Part Two


The young girl smile brightly as she took the bouquet of lilies from Omi's hands. "Arigato Omi kun! And please wish Ken kun and Yohji kun all the best from me!" she giggled and skipped out of the shop.

Omi rubbed the back of head, staring quizzically after the girl. "Aya kun, what's going on? Why are all these people giving Yohji kun and Ken kun their best wishes? What did they do?"

"I have no idea." The redhead checked his watch. "But they've been gone for fifteen minutes. They better have a good excuse for being late."

"They probably saw some pretty girls and decided to follow them around." Omi shook is head. "And I'll bet anything that they'll forget to bring the peat soil back too."

Aya sighed as another rush of people entered the store. "This is not a two person job..." he muttered, annoyed.

And of course, all the laws of natural occurrences dictated that Ken and Yohji would appear back at the shop...only after the mad rush was over. Which they did.

"You guys are late," Aya stated, glaring at them both.

Yohji in turn glared at Ken. "It's all Ken's fault."

Ken wasted no time glaring at Omi. "No it's not, it's Omi's. If he hadn't made us go get the peat soil..."

Yohji and Ken both glared at Omi.

Omi glared back. "It's your own fault for forgetting the soil in the first place!"

Aya continued to glare at Ken and Yohji. "Where's the peat soil now?" "I told you that they'd forget it!" Omi bragged.

Ken looked all to ready to sink into the floor. "The peat soil..." he repeated slowly, scratching at his head. "I guess, uh..."

Yohji was more eloquent. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!! "

"Not in front of Omi!" Ken gasped.

Omi rolled his eyes. "It's nothing that I don't hear at school."

Yohji whirled on Ken. "You shut up! I've had enough outta you for nine damn lifetimes."

Omi looked over at Aya. "Is this what all those people were wishing them the best for?"

Omi's words brought about a very quiet, very dreaded silence from our two bickering heroes.

"What. Did. You. Say?" Yohji asked in his soft, deadly assassin voice.

"Oh well it's just that a lot of people have come into the shop wishing you and Ken kun the best of luck. Ne Aya kun?"

Aya nodded. "So did you guys get married or something?"

Omi howled with laughter, as they always did when Aya made some unexpected joke in that dry, deadpanned 'humorous-voice' of his. Only this time, Ken and Yohji weren't laughing with him. If only the young blond and the redhead knew how close the remark hit home. "Yohji kun and Ken kun married!" Omi gasped, giggling. "Whadda hoot!"

Ken didn't like the look of pure murder in Yohji's eyes. An overwhelming sense of self preservation came over the soccer player at that moment. "Uh...I gotta go." And he fled for his apartment.

"Oh no you don't you stupid #@$%!!!! I'm gonna kill you!!!"

Aya and Omi watched as Yohji ran after Ken. "They are very weird."

"Well since they didn't bring back the peat soil, you can go get it."

"Meeeeeeeee???!!!!!" Omi whined. "Why do I hafta..." he trailed off seeing Aya's patented scowl. He headed out the door muttering about stubborn Aya and stupid Yohji and forgetful Ken.

"I work with fools," Aya said to no one in particular.

"Aw c'mon Yohji," Ken wheedled, backing away from the enraged older boy. "It wasn't my fault. How was I supposed to know that people were gonna see us?"

Yohji stared at him incredulously. "It's not your fault? What in the bloody hell do you mean that it's not your fault?!!! Was it I who announced to the world that we were getting married? Was it I who kissed you in the middle of the damn street??!!!"

Ken flinched. "Well erm... "

He grabbed the soccer player by the collar and raised him off the ground, to his eye level. "You are one very dead man Ken."

"It wasn't my fault! You saw Gertie, she's a stark raving mad loon! The girl is evil, she's wicked, she's demented!!! I don't want an evil, wicked, demented wife!!! I want to live!!!!!" he babbled, squeezing his eyes shut.

Maybe it was because of Ken's close proximity to him. Maybe it was because Ken had his eyes shut. Maybe it was because he could still taste Ken's toothpaste. Maybe it was because Ken was such a damn fine kisser. But for whatever reason, Yohji found himself thinking about the passionate kiss they'd shared. And beyond that, he found himself wanting to kiss Ken again. He roughly let go of Ken with a curse. "I'm not gay, dammit!!!"

Ken tumbled to the floor in an untidy heap. "Well I'm not either!" he retorted, trying to stand up. "That hurt Yohji!"

"Oh shut up!" he fumed and stomped out of Ken's apartment, vowing to flirt with every girl in his path. He was not gay.

"Geeze, that's the last time I ever ask him for help," he muttered, rubbing his sore behind.

Suddenly Yohji was back in the room.

"Oh what do you want now?" he demanded, crossly.

Yohji ignored him. Instead he picked up his wallet from the table and opened it.

Ken stared in horror as Yohji pocketed all the cash. "Hey! What are you doing? That's my money!!!"

"Not anymore Kenken." He flashed him that patented 'lady-killer' smile. "Don't forget that you owe me. Big time This small amount of cash isn't gonna cut it, I'll tell ya that."

"But I was gonna buy a new pair of soccer cleats!" he protested. "It took me four months to save all that!!! You can't take it away from me!"

Yohji peered down his shades at him. "Are you saying that soccer cleats are more important than your freedom?" He shrugged. "I'll be more than happy to find Gertie and inform her that you've changed your mind."


He grinned. "Then I suggest you get used to the idea of repaying me. Which reminds me, I'll probably have a date for tonight. Pick out something nice for me to wear and then wash it and iron it. And then you can also wash the dishes and vacuum the floor while you're at it. Hmm, in fact why don't you just clean my whole apartment up?"

"This is a cruel injustice!"

He patted Ken's head condescendingly. "So was kissing you, man. And don't forget the washroom either, okay?" And with that he strutted out.

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