Part 22

Exactly a week later...

The house Lina and Zel was staying at was overcrowded with all their family and friends. Lina's family came, for once her brother and her father was acting like a normal human beings. Her mom was hovering over her over protectively. Lina just listened to her mom patiently. Zel's parents came also. They were still a bit cranky at the fact that he walked out of his wedding, but they just decided to let it pass. Filia came with Xelloss, and as usual is the cause of the excitement. Amelia and Phil came too. Phil just acted like himself. But Amelia was uncomfortable. After everyone came, Lina asked Amelia to come inside with her for a sec so they could get the food. Amelia followed silently. Not sure what to say.

Lina went to the refrigerator and got out the food she prepared with Zel last night. A few minutes later she looked up. "I don't hate you Amelia. I hate what you did, but I don't hate you as in person."

Amelia breathed out in relief. "I'm sorry. I really am. I know what I did was wicked and all."

Lina smiled kindly. "I understand. You just loved Zel a lot. Love does make you do the weirdest things."

"Lina..." Amelia had tears in her eyes. "Thank you for understanding. Thank you for forgiving me."

"Aw. Don't cry. There's nothing to cry about." Lina reached over and gave her a hug. "Now wipe those tears of yours and help me take out the food. Despite the fact that I may be dying, my appetite will never die away." Lina attempted a joke.

Amelia forced out a smile. "Yeah..." Amelia closed her eyes. I'm glad she doesn't hate me. I am glad we became friends at the end. Althought I still feel really guilty... Amelia sighed and got the plates and bowls of foods. Might as well just try to forget about it and enjoy today.

Lina and Amelia both left the house and went outside to the picnic tables. Even though it was November, the weather was strangely warm. It wasn't as chilly as it would have been normally. But no one cared. They just knew that today was the last day they might see Lina...

They settled down, while Filia and Amelia served out the foods. Lina and Zel had made fruit salads, kimbap (1), and rice. Zel had driven over to the nearest town and went to get some kalbi (2). Zel's mom bought a portable frying pan thing so they could cook the kalbi outside. Also Lina's mom brought kimchi (3) and other vegetable related stuff. Also Xelloss brought some of the best liquor. Also Lina's dad bought over lemon soju (4) for him and her brother. They all helped cooked and had a blast eating the food. Of course Lina ate the most, but she still didn't ate as much as she normally would have.

After eating they all sat around and sipped the liquor and soju and relaxed. Around late afternoon Lina began to feel tired, so the group decided to break up then. They all hugged Lina before leaving. Her mom had to hold back the sob that was threatening to come out. Xelloss gave her a tight hug and told her that he'll always love her.

Lina went to in the house to rest, as Zel was still outside saying goodbye to their guest. Instead of going to her bedroom, she went in Zel's art studio and just stared at the paintings Zel did. She sat down by the desk and just opened the desk drawer for the heck of it. As she was about to close it, something caught her eyes. She reached in the drawer and took out a bottle of pills. She turned it around and read the labe: Arsenic. She stared at the bottle of pills with huge eyes. She then suddenly remembered that she was supposed to be in her bedroom. She slipped the pills in her pockets and ran to her bedroom.

She got in her bed and pulled the covers over her heads. No...why would Zel have these? There is nothing wrong with him so why does he have these? Suddenly it hit her. Ohmigod. Please don't tell me...don't tell me he was planning to take those after I die. Please don't tell me that was his plan. Lina tried to get the idea out of her head. She soon drifted off to her dreamlands.

Zel sighed and stared at a wall in his studio. Lina was up, but she was outside sitting by herself. Zel reached up into his and desk drawer and opened it. The arsenic...they will help me later. Lina would kill me if she knew I had these. Zel went through the drawer. That's strange...where is the bottle? Zel got up frantically and dig through the entire drawer. Suddenly he looked up. Oh gods...don't tell me she... Zel ran to the front door. He peeked out of the opening and saw that Lina had the bottle in her hand and was examining it. No....

Zel walked up to her, forcing a smile. Lina looked up and gave him a dirty look. "So that was your plan huh? Commit suicide after I die? Are you stupid!!" Lina screamed out the last part.

Zel didn't say anything. He just stared at the ground. After a few moments he answered; "Why'd you go through the drawers?"

"That's not the point. The point is why are you planning to do something stupid??"

"I don't want to live without you." He said it simply.

Lina sighed and walked up to the edge of the cliff. She stared at the running waves. In a quick movement, she threw the bottle into the raving ocean.

Zelgadiss just stared at the spot the bottle went in. Lina walked up to him and hugged him. "Don't Zel. Please. Don't do that." She hugged him tighter. "If you truly loved me, promise me. Promise that you'll go on."

Zel tentatively wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly on the forehead. "I can't promise you that. But I'll promise you this; I won't commit a suicide."

Lina looked up, smiling weakly. "I guess that'll work." Moments of silence pass by them.

"Zel?" Lina whispered.


"Can we walk at the beach and watch the sunrise later?"

Zel looked at her tenderly. "Whatever you want. Whatever you want."

Lina snuggled against him and held onto him. They stayed like that for a long time.


1: It's similar to sushi.

2: Kalbi. Korean beef dish. It's yummy!! ^^

3: spicy vegetable dish...

4: Alcoholic drink...

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