Part Two


Yohji yanked open the window, letting the cool night air wash over his bare, burning chest. The cold shower he'd indulged in hadn't helped at all. He still wanted Ken and he wanted him bad. Four months of roaring lust for the boy were really taking their toll. He absolutely ached for the younger boy, wanting nothing more than to head into the next room and fuck the hell outta him.

Of course it hadn't always been like this. Moving from Tokyo to Kyoto, he found himself sharing an apartment with the brunette. At first living with Ken was normal, good, great even. Ken was Ken. The cheerful soccer player was someone who understood Yohji and he got along just fine with him. Unlike Aya, Ken knew when to push and when to back off. He respected his personal space, something Yohji guarded jealously. And for the first two weeks, everything had been fine. Until some stupid customer left behind a shopping bag containing a bottle of raspberry and lime shampoo, which Ken quickly claimed as his own. That's when he came to view Ken as pure sexuality and a potential lover rather than a mere teammate.

Yohji was, in reality no where near as promiscuous as his reputation would have him. His lewd reputation allowed him some semblance of privacy and he welcomed it. However, as much as he loved women, he was willing to try anything once. Most things were never sought after again, as he leaned the fine distinction between pain and pleasure. Gender, on the other hand was another issue. He learned quickly that sex with a man was just as fulfilling as sex with a women and as such, he'd long since come to regard gender as unimportant. There was a definite lure between two biological successors attempting to find an equilibrium between them. He'd always preferred aggressive women so naturally the aggressiveness between two men was excitingly alluring. And then came that significant day when he'd walked past the bathroom.

For one tiny, heart-wrenching moment, as the scent of the familiar shampoo drifted from the bathroom, he'd thought that Asuka was alive. The tangy aroma of her favorite shampoo enveloped him, bringing him back to those days where they lived together as lovers and partners and soul mates. He wasn't alone and her death was a dream. A dream that shattered the instant he'd heard Ken singing the latest Gackt single. He'd been frozen in place, unable to move, even when the dripping soccer player stepped out of the bathroom, engulfed in steam and the fragrance of raspberry and lime shampoo. In that instance, his very relationship with Ken crumbled. Nothing would ever be the same again. Raspberry and lime shampoo was such a fucking aphrodisiac.

Yohji swore as he fumbled for a cigarette. That image of Ken wearing nothing but a small towel riding low on his hips with water dripping down that sleek, lightly toned chest, was one that was etched in his mind. How many times had he dreamed of taking Ken right then and there, against the hard tiles of the bathroom walls, surrounded by steam and Ken's sweaty body? It was, what he wryly referred to, as his Bathroom Dream, the most common and the most erotic of all his Ken dreams. And shit, he had a lot of Ken dreams.

He blew a cloud of smoke out the window, watching it dissipate into the black night. "If you only knew what you do to me," he muttered. The boy was so fucking naïve. He had no clue of the pure sexuality he radiated. Then again, his innocence was one of the things that were so attractive. Oh he knew things, he wasn't completely as guileless as Omi but he was inexperienced enough to make someone want to come along and teach him things. Carnal things. And Yohji was determined to be that someone.

Of course, in his mind he was planning to go slow and seduce Ken thoroughly. But in reality, it was too much. He'd been able to keep his passion quiet but tonight it had spilled out. Ken unconsciously flirting with him, looking so cute as he tried to remain awake and focused. He really was sexy in those wrinkled plaid pajamas, his hair all crumpled from his sleep. He only had so much self-control and fuck, he'd waited for four months hadn't he? Kudo Yohji was not made for celibacy.

And then there was Ken's recent maternal shroud. Ken had always been the hen of the group, fussing over this and that. He was the one who made sure that they all ate properly, that they were all healthy, that Omi did well in school, that Aya smiled sometimes, that he didn't smoke too much. It was rather endearing and they'd all gotten used to it. But ever since they'd moved from Tokyo, Ken's concerns had tripled. Yohji wouldn't have minded it so much except that he seemed to worry only about him. He barely ever said anything to Aya and Omi. These day Ken cooked for him and stayed up to wait for him and annoyingly protected him when they had missions together. Hell, Ken even cleaned the bloodstains from his clothing. Ken no longer ranted when he was late for work nor did he make jokes and lecture him on his night life. He was very careful with his words around Yohji, no longer blurting anything and everything out. He treated him like some dainty object who would break at any moment.

Well it looked like he was going to have to show Ken just how strong he was. His lips curved into a smirk. "You're mine Kenken," he proclaimed, flicking his cigarette out the window. He resolved to have Ken in his bed by tomorrow night. Things were looking good.

"Where's Ken?" Yohji demanded, strolling into the shop a good twenty minutes late the next morning.

"If you were here on time, then you'd know," Aya snapped coldly from behind a row of potted ferns.

