have talked to Amelia before she got into the accident?"

Zel looked up guiltily. "I was."

The doctor looked at him. "Ah yes. The reason I asked was because some doctors these days have a theory. The theory is, that when a person have amnesia, they have a higher chance of getting some of their memory back, if they spend a lot of quality time with the person they talked to before this had happened."

Philonel blinked. "So basically you're telling us that, Zelgadiss have to spend a lot of quality time with her so she'll get her memory back faster?"

The doctor nodded. Zel noticed that he didn't look comfortable. "Yes. That's the theory."

"Well then, that will be no problem, for Zel and Amelia are engaged. So it makes no difference if they spend a lot of time together before getting married." Philonel boomed. He then turned to look at Zelgadiss. "Young man, I do trust you to bring back my Amelia. I do wish all the luck in the world."

Zel didn't wince to himself as he would have normally. So this is my punishment...I deserved it. I caused all this. I can handle this. I can...

Zel went up to Amelia, and took her hands in with hers. "Do you remember anything?"

Amelia stared at him, with a confused expression. "Who are you?" Amelia cocked her head. "You do seem a bit familiar..."

"WELL THEN! Doc your theory seemed to be working a bit!!" Philonel had on a hopeful expression and started to go into one of his justice speech, in which everyone in the whole room zoned him out.

Zel sighed to himself. Looks like this is my life now...

Later...when everyone left...

"Thank you for going along with the plan doctor. Thank you. Here's your reward." Amelia handed the check for 500 thousands won (1). "Thank you so much for going a long with it."

The doctor greedily accepted the money and left her room very quickly. Amelia smiled to herself in the darkness. Yes. I have amnesia. I need quality time with Zelgadiss. Now he won't spend his times with Lina anymore...I have won this whole competition. The plan will work out. Zel...I do not lose that easily. I DO not lose at all. I get what I want... With that Amelia began to laugh an evil laugh...


1: Korean currency ^^

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