Part 6

The sun was setting when the black Alexus came back to the hotel. There we could see three cheerful people laughing like 3 children. Seems like there weren't any worries or problems for them. However that isn't true. Someone was waiting for them when they got back to the hotel.

"Zel oppa! There you are!" Filia exclaimed.

Zel looked up and saw his biological sister over there. "Hey Fil. What's up?"

"I've been looking all over the place for you! I couldn't contact you through your cell phone! Why did you turn it off?" Filia asked with a scowl.

Zel gave her a look. "You could at least wait till I introduce couple of people before you go rambling on you know?"

Filia then noticed two people behind Zel. "Oh excuse me. Do I know you two?"

Xelloss stepped up and bowed all the way to his waist. "Ah Filia. Long time no see. I see you became more lovelier than before." Xelloss smiled at her.

She squinted. "You do look familiar...wait a sec...XELLOSS??? Namagomi???"

Xelloss sweat dropped. "I thought you stopped calling me that ages ago."

Filia tossed her blond hair. "It's your nickname till the day you die Xelloss!"

Lina tapped Zel on the shoulder and whispered, "Did they use to go out or something?"

Steam came out of Filia's ears when she heard that. She stalked over to Lina. "Who you accusing of him and me going out??"

Lina sweat dropped. "Eh Filia...chill girl. It's me Lina."

"Wait? Lina as in THE Lina who I switched with before?" Filia calmed down a bit.

Lina nodded.

"I see..." Filia trailed off. She gave Zel a questioning look. Zel just shook his head and motioned her to be quiet.

"Zel, my soon to be sister in law is waiting for you. Come. Amelia wants to see you." Filia glanced at Lina when she said that. Filia got the reaction she wanted, Lina's back stiffened and just turned and looked away.

Zel and Xelloss noticed but didn't say anything.

Lina looked at them and smiled, literally forcing herself. "Zel, Xel, thanks for coming today. I had a blast. I better go home now."

Zel reached out and grabbed her arm. "Wait. Let me at least give you a ride. You got to carry all those plates and stuff back you know."

Lina smiled. "No thanks. That's where the taxis come in. Beside you don't want to keep Amelia waiting."

"I insist."


"Come or I will never buy you a single boxes of pepperoes ever again!"

Lina pouted. "That's blackmail!"

"Too bad. Now come back in the car."

Lina sighed in defeat and went to the car. "Bye Xelloss. Good to see you again Filia."

Zel looked at his sister and smiled. "Tell Amelia that I'll be there soon ok? And Xel, do take care." With that Zel got in the car and started the car.

Xelloss and Filia stood there watching the car drive away. Xelloss looked at Filia and grinned at her. "So Filia, glad to come back to Seoul?"

Filia looked at him like he just said that he was a friend of the carebears. "I guess...the states better...wait...why are you being nice?" she demanded.

"Can't I be nice once in a while?"

"Maybe you became more mature. But I doubt it. Now excuse me, but I have to go to Amelia now."

"Ok. Whatever. Have fun with the mayor's daughter." Xelloss sneered out the last two w ords.

"How dare you talk of someone good like that?" Filia eyes lashed out.

"I know her and she isn't very wonderful."

"Well with you, who can stay nice at you!" Filia spatted.

"Whatever. I'm so hurt. Go be nice-nice to the mayor's daughter and you can marry her!" With that Xelloss started for his room.

Filia was just standing there with the her mouth wide opened. "That...that ASS! How dare he talk to me that way!!" Filia stormed to her car and decided to head to the hospital. Also she wanted to just forget that Namagomi.

The ride to Lina's house was very silent. It was already dark out by the time they got to her house. Zel stopped the car and sighed.

"I'm sorry for not telling you before."

Lina managed a strained smile. "It's ok Zel. I don't expect you to tell me everything."

"No it's not ok. I just didn't tell because it never came to my mind when I was with you." Actually I just didn't want to tell you at all...why? I have no idea.

"Oppa. It's ok! I understand!" Lina looked at, being more of herself again. "Well since I let you drive me home, One box of pepperoes?" Lina grinned.

Zel just looked her. "You are just amazing. How about 2?" Zel held out his hand. "Deal?"

Lina took it, her smaller ones enclosing in Zel's larger one. "Deal!"

Zel opened up a secret compartment in his car and took out 2 boxes of pepperoes. He then handed it to her. "Here you go. I bought them this morning."

Lina's face light up. "Thanks!!!" She gave him a hug, and got out of the car. She got all the dishes, forks, spoons, and etc out and put them on the ground outside her door. "Thanks again oppa!"

Zel got of the car himself and walked around to where she was. "It was my pleasure Lina." He reached up and touched her cheeks. Lina gasped in surprise. "Call me anytime you want ok?"

"Um...ok oppa." Zel backed away and started to walk back to the car. "Oh and Zel?" Zel turned around. "Hmmm?"

"Congrats on the engagement!"

Zel gave her a look that was unreadable. "Don't bother. I don't love Amelia." He got into his car and left.

Lina stared after the car, clutching the boxes of pepperoes to her chest. He doesn't love her? Ok...but why did he touch my face?

Lina got the stuff and went in the house.

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