My Day with Zel and Xellos!

Amber(me): It is so boring! It's raining and there is nothing to do! So, here I am, stuck with Smiley boy and Mr. Serious! Why?!

Xellos: ^_^ Now, now Amber-chan. It could be a lot worst. We could be under a nuclear attack.

Zel: (looking up from book) Or we could be hanged upside down while they torture us with spells and the SOL.

Xellos: ^_^ That would be fun!

Amber: -_- You are really sick in the head guys.

Both: Thanks!

Amber: See! You are thinking more a like everyday!

Zel: ~_~ Take. That. Back.

Amber: Ummmmm...... NO!

Xellos: ^_^ Whats wrong Zel? You don't want to think like me? ^_~

Zel: Shut up Mazoku! You are getting on my nerves!

Amber: Everyone gets on your nerves!

Zel: Whose side you on anyways?

Amber: My own of course.

Xellos: ^_^ Hey Amber! What you working on?

Amber: Homework. It has to be 3 pages long on the legend of vampires.

Zel: 0.0 That's a weird subject to be working on. I almost forgot your school started back. Your a freshman, right?

Amber: Yep! Finally! I sure am loving Highschool too! ^_~

Zel: Hmmm... Well, are you almost done with your papers?

Amber: Almost. Just two more paragraphs and I'll be...... wheres my papers?

Zel: (starts looking around) You just had them, right?

Amber: Yeah. Wait! XELLOS! Where are you?! Give me my papers now!

Xellos: (taps on window from outside while waving papers) ^_^ If you want them, come and get them.

Amber: You Mazoku Trash! I'll be right back Zel!

Zel: Take your time. (starts reading book while sipping coffee)

(in the background you hear Amber yelling at Xellos to come back and stop teleporting. Fighting sounds can be heard)

Xellos: My arm isn't supposed to bend like that!

Amber: GOOD! Now that I got them back, don't try it again!

Xellos: ^_^ Can you bend me like that again?

Amber: SMACK!

Xellos: That kinda hurt in a bad way too. *_*

Zel: (looks up from book to see Amber walk in) What happened to you?

Amber: (soaking wet with mud on her clothes) Oh, this? Well, he should know better than to mess with me! I'll be back. I got to get some dry clothes on.

Xellos: ^_^ Can I come?

Amber: NO!!!!!! ( slams door and locks it)

Xellos: She forgets that I can teleport. ^_^

Zel: Don't even think about it!

Amber: Ok. I'm back. Great! Now I'm going to have to put these papers out to dry! Thanks a lot Xellos! Why can't you be more like Zel?

Xellos: ^_^ Your Welcome! Well, I don't wan't to be a old stick in the mud like him.

Zel: I'm not an old stick in the mud! Don't forget that I'm 1/3 Mazoku myself.

Xellos: Just think Zel! We could be related somehow! ^_~

Zel: Yea.

Xellos: Anyways, so Amber. Do you even believe in vampires?

Amber: Well, I am talking to a 1012 year old, who doesn't look a day over 23, so I guess I kinda do.

Zel: She does have a point. I have to agree with her on that.

Xellos: Hmmm

Amber: Why? Do you?

Xellos: ^_^ Of course! I've known a couple in my life time! A lot like mazokus, just without the blood drinking and sun light thing.

Zel: Both very sadistic.

Xellos: Exactly! See bro! Your catching on!

Zel: -_- Don't call me bro!

Xellos: Bro! Brother! DADDY!

Zel: (twitch) STOP IT!!!!

Xellos: ^_^ My bestest of best brother in the whole wide world!

Zel: That's it! (lunges at Xellos)

Amber: (rolls eyes) Some things will never change.

(the sound of punches, kicks, and yells are heard as the two scuffle)

Zel: Owwww! That staff hurts!

Xellos: ^_^ Well, so does your skin, but I'm not complaining. In fact, I kinda enjoy this.

Zel: (notices that he is straddling Xellos while strangling him) You sick Mazoku! That's it! RA TILT!!!!!

Amber: (watches as her front door gets blown away and shakes her head) It's going to be a long day!


I was in a relly goffy mood when I wrote this and I also was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Any questions or comments are welcomed. ^_~*

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