Part 4

Zel stood there just staring at the girl in front of him that was suppose to be Lina, his ex-sister. "L-Li-Lina?"

"Zel Oppa!" She gave him a big hug. "How you've been for the past 10 years?"

"I'm fine. You've been doing alright?"

"Now I am! Now that my big brother is here!" She grinned playfully at him.

Zel smiled back softly. "Lina I've missed you."

"I missed you too!! You are an ass! You didn't even bother writing me a single letter through the years!" She pretended to pout.

"I'm sorry! But I didn't have your address so I couldn't exactly write you! Filia didn't even know her home address so I was out of luck!"

Lina grinned and put an arm around him. "You don't have to get hyped up oppa! Chill out!"

Zel blushed. "Looks like I gotta relax more huh?"

"Yeah you do!"

Zel became serious. "For real Lina. How was your life for the last 10 years?"

Lina avoided his eyes. "It''s not bad. But I prefer your parents."

Zel grabbed her shoulder. "Are they treating you right?"

Lina nodded, shaken by his sudden movement. "Dad's an ass and same with my brother, but mom is cool. She and I are pretty cool with each other." Ling grinned. "Enough of this seriousness! I gotta go take you to Xelloss!"

"Ah yes. The fruitcake. Completely forgot about him."

Lina hit his shoulder. "Now come on! Is that anyway to treat a friend of yours?"

Zel shrugged. "With him, yes!" He grinned and then offered an arm toward Lina. "Shall we go?"

Lina took it. "Yes. Lead the way milord."

Xelloss was next to his window. He stared at the all the trees that were slowing dying away. He liked how the red, yellow, and brown leaves were everywhere. It gave off the mood he was feeling right now: glum. He sighed and looked away from the window. He heard a knock on his door.

"Come in."

Lina's head popped into the view. "Ahnyoung (1) Xelloss! I brought an old friend of yours I believe!" Lina walked in dragging Zel.

Xelloss eye lit up when he saw whom it was. "Oi Zel! Where have you been my man! How's my favorite rock-headed friend doing?"

Zel let out an exasperated sigh. "Maybe it was a mistake to bother coming to see you now."

Xelloss pouted. "Awwww! Is that any way to treat a friend?"

"With you, that's the best method to use on you." Zel smirked at Xelloss' fake expression.

Lina meanwhile was sweat dropping. "Dang I didn't know you guys were this close. How'd you guys meet?"

Zel was about to answer when Xelloss interrupted with: "Sore wa Himitsu Desu!"

Zel groaned. "Fruitcake, don't tell me you still use that stupid phrase!"

Lina just sweat dropped. "Wow...Xelloss you are just like a new person. You were all depressed and all whacked out. But now on the other hand..."

Zel raised an eyebrow. "When were you ever depressed?"

Xelloss didn't say anything, but gave both of them a goofy smile.

Both Zel and Lina shook their heads. "Babo...(2)" muttered Zel.

Zel glanced at his watch and realized that it was still early.

"How about lunch? My treat." He offered to Lina and Xelloss.

"LUNCH???!!! WHERE???" Lina jumped with joy.

Zel just looked at her intently. "You never change at all. That's what I like about you."

Lina felt her face turn red. What am I feeling? Why am I blushing? It's not like Zel never complimented me before...

"Awwww!! Zelly Hyung (3) is buying us lunch!" Xelloss cooed. "How sweet!"

"Dakchu (4)!" Zel smacked him on the head.

"Apu (5)!" Xelloss moaned.

"Let's go," Zel said rolling his eyes.

2 hours, 50 plates of food, and 10 exhausted waiters later...

"Ahhhhhhhhh! That was excellent food! I haven't had this good of a food since last time I was with you Zel!" Lina patted her full belly and smacked her lips.

"I'm glad you enjoyed Lina."

"Hey don't ignore me again!" Xelloss exclaimed.

"Even if we wanted to, we wouldn't be able to because you'd bug us every minute!" Lina pointed out.

Xelloss cocked his head and thought for a minute. "True. How true!"

Zel chuckled. "Xelloss you are impossible."

"I try to be!"

Lina shook her head and laugh.

Suddenly Zel's cell phone rang. "Excuse me. Hello? Oh hi Filia. I'm at a restaurant. What do you want? Amelia is calling for me? Uh-huh. Ok. Be there later. Bye." Zel hung up his phone.

"You gotta go soon Oppa?" Lina asked.

"Yeah you have to go Hyung?" Xelloss echoed.

"Sorry guys. Xelloss I'll give you a call later. Lina here's my cell number. Call me anytime you want ok?" Zel handed Lina a piece of paper that had his number.

"Alright Oppa. You take care now." Lina smiled.

Zel got up and waved goodbye and left.

"Amelia? Isn't she the mayor's daughter?" Xelloss wondered out loud.

"What about it? So what if she's the mayor's daughter?"

"Oh nothing. Come on. Let's go back to the hotel. You still got to work right?"

Lina nodded.

"Ok. Let's go."

Zel arrived outside the hospital and wasn't happy at all. Not at all. Zel sighed and headed toward the room that held the patient of doom.

Zel knocked on Amelia's door and he heard "Come in."

"Hi Amelia. How you feeling today?" Zel asked.

"Better now that you are here." Amelia smiled widely.

"I see. What did you want to see me for?"

"I just wanted you to be here with me."

"Amelia. I got a job to worry about. I don't have time to spend time at the hospital all the time."

Zel's remark stung her, but she kept her composure. "Well I'm sorry, but you are my fiancÚ now so I think you should spend some time with me."

Zel tried to keep his arms from slapping her. "Well I'm sorry. But I got a life too. If you need me for a better reason, then call me." Zel left the room fuming to himself.

"Why doesn't he like me? What did I ever do to him? We will get married soon, so he should just have come whenever I asked him too. Maybe I'm being little bit not fair? Perhaps...but he's not being fair either!" Amelia lay down on the bed to sulk for a while. ex-sister. She's so pretty now. Why am I suddenly thinking about her a lot these days? Zel sighed to himself and started for his car so he could go home and start on the painting of grown up Lina. Zel started his car. Looks like I got something to entertain myself with now this afternoon.


1: Korean for hello.

2: Korean for Stupid! ^^

3: Korean for older brother or guy friend. (Male uses this only!)

4: Korean for shut up.

5: Korean for Ow, Ouch, and etc! ^^

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