Part 8

Lina stared back at Amelia with disbelief. "Excuse me?"

Amelia repeated patiently, "I would like you to stop hanging around with my fiancÚ."

"...Why?" Lina asked this softly.

"You want him to be happy right?"

Lina nodded.

"Then let him have his happiness. He doesn't have time to spend with someone like you who is poor. Don't you want the best for him?"

Lina bit her lips. I do want Zel to have the best. I do...but I thought you liked to hang out with me. Maybe he was just pretending to be? I don't think he was...that is not like him at all. But...what if he was? "I do want the best for him. I do."

"Then just stop hanging with him. He doesn't need someone to burden his life." Amelia smirked to herself. Would she believe that?

Lina stared at Amelia. He thinks I'm a burden? But didn't he tell me that he didn't love Amelia at all? Was he just lying to make me look like a fool? Lina stared quietly at her hands. Maybe I am hanging out with him a bit too much. That isn't very healthy for a taken man. But still he could have told me, couldn't he?

Lina looked back up. "Ok. He deserves the best, so I'll leave him alone."

Amelia smiled widely. "That'd be wonderful!"

Lina smiled, but it was forced. "Yes. Well it was nice meeting you." Lina got up and went to the counter to pay for her coffee. Lina turned back around. "Please don't pay. I'll pay for my own coffee." With that Lina left.

Amelia just smiled smugly to herself. "Looks like I won this round."

Zel leaned back from another painting job. This time he painted a request he got from the art studio. He painted breathtaking scenery of Mt. Sorak San (1). He picked up his cellphone and called Lina's pager number. He got a message indicating that the pager number was no longer in existing. He stared back at his phone. "What in the world?" He tried again and got the same message.

Lina came out from the pager company. She changed her pager number for Zel's sake. Zel...I'm sorry. But I want the best for you...please just get on with your life and marry Amelia...

Lina sighed and went to the hotel where she was going to quit and get another job somewhere else.


1: Famous landmark in Korea! ^^

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