My Afternoon With Zel and Xellos! And Zelas?!

(sounds of a electric screwdriver can be heard)

Amber: I can't believe you blew my door off Zel! If mom found out she'd kill me! Thank you God that she is on a buissness trip! -_-

Zel:Sorry, but I wasn't aiming for your door. I was aiming for that thing sleeping on the couch over there.

Amber: (finishes putting up the new door) Well, at least he is asleep. I think you got him pretty good though. I've never seen an ankle snap like that. (laughs under breath)

Zel:(smiles) Yes. That was neat to see what sound an ankle would make. (both laugh as Amber imitates sound)

Amber: Crack! Crunch! And I think there was another Crack in there. (looks at Xellos)

Zel: (watches as Amber smiles at Xellos while he sleeps) Uh huh. You like him.

Amber: WHAT! No! Zel notice what type of smile I'm wearing.

Zel: (looks closer) Uh oh! You have that evil, sadistic smile! What are you plotting?

Amber: Well, Xellos is a sound sleeper, right?

Zel: (nods head)

Amber: Hehe. Ok, we are going to need shaving cream and a feather. I'll go get the feather, you go get the shaving cream.

Zel:(smirks) Ok!

(they run off to get there stuff and meet back)

Amber: Got it?

Zel(holds up bottle) Got it.

Amber: Ok. Here, put some in his open hand and then I'll tickle his face with this feather. Ok?

Zel: (laughs quietly) Ok.

(slowly Zel put the shaving cream in his hand)

Zel: Ok. Now, use the feather.

(Amber puts the feather on his face and moves it across his nose and cheeks)

Xellos: (mumbles something and slightly moves)

( Amber and Zel try hard not to laugh)

Xellos: ^_^ ...filia......

Amber: (laughs lightly) I wonder what he is dreaming?

Zel: (laughs harder) I don't wanna know!

(Amber and Zel watch as Xellos takes his hand and hits his face)

Amber: Yes! It worked! But.... why didn't he wake up?

Zel: I don't know,but it was still funny!

Amber: Sure was, but.......

(Just then Xellos grabs two Silly String cans from under the cusion and sprays the two)

Xellos: ^_^ Haha! Got ya! You thought I would trust you while I slept? Your crazy!

(Xellos wipes the shaving cream off his face)

Amber: Well, guess what.

Zel and Xellos: What?

Amber: Think fast! (she picks up two water ballons next to her and throws them at the two) Got ya!

(Soon the three get into a huge silly string, shaving cream, and water ballon fight)

Amber: Splash! Man! That got me straight in the mouth! (spits a broken piece of ballon out of mouth)

Zel:slips on shaving cream while Amber and Xellos throw water ballons and sprays silly string on him No fair! I fell! Stop!

Amber and Xellos: To bad! (Amber then hits Xellos with a water ballon and he falls)

Amber: Haha! Got you both! You two really s......

Zel and Xellos trip her as she falls in a huge pile of shaving cream

Amber: Ow! You'll pay for that!

(they get into a huge wrestling match as the front door opens up)


(the three both jump up as she yells at them)

All: Well, see we were just joking, then we, and then, yea we were joking and we.... we.... we were just having fun. (all smile innocently)

Zelas: Now Amber, I promised your mother that I would keep my eye on you and I can't leave you three alone for 20 minutes and look what a mess ya'll made.

Amber: Hey Zelas!

Zelas: What!?

Amber: Watch out!

(Amber throws a water ballon straight for her face)

Zelas: Splash! Oh, I know you just didn't! Your dead!

(Soon all of them are in another fight)

Zel: (grabs a wad of silly string out of his hair) This stuff is never going to come out!

Xellos: ^_^ (wipes shaving cream off his clothes) Yeah your right. (gets up but slips back down )

All: (laughs as he falls)

Amber: Maybe we should clean this stuff up.

All: Ok

(they get up and start cleaning. After I couple of more ballons thrown they finally get it done, then they wipe off their hair and clothing)

Zel: sits on couch and sips coffee That was pretty fun! Amber. What are you doing?

(Zelas and Xellos take a seat at the two seater couch by the window)

Xellos: ^_^ Yes Amber. What are you doing?

(They watch as Amber grabs movies out of a bag and she puts some chips in a bowl)

Amber: Oh, just getting ready for tonight.

Zelas: But I won't be here tonight!

Amber: Your lost, my gain.

Zelas: Funny.

Zel: Seriously, what are we doing?

Amber: in a whisper eachother.

Zel and Xellos: WHAT?!

Amber: Hehe

Zel: Thats not funny.

Xellos: ^_^ Dang! I was hoping she was for real.

Zel: You would.

Amber: No Xellos. That was last night.

Zel and Zelas: 0.0

Xellos: smirks. You wasn't supposed to tell anyone.

Amber: I had to say it.

Zel and Zelas: 0.0

Amber: (burst out laughing)

Xellos: ^_^ Guys, we are joking around.

Zel and Zelas: Whew! I thought you were serious.

Amber: smirks You never know. ^_~

Zel: Stop joking like that!

Xellos: ^_^ Why Zel? Jealous?

Zel: Shut up fruitcake!

Zelas: Fruitcake? Geez Xellos! I think the name suits you.

Xellos: ~_~ Great.

Zel: Now Amber. For real! What are we doing tonight?

Amber: (imimates Brain on Animaniacs) What we try to do everynight Pinky. Try to take over the world!

All: 0.0

Xellos: ^_^ And I thought I was crazy.

Zelas: I like the way she thinks.

Xellos: ^_^ Me too!

Zel: You two would!

Amber: (laughs evily) Now, we need to get the plan ready.

Zel: AMBER! Stop f@$%&*g around! What are we doing!?

Xellos: ^_^ Zel! Watch your language! My ears don't need to hear that.

Amber: Pansy

Xellos: Am not!

Amber: Too!

Xellos: NOT!

Amber: TOO!

Zelas: Will you stop bickering!

Amber: Yeah! You heard your master! Stop!

Xellos: I .....

Zelas: glares at him Stop!

Zel: Come on! What are we doing?!

Amber: Well, I've put a lot of thought into it and I decided tonight we are

Zel: Yes.

Amber: We're

Xellos: ^_^ Yes.

Amber: Well, Sore wa himitsu desu!

Zel: NO! Thats not the correct answer!

Amber: For me it is.

Xellos: I've taught her well. ^_^

Amber: smirks In many more ways than one. ^_~

Xellos: ^_^

Zelas and Zel: 0.0 I thought that was just a joke?!

Amber and Xellos: ^_^

Zel: Those two really scare me sometimes.

Zelas: Uh huh.

Amber: Well, better get ready for tonight!


Yes. There will be another part to this and do you think Xellos and I could get any more personal? Hehe. ^_~*

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