Part 17

"Xelloss are you ok?" Lina rubbed his shoulder gently. "After your little meeting with Zel oppa (1) about the best man outfit thing, you seem distant."

Xelloss sighed. It was hard to not scream out the truth when they were discussing about the clothing stuff. I just wanted to wipe off that disgusting look on that bitch's face so bad by just slapping her. I know Filia must've had a harder time restraining herself too. Should I tell Lina what's going on? I should...I know I can trust her.

Xelloss turned around and without warning kissed Lina fully on the lips. He caught her offgaurd, but she still returned his kiss. However Lina felt so exhausted that she had no energy to get caught up in the kiss. She pulled away after a minute. "Ok. Now either you tell me what's going on, or I'm going to have no choice but to just smack you hard on the head."

"Ok...fine you win Miss Nosy." Xelloss then told her everything that had happened earlier today before coming over to Lina's apartment. After he was done, Lina was silent.

"I see. So that's what happened..." Lina turned around, turning her back to him. "How come you or Filia isn't going to tell him."

"Well..." Xelloss trailed off, for the reason he had was stupid. Then again did he even have a reason...?

"You know he's going to hate you for not telling him in the first place," Lina said flatly. "I think you should tell him. You or Filia. One of you ought to tell him soon."

"We will. Actually I will at the bachelor party."

"That's still too late!" Lina shouted.

"Lina. Calm down. I'll tell him soon. I promise." Xelloss took her hands in his. "Beside in the meantime I think you need to go to the hospital. You really do not look good at all."

"Oh don't worry! It's just a flu. I went to the pharmacy and got some medicines. I'm sure it will start kicking into my immune system later. Don't worry about it." Lina brushed it off quickly. "Beside. I think you better head on home."

Xelloss yawned. "Yeah. For the next 3 weeks is going to be hell. From what I heard from Zel, he didn't have a swell time getting his tux."

"Yeah. Well call me when you get home." Lina walked him to her door. "Take care."

"Yeah. Bye Lina."


Lina closed the door behind her and slump down on the ground. Damn...those medicines are not helping one bit. This flu of mine is getting annoying. Lina sighed. Zel oppa...Why did someone like you have to go through all this trouble because of some spoiled brat? Why? And why am I always thinking about you? I'm always thinking of you that I love you. Do I love you?

Lina sighed again and got up and went to her bed to take another nap. Naps were one thing she's been doing a lot. Maybe after that nap I'll feel more refreshed.

Three weeks later...2 weeks left till the wedding...

Zel was in his apartment moping and sulking about the upcoming wedding. Am I really doing the right thing? Marrying someone that I don't even love one bit? My feelings for her haven't' changed at all since the first time I met her. What am I doing here? The only person that will understand me is...Lina. I got to talk to her. I haven't talked to her for so long now.

Zel got up his butt and got on his phone and dialed Lina's number. She answered on the third ring and she didn't sound so good at all. "Lina...It's me Zel. Can you come over to my apartment? I really miss talking with you and I really miss hanging out with you."

Lina didn't say anything for a minute. "Yeah, I'll be there soon. Might take me awhile since I am still in Itaewon ..."

"Alright. Take your time." Zel hung up the phone and sat at the edge of his bed for a bit. Then he jumped up and started to hide all the drawings and painting he did of Lina. He now had total of 150 different paintings, drawings and sketches of Lina. All of them had different landscape backgrounds and so on. He quickly hid all of them in various places but the refrigerator for he knew Lina would have looked in there.

About 40 minutes later Lina rang his doorbell. "Zel oppa!" Lina threw herself to Zel's opened arms and gave him a tight hug. "I so missed you!! You abandoned me! That was so mean of you!" Lina scolded playfully.

"I'm sorry Lina. I had no choice." Zel hugged her back equally tight. "How is my baby sister doing? Fruitcake treating you good?"

Lina flashed him a smile. "Fruitcake treats me like a princess. He's particularly buys me at a posh restaurant every night! Not that I'm complaining. The food is awesome and all."

"That's good."

"So Oppa. Am I invited to the wedding?"

"Of course you are!"

"Yay!!" Of course I am not going to come at all for Amelia hates my guts. But...maybe I'll just stay there for a few minutes and leave when all those holy matrimony stuff goes on.

"Anyways...I need help..." Zel sighed. "I don't know if marrying Amelia is the right thing or not. I need your advice."

"...Do you love her?"

Zel looked away. "I don't know. I really don't know anymore." Zel buried his head in his hands. "I...I don't know if I'm doing this to make my parents happy or myself happy."

Lina listened patiently. "I don't want to do this, but you are being forced by your parents in a way and you don't want to disobey them?"

"Yeah. I guess you could put it that way."

" be honest oppa. I don't know what advice I could give you." Lina sighed and stretched out. "The only advice I could think of now is: 'Follow your heart'."

Zel looked at whom he considered best friend. "I guess you are right. This is my path. I have to follow my heart and choose whatever my heart tells me."

"Yeah..." Lina looked at him closely. "When's your bachelor party?"

"2 days before the wedding, why you ask?"

"I was just curious."

"Well...thanks for coming by...I really needed someone to talk to."

"It's my pleasure oppa! You know that I am always here for you!"

" the way do you love Xelloss?"

Lina cocked her head to one side and thought for a minute. "No...I only like him as a friend. I could never love him like that...I don't know why though." Lina shrugged and got up. "Anyways I got some errands to run. I'll see you at the wedding ok?"

"Yeah. Again thanks for coming by."

"No prob!" Lina gave Zel a quick hug. "Bye oppa. Take care!"


Zel closed the door, and thought to himself, the same thoughts Lina was thinking at that exact moments. This was the thought: Damn...that was so uncomfortable. Why did I have the sudden urge to kiss Zel/Lina? That was just plain weird.

Lina started for home and Zel just started to draw another painting. This time an image of Lina surrounded by candlelights. But both of them still pondered on their strange feelings...

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