Part 15

"Zel?" Lina called his phone. "Hey. Wanna hang out with me and Xel today?"

"I can't. I'm sorry, but Amelia needs me. Tell fruitcake that I said 'hi'. Have fun without me." Zel hanged up abruptly.

Lina stared the phone she just used. She was now back with her family. Her brother and her father could've cared less, but her mom welcomed her greatly. She dialed the phone again, this time to Xelloss. He answered.

"Hi Xelloss." Lina said dully. "I'm not up for hanging out anymore..."

"How come? Something happened?" It was evident that there were concerned in his voice.

"Nothing happened..." Lina sighed. "It just that Zel turned down our offer, and now I don't particularly feel like going out anymore."

Xelloss was silent on the other side. Geez...does she want to go out only if Zelgadiss is with us? It has been 2 weeks since all this happened. Xelloss sighed, "Ok. I'll just call you later ok?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry Xelloss." With that Lina hung up and sprawled out on her bed. Zel oppa ... She turned her head toward her night table, where there was that one picture of Zel and her from that one summer ago, at their favorite beach. Zel...I miss you...

Zelgadiss was with his parents at a very fancy restaurant. It had been two weeks since Amelia got amnesia. So far, not much progress is showing, but she at least knows whom the people that are around her are. Even though he was doing what he can, he still felt really guilty. He knows that his parents, and Philonel were still planning to have the wedding sometime around late October. He still doesn't love Amelia though.

"Zel honey," his mom interrupted his thoughts, "We're glad that you are spending a lot of time with Amelia. We know that you don't really have feelings for her, but trust me dear, sooner or later, you two will be the happiest couple in the world."

Yeah...her and me the happiest couple? Yeah. When Pluto becomes the first planet in the solar system instead of Mercury. "No problem mom."

"So have you figured out who your best man would be for the wedding?" his dad asked.

"Yeah. I've decided that Xelloss would be my best man. You wouldn't mind right?"

"Oh no! Does Amelia mind?" His mom asked.

"No. She has amnesia. She doesn't remember who he is. So she doesn't mind." Zelgadiss said this blandly.

His mom sighed. "We know this is not what you want to do, but she comes from a rich family, and she is perfect. She's ladylike, and she knows all the etiquette for us high-class people. Also..." His mom went on about this and that about reputation, and stuff. Zel just zoned her out.

"Well son. I'm just glad you are not disappointing us." His father remarked. "You're making the right choice."

"Yeah..." Zelgadiss sighed glumly. And I thought it was wrong to be forced to be married to someone you do not love. I thought arranged marriage was taboo a long time ago. This is just stupid...but I can't let my parents down...but do I have enough sense to do this? To give away my happiness to please my parents? Is this what I want?

Zel grabbed his wine glass and took a long sip... Life is hell...

A month later...

Amelia got out of the hospital. She was physically well. She still has "amnesia" unfortunately. Unfortunately for Zel, Lina and Xelloss that is. For Amelia, she was in heaven. Of course, with the guy she loves spending most of his life with her, who wouldn't be? Yeah she often asked herself if this was the right thing to do, but greed would always take over the justice part lately.

Good thing, I took drama in high school. Or otherwise I might have never pulled this off! Amelia hung onto Zel's arm as they left the hospital. Amelia was too happy to notice that Zelgadiss had a far away look. Zel was never happy these days. The only other person that was unhappy like him was Lina. Xelloss was probably in the middle. But all in all, he was stuck between two unhappy friends.

"Amelia?" Zel asked. "We got to go meet your dad and my family. We have to discuss the wedding. I asked Xelloss to be my best man."

"Xelloss? You mean the crazy guy that has purple hair, and the guy you call fruitcake?" Amelia asked, before realizing that she let out too much info for someone with amnesia.

Zel gave her a suspicious look. I certainly do not recall telling her about Xelloss after she got amnesia. "How do you know who he is?"

"Maybe the doctor's theory is working. Perhaps, some of my memory is returning?" Amelia said this as casually as she could. Stupid me. I almost gave myself up.

Zelgadiss bought that. "Perhaps." He looked ahead. "Let's go."

Amelia nodded, relieved that he fell for that. That was pretty close. Better watch my mouth more often.

"Ah! My baby! Welcome home!" Philonel boomed out. Behind him, Zel's parents and Filia nodded enthusiastically.

" am glad to be this is my home..." Amelia slowly said.

"Yes honey! Remember??"

Amelia decided to lie a bit. "I remember vaguely that I played in the yard..."

"YES! YES! You used to play on the swing in the yard!" Philonel jumped up and down, and turned to Zel. "Young man! I thank you for spending so much time with my baby! The theory seems to be working nicely!" Philonel then turned to Amelia and gave her a big hug.

Phil regained his composure and cleared his throat. "Well now. We have 2 month and 3 weeks to get ready for the wedding. Let's plan!"

Zel sighed. This is going to be a long night. Not to mention a long 2 months. I miss hanging out with Lina...


"Lina are you ok?" Xelloss asked with much concern. "You look exhausted."

Lina sighed and turned to Xelloss. For the past month, they've been going out, but Lina doesn't love him. She knows though, that Xelloss love her. Also for the last few days, she has been strangely exhausted. "I'm fine. I just didn't sleep well for the last couple of days."

"Ok..." Xelloss didn't quite buy that, but he knew better than to pursue the subject and get Lina pissed. "By the way, Amelia is out of the hospital now, maybe now Zel can hang out with us more." Yeah right. Knowing Amelia, he'll probably be even busier then ever.

Lina brightened as she heard the news. "Maybe..."

Xelloss leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Yeah, Zel'll probably have time for us again!"

"Yeah...I hope so." Lina just stared straight ahead. Also fighting off sudden exhaustion.

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