Part 5

Lina was humming to herself as she was cleaning out Xelloss' as usually. She was humming Gi Do (1) by Jung Il Young. That happened to be her favorite song. Xelloss then tapped gently on her shoulder.

"What are you humming there? It's pretty and it's deep." Xelloss commented.

"Gi Do, by Jung Il Young. It happened to be my favorite song these days." Lina looked over her shoulder and smiled.

"It's kind of weird. I never saw you this happy doing your job."

Lina shrugged nonchalantly. "I guess cuz' I'm glad to see my former brother."

Xelloss frowned. "Former brother? What do you mean?"

Lina gave him a mocking smile. "Sore wa Himitsu Desu!"

Xelloss pouted. "Awww! No fair. Tell me!"

Lina looked at him for a sec. "Didn't Zel ever tell you the situation? Wait how long have you two known each other? And I want the truth."

"We met like 8 years ago in the states. Then I came back to Seoul. We happened to be in the same high school class, so we became friends."

Lina nodded. "I see. Then you don't know what happened."

"Tell me Lina."

Lina sighed. "You know what. Ask Zel. I think it's his department to tell whoever if he wants to."

Xelloss just stared at her intently. "I guess so."

"Well I gotta go clean other rooms. Talk to you later Xelloss." Lina got her equipments and left.

Ok. What is going on with those two? Those two seem real close. What kind of relationship do they have? Xelloss pondered on that for a while and then decided to just drop it for now. Maybe I can meet Zel hyung again and talk about it.

Xelloss got up and stretched and grabbed his jacket and decided to go for a walk.

Zel sighed and leaned back to see the painting. Hmmm...probably one of my best painting jobs since 2 years ago. Should I give it to her as a present? Nah. She'll probably just want more pepperoes. Zel chuckled at the thought.

He glanced at his watch which read 9:00 pm. Wow. I've been working for 5 hours straight.

Suddenly his cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hey oppa!" Lina cheery voice was heard over the phone.

"Hi Lina. What's up?"

"I got a day off tomorrow. Wanna drag Xelloss and go to that one beach you and I liked when we were younger for a picnic?"

Zel raised an eyebrow. "Picnic? At a beach? IN AUTUMN? Won't it be chilly?"

Zel could've sworn he felt Lina rolling her eyes. And she did that too. "Why do you think we have a thing called jackets? Sweaters? Windbreakers? Come on! I miss that beach! Can we pleaaaaaaaaase??" Lina begged.

Zel sighed in defeat. "Alright! Alright! Lemme guess you're bringing the food."


"Who's driving? Certainly not Xelloss. I never did trust him with cars."

"Well I don't have a car..." Lina trailed off.

Zel just laughed. "I'll drive. My Alexus can fit all the foods your bringing and still carry 3 people." Zel chuckled more at the thought of all those foods crammed in his car.


"Ok Lina. I'll pick you guys up at the hotel 10?"

"YAY! Can ya give Xelloss a call? I gotta start making the food. Thank god the terrible twos are out! (The dad and the son.) Well see ya!"

Zelgadiss still chuckled and dialed Xelloss cell phone. "Hello?"

"Hey fruitcake. What you up to?"

"Hey!! It's my rock headed hyung!"

"I'm not a rock head!" He said this annoyingly.

"You know you are. Just won't admit it! So what's up?"

Zel told him Lina's plan. "So wanna come along?"

Xelloss felt jubilated. She asked me to come with them! Maybe I have a chance with her after all! "Sure! Hotel at 10?"

"Yeah. See you there."

"You can count on it!"

After Zel hung up he went to bed, for he knew with Lina he would need a lot of energies.

The Next Morning...

We saw a sleek black Alexus driving down the highway. The trunk was halfway opened with foods. Zel was in the driving seat and Lina was in the front with him. Xelloss on the other hand was in the back with more foods.

"Hyung! Lina! Why am stuck with the foods in the backseat??" Xelloss complained.

"Because the foods feel attracted to you Xelloss!" Lina said jokingly.

Zel just shook his head. "Lina I knew you were gonna bring a lot of food, but isn't this kind of too extreme?"

Lina pouted. "It's never extreme! Food is good for you!"

"I can never understand, where you pack all those food. You don't even gain an ounce!" Xelloss remarked.

"Yep. I've always wondered that too. Even when you were a young girl you could eat for more than 5 people." Zel reminisce.

"Hey. How long have you to known each other?" asked Xelloss.

"A long time," was Zel's answer.

"Oh thank you. That is so helpful!" Xelloss pouted.

Lina just stared out the window as they were passing by the countryside.

They soon got to the beach. This beach was one of those isolated beach where normally lovers come there to just listen to the waves or group of teenagers come there to have a bonfire all night long. The waves were crashing nearby. The salty air could be smelled everywhere. The atmosphere was as tranquil it could be. There were chilly breezes every now and then, however it was still comfy enough to have a picnic. It was no wonder; Zel and Lina remembered their old picnics before that one autumn.

Lina got out of the car and stretched. "Ah! I so miss this place. The waves and the water are what I like best about it!"

Zel smiled. "I prefer the atmosphere."

Xelloss looked around the area. "Wow. This place is nice. No wonder you two like it here huh?"

Both of them nodded.

Lina rubbed both of her hands. "LET'S EAT!"

They got the blanket and everything ready. Zel and Xel each took a careful bit of the food Lina made. "You guys like?"

Zel chewed slowly. "Wow...I never knew you had a knack for cooking!"

"MMMMMMMM. It's scrumptious!" Xelloss bobbed his head up and down.

"Hey after 10 years of being the cook of the house, it has some benefits! Enough talking! Less talk and more eat!"

An hour later, 3 very full and satisfied people were just relaxing peacefully on the blanket.

"Hey Oppa. Remember we'd play the cloud game?" Lina asked softly.

Zel nodded. Xelloss propped an elbow and lay on his side. "What cloud game?"

"We'd look at the clouds and argue about what shapes they were. Lina would always win." Zel shook his head. "Even than you couldn't beat her in anything!"

Lina punched his shoulder. "There was one thing you could beat me at! Art!! I'm so artistically challenged."

Xelloss nodded. "I remember how back in high school, his artworks would be displayed all over the school."

Zel blushed. "Ah shut up you guys!"

Lina sat up and scowled at him. "Quit being so modest!"

Zel just gave her a smirk. "Nah if I wasn't modest, it just wouldn't be me."

Lina rolled her eyes and stood up. She bends down to untie her sneakers. "Now you boys excuse me. I'm going to walk in the wave." She tossed her shoes and socks and ran toward the water.

"So what's up with you and Lina?" Xelloss asked seriously.

"Nothing. We're just friends." Zel answered shortly.

"She mentioned that you're her former brother or something. What does she mean by that."

Zel sighed. He began to tell Xelloss what happened.

"I see. So you guys are just close friends now?" He asked when Zel was done.

Zel nodded. "Yeah...we're just friends..."


1: Gi Do means Prayer in Korean. I recommend you get the mp3 at napster. It's really pretty!! Also I think it's one of the theme songs for the actual drama! ^^

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