Part 9

"God damn it!" Zel sighed in frustration and hung up his phone. He started to pace around Xelloss' room.

"Zel hyung, calm down!"

Zel turned to look at the younger guy with violet hair. He had a very peeved expression. "You sure you don't have any idea where Lina switched her job to?"

Xel shooked his head as patiently as he could. "Nope. I really don't know." Xel leaned back in the chair he was sitting in and sighed. "Beside, why are you so worked up over her? You like her or something?" Xel smirked at the blush forming on Zel's face.

"I do not like her!" Zel growled and then looked up at Xel with a sly look. "Look who's talking!"

Xel blushed. "'d you get that idea!?"

"Chamna (1). It's obvious you know!" Zel ruffled Xel's hair.

"Really?" Xel sighed. "I was hoping that it wasn't that obvious."

"You're talking to the art genius here. I notice those kind of thing pretty well."

Xel stared at Zel. Eh? He notices those stuff well? Then how come he didn't notice that Lina had some feelings for him. Xel turned his head away from Zel bitterly.

Zel glanced at his watch and groan. "Well I got to run now. Amelia wants to meet me at a restaurant to have dinner. If you find Lina, call me immediately ok?" Zel waved and left.

"Well buddy, have fun with that vivacious girl of yours." Xel smirked and sighed. Lina...where did you go? You even left home and got your own apartment somewhere that even your family don't know. Please come back soon...

"Good evening Zel oppa," Amelia greeted with a smile.

Zel just gave her a wary look. "Yeah. Good evening to you too."

"Any luck with Lina?"

Zel looked up suddenly. "How'd you know about that?"

"Filia told me." Amelia said calmly.

That sister of mine... "I see." Zel said coldly.

"I met Lina the other day. She called me up and ask if we could have a cup of coffee."

Zel looked up with a surprise look. "Really? What did she say?"

"She wanted me to give you a message," Amelia smiled evilly to herself. "She told me this: 'I want you to please tell Zel that I wished that he wouldn't hang around with me anymore. I want him to just leave me alone for the rest of my life.' That was what she wanted me to tell you."

Zel just looked as if he was just slapped. Lina told Amelia that? can't be! Lina isn't that cruel or heartless. No...I refuse to believe that!

"How do I know that you are telling the truth?" Zel growled.

Amelia put on her most innocent look. "I do not lie about this kind of stuff Oppa. I do not. I swear to God, that this is the truth."

Zel just slumped down in his chair. She can't be lying. She is the lover of justice. She wouldn't lie to me. She considers that injustice right? So she's telling the truth...

"So Oppa. Shall we start planning for the wedding?" Amelia asked.

Zel gave her a look that was unreadable. She just dumped me like I was nothing huh? She didn't have the guts to just tell me in the face huh? Well guess what Lina. I am not gonna be taken as a fool. I will marry Amelia and forget all about you too.

"Yes. Let's plan the wedding."

6 months later. In June...

Lina looked up from the flour she was pounding. She was in a restaurant where they sell noodles and all kind of food. She was in Itaewon (2), a place she knew that her friends who are more of Kang Nam (3) people wouldn't come down here. That last six month for her was hell. Oh the money and the food were good, but without Zel, things were miserable. Lina looked at the phone near her. Maybe I should just give him one call?

Lina sighed and went back to work.


1: Equivalent to like "Good grief" in Korean.

2: Itaewon is a place in Seoul that is a marketplace.

3: A section in Seoul, where most rich people live in.

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