Chapter Four

Miwan traveled through the forest. She walked slowly hoping that she'd never make it to her town. If only...

"Miwan wait!"

Miwan turned her head to see Zel running towards her. He stopped when he got there. He was breathing heavily.

" say..goodbye...Miwan.", he said between breathes.

"Well goodbye."

She turned around and began to continue on her way.

"Wait, please."

Miwan stopped and turned around again.

"Why couldn't you come with us?"

"She smiled. I'd like to but there's no reason. I'd only get in the way. Besides, my mother's waiting."

"You believe that?"

"I do...yes. I enjoyed being with you in that shed, I'll never forget it, but I think we must part ways. Unless you give me a good reason to stay."


She smiled. "Goodbye." Then she started to walk off again.

"I love you."

She stopped cold.

Zel wondered where that came from, but then he released, he wanted to say it again, because he meant it. That pain, that strange that happened, that he felt, made sense. It was a feeling he had never felt before.

"I love you Miwan. Ever since I met you, something in my body began to act weird, I didn't know why until now."

Miwan turned around and began to walk over to him. She was going to slap him, and he deserved it. He had no idea how he could of said it better but he had insulted her. He deserved it. She stopped right in front of him.

"Miwan, I..."

He never finished. Miwan grabbed him by his collar and pressed his lips against hers. He began to blush again, then he released that he wasn't going to. He closed his eyes and let it sink in. When the kiss was finished he opened his eyes and saw Miwan looking with sad eyes.

"That's was what I was waiting for."

"Miwan, I..."

Then he stopped. No need to say it. Both knew what each other was think. Zel went over and gave her a passionate kiss. One that he meant.

One that showed love.

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