Part 3

Zel ran into the hospital room. This feels like a déjà vu all over again.

"Mom, Dad, Filia! How is Amelia?"

Filia put a finger to her lip. "Shhhh. She's sleeping."

Zel took a seat by the bed. "What did they say her condition was?"

"My baby got broken ribs and all, but that's all! She's a strong one! Where there is justice, she will survive!" boomed Mayor Philonel.

Zel just nodded toward the big burly man. "I see. I'm glad she's ok."

"Ohhh," Amelia moaned in pain. She opened her eyes. "Abba (1)...what happened?"

"Car crash honey, but you are fine!"

"I see." She looked around the room and saw Zel, the man she loved and the man she will get married too. She smiled. "Hi Zel Oppa."

Zel winced inward. No one but Lina and Filia should call me that...But I prefer only Lina to call me that.

"Hi. You feel ok?" asked Zel politely, but still somewhat coolly.

Amelia pretended to not notice that. "I'm fine. I'm sorry that we couldn't do the dinner party thing to plan our engagement."

Actually Zel was quite relieved that they didn't have to plan it yet. "It's ok. We got time."

Zel's mom turned to look at the mayor. "So when should we meet again to plan?"

"Hm..." Philonel tapped his chin. "How about 2 months from now, so my Amelia can rest and be all well!"

"Abba? That long? I can get well fast!" Amelia complained.

"Honey, but you need to get better and I think 2 months is reasonable."

Amelia sighed. "I suppose."

Zel's parents nodded with agreement. "That sounds reasonable enough. We'll leave now. See you again soon." Zel and his parents left the room. Zel glanced at his watch, which read 5:30 pm. Maybe I can contact that girl...

"What an awful thing to happen to such a nice girl like her," said Zel's mom dramatically.

"Yes. It is." Zel's dad nodded with agreement.

"Mom? Dad? I'll be going now."

"Zel, are you sure you want to live in your own apartment? You could live with us you know. You are always welcome." Said the mom.

"Mom. It's ok. I got myself a good job. I'm 24 now. I'm old enough to live on my own now."

"Ok son. Whatever you want."

"Well call me if you need anything mom. Bye." Zel gave his mom a hug and nodded toward his dad and left.

Zel went to his big ass apartment in GangNam (2), and slumped down on his bed.

Zel sighed and looked at his cell phone. I better call that girl. He paged her and 30 minutes later got her call.

"Hello? I'm so sorry about today. You see a friend of mine got in a car accident and I had to go see if she was alright. I do apologize. Shall we try to meet tomorrow?"

"Couldn't you have called at least?" asked Lina coldly.

"I'm sorry. I got the call all of the sudden and it sort of shocked me. I'm so sorry."

Lina sighed. That's my brother. Too polite and sweet to stay mad with that long. "Fine. Tomorrow at noon?"

"Ok. I'll be there this time."

"Bye." Lina hung up.

Zel put down his cell phone and took out a faded photograph. It was a picture of him and Lina 10 and half years ago. He looked at the cute red-haired girl and just stared at her. He suddenly got out up and went to a room which he calls it his art studio. He took out his sketchbook and started to sketch Lina...

Lina called Xelloss' cellphone. "Hey Xelloss. I'm meeting that friend again. I'll bring him up to your room at about 12:30 ok?"

"Sure Lina. Thanks."

"Well see ya." Lina hung up and just stared at the picture in her hand. It was the same picture Zel had. Geez...Zel I wonder if you got any handsomer? Lina grinned at the thought. Hope you recognize me. I know I'll recognize you anywhere.

Lina waited in the lobby patiently. She looked at her watch for the 100th time today. It read 11:59.

"He should be here any seconds now." Lina muttered.

As she said that, a handsome man wearing black slacks, and a white shirt came in. He had a slender build. He had light blue, and had this aura around him that told anyone that he was a friendly person.

Lina stared. Wow...he really did get more handsome since last time!

Zel looked around for the girl. However he saw a petite girl with red hair coming toward. Wait a hair?? He stared at Lina's fiery red hair that could be seen from miles away. It can't be...the girl was Lina all along???

Lina smiled at her former awestrucked brother. "Hi Zel Oppa. Long time no see!"


1: Korean for dad.

2: GangNam is a section in Seoul where a lot of rich people lives there.

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