Chapter Three

Zel just stood there. He couldn't move, she had left, and there was nothing... He dashed out the door, with uncertainty in his heat. "Miw..."

It was Lina and the others, and Miwan was with them.

"So Zel you sly dog, this is why you were doing." Zel blushed. "It's not, it's not what you think!". Lina began to jab and tease him again. Damn, why did she have to...

"Nothing happened."

Everyone looked at Miwan. She smiled.

"He was just helping me cope with a few problems."


Lina just stopped and looked very bored all of a sudden. Then she changed moods again.

"We can't stay here for forever, so lets go!"

"Right!" Everyone but Zel and Miwan chirped.

"Um, Lina, I believe I that's right, I think." She honestly didn't know, she caught it when that massive spell was cast.

"Yeah.", was the reply.

"Do you think you could take me back?"

"Su...sure but why?"

"I wish I knew myself."

That uncertainty again. But why, Zel didn't care. She could leave for all he cared. All that mattered now was to find the Claire Bible.

"I think it's this way. Hey Zel are you coming with us?"

Zel shrugged, why not?

They walked and walked, it seemed endless. Zel couldn't wait until she left and then he could continue this quest for the Claire Bible. Yet his heart ached. like her presence meant something to him, but why? Amelia and Gourry stayed at the shed. He hope they didn't wander off or did anything idiotic while they were away, but knowing Amelia...

"This is it."

Lina pointed. "The rest of the way is an easy trail back. We'd go with you."

"But my mother is probably waiting for you.", Miwan finished.

"Yeah pretty much." Lina laughed and so did Miwan. Zel didn't find it funny at all. He didn't even want to know what she had in store for them. The thought just scared him.

"Well see you around."

They watched until she disappeared.

"Well Zel?"


"Let's go."

"In a minute, there's something I gotta do first."

He ran off into the forest where Miwan had went.

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