Part 16

September, 1 month and 3 weeks left till the wedding...

"Zel dear." His mom handed him a hanger with a tuxedo hanging onto it. "Try on this dear. I think it looks quite handsome. Don't you think so Amelia?" Zel's mom turned to look at the young lady near them.

"Yes mother (1). I agree with you." Amelia nodded enthusiastically.

Zel took a glance at it and immediately wanted to throw up. The tuxedo was ... well wasn't in the color he wanted. In fact...I don't think it's wedding color either. The color of the jacket and the pants was well...bright pink. While the shirt was white, and the bow tie was...bright blue. The tuxedo was just badly color coordinated.

Zel gave his mom a wary look. No way in hell am I going to wear that. I know mother wasn't very color coordinated well...but this is ridiculous. It's too bright for god's sake! And pink??!! Oh man this is so not cool. "Mother...perhaps a different color tux would be better for me."

Zel's mom looked at the tux. "But what's wrong with the color?? It looks so nice and dignified." She protested. "Amelia don't you think so?"

" about this one?" Without looking Amelia grabbed a tuxedo that was even worst than the one Zel's mom picked. Amelia picked a tuxedo that only a clown would wear. The jacket had green polka dots, while the pants was pink and purple striped. Not to mention the top hat wasn't even a hat, but a clown wig. The white shirt wasn't white. It was bright orange, with a black with red hearts bowtie.

Zel and his mom looked at it. Zel had the expression of pure disgust. His mom however studied the ensemble for a few minutes. Suddenly her face lit up. "Marvelous Amelia! You got excellent taste!" She turned to her son. "What do you -- " Before she could finish Zel just ran out of the room and went to the bathroom to puke his brain out.

"Now what has gotten into him?" Zel's mom asked Amelia.

Amelia just shrugged and picked up another tuxedo. "How about this one..."

This similar pattern went on and on...for 2 weeks. They went to 20 different stores and Zel probably puked a million times by now. Finally after a week they picked a reasonable black and white tuxedo after many arguments that followed the selection. In the end Zel won and his mom and Amelia wasn't too happy.

As they came out of the store, which the storeowner screamed "Good Riddance!" to himself, Zel's mom turned to look at the two lovebirds. "Well now that we got the tuxedo picked out. Now it's time for the best man's tuxedo, Amelia's dress, and Filia's bridesmaid dress to be picked out."

Zel silently groaned to himself. My god. Another day of torture like this I am going to blow! "I'll call up Xelloss and mom you call up Filia. We can meet at the café tomorrow and discuss the colors and everything before going to the store."

"Good idea son. Is that ok with you Amelia?"

"Who was Filia again?" Amelia asked innocently as possible.

Xelloss was at the café first. He was the first to arrive. 5 minutes later a disgruntled Filia joined him. They sat down at the secluded part of the café. So far the café was empty. Only those two and one old grandma was in the café.

"I see that Miss Filia have joined me today. I feel so honored." Xelloss said this as infuriatingly as possible.

Filia bashed him with her handbag. "NUN JINJJA BABO YA!! DAKCHU IMA!! (2)"

"APU! II Dijiba ga wae gu lae?? (3)" Xelloss

"My problem is you!!"

"Oh really? I am so flattered!" Xelloss flashed her his most winning smile.

"You -- " Xelloss cut her off by putting his hands over her mouth and motioned her to be still and quiet. He was staring at someone. Filia followed his gaze and realized it was Amelia coming in the café talking on her cell phone. Xelloss and Filia were hidden behind a big pine tree, so Amelia didn't see them. Amelia walked to the other side of the café, far away from the entrance, which was where Xelloss and Filia were. Amelia was talking very loudly on the cell phone and those two could hear every words being said.

"Hello? Martina! Long time no talk! How you been? Oh me? I'm fine! Never been better! Amnesia? Oh you heard about that huh? I don't have amnesia. It's all a lie. My memory is perfectly fine. I had to use that so I could have Zelgadiss all to myself. I bribed the doctor. He's staying quiet. I am happy. No one knows about that part. Does Filia know? Oh no!! She doesn't! You think she's my best friend? No way! She's a good tool! Thanks to her I knew what Zelgadiss was doing behind my back and all with that Lina girl. No one knows the amnesia plot. Not even my dad. Not even Filia. I told you Filia is a tool. I think she's really immature, like that Xelloss guy. Ugh...those two are like so immature. Well the wedding is soon. And you are invited! I feel sort of bad about doing this, but hey! If I don't then I'll lose Zelgadiss forever! Well I'll see you later. Take care! (4)" Amelia turned off her cellphone and stared off into space, with her back turned to the Filia and Xelloss.

Filia's mouth was opened wide, same with Xelloss'. Xel motioned to her to leave the café. Filia agreed. They quietly got up and tiptoed to the entrance and left quietly. Then they went outside and went to Filia's car, which it was parked somewhere where Amelia didn't see, and decided to discussed what happened.

"That god. She's a sly one." Xelloss shook his head. "We ought to tell Zel...we have to tell him. What should we do Filia? Filia?"

Filia was staring ahead. Xelloss gently tapped her shoulder, which was a mistake for she blew up.


Poor Xelloss was cowering in the passenger seat and was covering his ears. "Calm down Filia. Please! Calm down!"

Filia then remembered where she was and returned to her original dignified ways. "I'm sorry...but...but this is just wrong!!"

Xelloss had to bite his tongue from saying "I told you". "I guess some people are like that now aren't they?"

Filia let out a huge sigh..."This is JUST WRONG!!!!" She screamed out the last two words. "We ought to tell Zel...we have to..."

"Let's tell him later." Xelloss glanced at his watch. "We ought to head back to the café again."

They heard tapping on the window of the car and looked up to see Zelgadiss looking at them with a confused expression. Filia rolled down her window.

"What are you two doing?" Have you forgot that we meet at the café?" Zel asked patiently.

"Sorry..." they mumbled. "We'll catch up with you..."

Zel left them behind and slowly walked to the café. Filia looked at Xelloss. "I think you should tell him later. Like at his bachelor party."

"Why that late?"

"I don't know...I think that's the best time..."

Xel sighed. "That Amelia makes everything complicated."

"Yeah..." Filia stepped out of the car. "Let's go back."

Xel nodded and the two of them went back.


1: In Korea, when someone is engaged to whomever, they start calling their mother or father in laws mother or father.

2: Um.... translation: "You are really stupid!!! Just shut up!"

3: Translation: "OUCH! What is wrong with you woman??"

4: Basically Amelia is just replying to all the questions Martina ask her. Use your imagination to see what questions M asked A! If it was confusing sorry!

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