He ignored the redhead as he stopped beside the table where Omi was occupied with making a magnolia arrangement. "Omi?"

Omi smiled cheerfully up at him. "He left for the supply shop just a few minutes ago."

He nodded curtly to the blond boy and headed towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Aya demanded scowling at him.

He smirked as the shoved the door open. "To help Ken."

The feel of warm sunshine felt wonderful on his skin. Today was going to be a great day and why shouldn't it? After four agonizing months, Ken would finally be his. Shit, the soccer player had felt delicious last night, shoved up against the wall, all indignant and quivering. The anticipation was killing him. He couldn't wait to kiss Ken and find out if he was as sweet as in all his fantasies.

Long, purposeful strides assured his arrival at the supply shop in less than ten minutes. Well he was a man on a mission afterall. All the lights were closed and the door was slightly ajar. He entered stealthily, shutting the door quietly behind him. Ken was standing on some bags of peat moss before a flower rack, trying to reach a pot of African violets that rested on the top shelf. He was singing loudly as he reached towards the purple flowers. Ken didn't have a bad voice, but Yohji was rather distracted by the way his T-shirt was riding up, allowing him a glimpse of smooth, tanned flesh. Not to mention that his ass looked sweet in those baggy khakis of his.

Yohji leaned against another flower rack and watched as Ken finally managed to grab hold of the violets. He bounded down from the peat moss bags and carefully set the pot of violets next to the pile of other flowers and seed packages he was going to take back to the shop. He pulled out a notepad from his pocket and studied it intently, his brow wrinkling in a frown. "I guess I'm done here," he muttered to himself.

"You're not done quite yet Kenken," Yohji drawled out, relishing the look of startled surprise on Ken's face.

"Yohji!" the boy gasped. "Don't scare me like that!"

He strode towards Ken. "I don't intend to scare you."

Dark eyes widened comically. "Not this again!" he cried in dismay. Ken's face was bright red as he darted backwards and promptly tripped over a stray sack of organic potting soil. He fell on his ass, his legs spread apart invitingly.

Yohji's mouth went dry. Seeing Ken, in actual reality, all spread out was so fucking erotic. He couldn't stand it. "So you wanna skip the foreplay?" he managed to grit out. "That's just fine with me."

Ken swiftly scrambled to his feet. "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but ack~!"

In one fluid movement, Yohji seized Ken's wrist and jerked him into his arms. His lips covered Ken's protests and he wasted no time in thrusting his tongue into the sweet mouth of the boy struggling against him.

Jesus fucking Christ, he tastes so goddamn good

Ken's thrashings made Yohji all the more determined for submission and acceptance. He sucked hard at Ken's mouth, running his tongue over even teeth and the luscious roof of his mouth. Yohji stroked roughly at the passive tongue beneath his, thrusting his own towards the back of Ken's throat. Insistent hands moved to grab Ken's tight ass and he brought the younger boy fervently up to meet his raging erection. Grinding his hips seductively against Ken, he slanted his mouth and licked passionately his unwilling partner again and again. He shoved Ken up against the wall behind them, moving his hips with greater pressure and urgency, plunging his tongue deeper into the moist envelope of Ken's mouth.

Ken was clinging onto his upper arms, moaning against his tongue. And then he began to respond, his tongue coming to hesitantly meet Yohji's.

Oh yes, finally!

"Yohji kun? Ken kun?"

Yohji jerked his mouth away from the soccer player's, Omi's voice propelling him to end the kiss as much as the need to breath. God he was so fucking hard from just one kiss! With a lurid curse, he released Ken, noting smugly that he crumpled weakly to the floor, panting heavily. The brunette's face was stained red, his expression confused and bewildered as he stared up at him with parted, swollen lips. It took every nerve in his aching body not to continue what he'd started and screw Ken senseless on the soil strewn floor. He wanted so badly to take Ken, to thrust hard into his tight, shuddering body. By tonight, it would happen.

He took a deep gulp of air and tried to act nonchalant. For once he was glad that he was wearing an apron. It hid his decidedly painful condition. "We're in here Omi," he called as steadily as he could, trying not to look at Ken. Who knew what he'd do if he laid eyes on the gasping, perplexed boy.

"Manx san is waiting for us," Omi announced, coming into view. His eyes widened when he saw Ken gasping on the floor. "Ken kun? What happened?"

Yohji smirked, putting on his shades. His heart was still racing wildly but he was in control. "Ken had a little accident didn't you Kenken?"

Omi rolled his eyes. "You really should be more careful Ken kun." He turned towards the door. "Let's go. Aya kun will be mad if we're late."

Ken staggered to his feet and surprised him by glaring hotly at him. "You bastard," he hissed. "What the hell are you doing?!!"

He leered suggestively at the soccer player. "You know you liked it Kenken." And because Ken was even cuter when irked, he gave in to the urge to smack him firmly on his ass.

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