Part 7

Zel sighed and grimace as he parked his car in the hospital parking lot. I do not want to marry that spoiled brat. I so do not want to marry her. But I don't want to disappoint my parents either. But it's not right marrying to someone you don't love at all. Damn...why did I get into this mess?

Zel got to Amelia's room and knocked. He heard a very cheery and annoying "Come In". Zel sighed and went in.

Amelia face light up. "Zelgadiss!!" Zel winced to himself. He hated to be called by his full name. Even his parents stopped calling him that. The only person he never minded, that called him by his full name was...Lina.

Zel took a seat next to the bed. "Filia told me that you wanted to see me?"

Amelia nodded enthusiastically. "Yes! I wanted to talk to you about the wedding."

Zel groaned to himself. "Amelia look, I -- "

"When should it be? Where? I would love to have to outside. So should we have it during the summer time?" Amelia cut in.

"Look Amelia. Could we talk about this with our parents 2 months later as we planned?"

"But...why not now?" Amelia pouted.

"Amelia. We still got plenty of time. Let's plan then ok?" Zel said patiently.

Amelia sighed. "I guess so."

Zel nodded. "Well I'm going to do some errands now. See you again." Zel walked out of the room briskly.

Amelia stared at the close door. She then reached for her phone.

"Hello Filia? It's me Amelia. I'm sorry, but could you come by the hospital again so we could chat for a while?"

"Sure Amelia. I'll be there soon."

"Ok. Bye."

Zel reached his apartment and sat on his bed and was thinking. God...I had so much fun today at the beach. I want to paint Lina when she was running around in the shallow end of the water. With the waves nearby and the autumn breeze blowing through her fiery red hair, the painting will have definite emotions. Why am I thinking about her so much? Zel sighed and got up his butt and went to his studio and started to paint yet another painting of Lina.

"Filia unnie (1)!" Amelia cried when Filia got to the hospital room.

"Ahnyoung Amelia," Filia said warmly.

"I have a question to ask of you."

"What may that be?" asked Filia.

"Is Zel seeing anyone else?"

Filia was taken back. "No. He isn't. Except for Lina. He isn't."

Amelia narrowed her eyes. "Who's Lina?"

Filia explained the whole thing. "I see..." Amelia trailed off.

"Yes. They are just really good friends." Filia said partly defending her brother.

"Oh I believe you Filia unnie. Thanks for telling me that situation."

"Your Welcome." Filia glanced at her watch. "Well I got to run now." Filia grabbed her purse and waved good-bye to Amelia. "Bye."

Amelia smiled a fake smile. "Bye!"

"Well she's a good person to use to get information..." Amelia smirked and scowled. "Lina..." she growled. "I she's the one that is trying to take away my Zelgadiss. We'll see about that Lina. We'll see about that."

2 months later...

"Yes! I'm finally all better! Now I can finally plan the wedding with Zelgadiss!" Amelia triumphantly smiled to herself. "But first...I got to meet that Lina girl..."

Lina hummed to herself. The past 2 months were the best times she had for a long time. Zel, Xel, and her had been hanging out a lot. She and Zel also had been telling each other what they've been doing for the past 10 years. I'm so glad he came back! Lina continued to hum as she went to Xelloss room to do the usual cleaning.

"Ne Lina. You are really happy these days!" Xelloss remarked.

Lina giggled. "Look who's talking!"

Xelloss nodded. "True. Ever since Rock-head came back, I've had someone to tease!"

Lina scowled at him. "He's not a rock-head!!!"

"Oh really? You got to admit that he's stubborn as a rock thought." Xel raised an eyebrow.

Lina cocked her head. After few minutes passed, she nodded in agreement.

Xelloss smiled in approval. "See you agree!"

Lina laughed and shook her head. Suddenly her pager went off. Lina looked at the number. It was an unfamiliar number.

"Xelloss I'm done with your room now. I'll see you later k?" Lina left the room and dashed to the nearest phone booth.

"Hello?" Lina said over the phone.

"Hello? Is this Lina?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Ah yes, this is Amelia, Zelgadiss' fiancé. I would like to have a talk with you. How does this one café sound?"

Lina stared at the phone. "How did you get my pager number?"

"I got it from Filia." Uh-huh. Got it from Filia who got it from her brother. I'm assuming it took Filia forever to get her number. "So how does 4:00 sound?"

"Sounds ok to me. I'll be there." Lina hung up the phone and stared at it. What does she want?

Lina entered the Café. Obviously it was a café for the rich people. Lina felt out of place. She soon spotted a woman coming toward her. "Are you Lina?" she asked.


"Come with me please." They took a seat in the far corner. "Would you like anything to drink? I'll pay."

Lina glanced at the menu. "Just regular coffee please."

"Ok." Amelia called the waitress over and a few minute Lina got her coffee, while Amelia got some mocha.

Lina took a sip of her coffee. Man cafés are supposed to have cozy atmosphere. It certainly isn't comfortable.

"I bet you are wondering what this is all about?" Amelia asked politely.

"Yes? Is there something wrong?"

"I would like you to stop hanging around with my fiancé."


1: Korean for older sister or older girl friend. Females use this!

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