Part Three


Ken sat huddled in the far corner of the sofa, his arms crossed defensively across his chest, fuming furiously. Despite his irate façade, he was scared shitless. Aya and Omi occupied the sofa in front of the TV, with Manx standing behind them. He was sitting on the sofa in the back of the room, with Yohji sprawled out very close to him. Obviously the mission last night had affected Yohji's brain. The guy was crazy. That was the only explanation he'd been able to come up with for Yohji's psychotic behavior.

Yohji shifted, his shoulder rubbing slightly against his own. Ken squeezed himself closer into the corner of the sofa, his thigh practically flung over the armrest. Of course there was no where to go, but at least the motion of backing away was comforting. Anything was better than sitting there letting Yohji touch him. His shoulder seethed from the point of contact and his hands were shaking. It wasn't fair. He had to sit there, trying to concentrate on the video of their next mission while Yohji kept rubbing up against him and he couldn't say a damn word without alerting the others! And Yohji, that stupid dumbass, just sat there smirking and making suggestive comments.

Damn smug bastard

He hated Yohji. Why in God's name, after all this time, was Yohji suddenly after him? It made no sense. Yohji, who rejected missions that didn't involve pretty ladies, Yohji who claimed any and all women over eighteen as his, Yohji who'd had dozens of girlfriends and hundreds of hot dates since he'd known him. Hell, Yohji probably got more action in one week than he was gonna get in a whole damn lifetime! So was that all a façade? How could it be? For certain Asuka wasn't an act. He loved her deeply, but now he was chasing him? He couldn't be serious about being...intimate with him, could he? Despite the fact that he had kissed him...

Ken's cheeks burned into a flaming blush. He just couldn't think about that kiss without blushing. He'd only ever had one girlfriend, Yuriko. During his time in the J-league, he'd concentrated solely upon soccer, figuring that there'd be plenty of time for girls later. He was utterly inexperienced when it came to sexual matters. He and Yuriko had only gotten around to exchanging a few chaste kisses and none of them could compare in the least to what Yohji had done to him back in the supply shop. He didn't even know a kiss could be like that, so hot and deep and mind-searing. Yohji's tongue had been everywhere, doing things he hadn't known were possible. And the way he had rubbed his hips against his own, it had felt so incredible. For a while, as his mind and thoughts were reduced into emptiness, he had forgotten that it was another man kissing him.

And that was the most shameful part of all. That for one brief moment, before Omi had appeared, he had responded to Yohji's kiss. He, Hidaka Ken had frenched Yohji back! It was humiliating beyond belief. He resisted the urge to groan and sob.

"Thinking about our kiss, ne Ken?" Yohji husked, his rich voice titillating his ear. He blew softly, his warm breath sending shivers across Ken's neck and down his spine. He was very aware of Yohji's dauntingly arousing presence at that moment and it petrified him.

He rubbed his ear frantically against his shoulder, trying to make those ticklish quivers go away. "I'm not doing any such thing!" he whispered stormily. "You're the furthest thing from my mind!"

One elegant eyebrow arched in question. "And that would explain why you've shoved yourself up into the corner of the sofa? Because you're not thinking about me?"

Ken stubbornly refused to answer, not wanting to give Yohji the satisfaction of hearing him deny what they both knew to be true. He glared firmly straight ahead; the last thing he wanted to see was Yohji's infuriatingly conceited smirk.

Egotistical friggin' jackass

Yohji chuckled condescendingly. "You're not fooling me one bit Hidaka. Your face is as easy to read as a book."

"Shut up Yohji," he grit out, trying his best to keep his temper in check. Patience was one thing he didn't have much of and Yohji was sorely trying it.

"In fact," Yohji continued in that silky soft voice, as though he hadn't spoken, "If that cute little blush was any indication, I'd say you were definitely thinking about our kiss."

At the very mention of the word 'kiss', Ken felt his face flush fervently.

Damn you Yohji!

"Ah." Yohji swept one long finger down the slope of his warm cheek. "That's the blush. How adorable Kenken."

"Don't call me that!" he hissed jerking his face away from Yohji's soft touch. The older boy was only inches away from him, his jade eyes blazing. He swallowed audibly and forced himself to look away. Maybe if he ignored Yohji than he'd just - "Gahhh!"

"Shhh," Yohji whispered in his ear, sliding his fingers up Ken's thigh. "Do you want them to hear you?"

"Let go of me!" Ken demanded through clenched teeth, trying to ignore the feeling of being touched in such an intimate spot.

"I think not," Yohji replied throatily. His squeezed his thigh. "Just feel Ken."

Ken gasped as Yohji's skillful fingers stroked him. He felt hot all over, his skin scathing beneath the fabric of his khakis. Yohji's hand was moving higher up, heading towards the sudden ache between his legs.

Without warning Manx flipped the light switch on. With a shriek, Ken yanked away from Yohji and his wandering hands and promptly fell onto the floor. On his butt. For the second time today. Above him, Yohji snickered.

"You don't have to hurl yourself off the sofa," Manx remarked dryly. "The video is over."

"Ken kun's especially clumsy today," Omi told everybody. "When I came into the supply shop, he was lying on the floor gasping for air. What an accident it must have been."

"I wouldn't call it an accident," Yohji proclaimed. "Being as Ken seemed to enjoy it so much." He winked conspiratorially at the sputtering soccer player.

"Oh shut up Yohji," Ken snapped as he stood up, determined not to blush.

"I don't get what you mean," Omi said, frowning. "What did Ken enjoy so much?"

Yohji grinned hugely. Green eyes filled with sensual promise met his own. "Well - "

"Let's just get on with it," Aya snapped, scowling. "Leave Ken alone."

Ken could have kissed Aya at that moment. Figuratively of course, being as he wasn't, not in the least, attracted to men. Especially men who were his teammates. No, he was straight. Straight as a line and Yohji could bother him and kiss him all he wanted but he was not attracted to him. And he never would be. End of story, exit left stage center, for all time, the end. And the sooner he convinced Yohji of that, the sooner everything would be back to normal.

He wiped his sweaty palms on his pants, feeling relieved. All he had to do was stay away from Yohji and then all would be well. It was a good plan dammit and he was gonna stick to it no matter what.

Manx was scrutinizing them, her gaze swinging from Yohji to Ken and back again. "Is there something going on between you two?"

"NO!" he swiftly burst out, before Yohji could say anything. His palms were sweating again and he could feel that stupid blush creeping up onto his face. "Now can we just drop it?"

Manx finally nodded, after giving him an intense, assessing stare. "Fine. Now whoever chooses to take on this mission will have to do it this evening. Akizuki Hiroshi will be making the sale tonight. It's imperative that he and his scientists are killed before he meets with the buyers."

"Well I guess I'm out," Omi responded. "I'm underage. There's no way I'd get in."

"This isn't my kind of mission," Aya stated curtly. "Yohji and Ken can handle it."

Ken felt his heart stop. "N-nani?!!"

Aya swung annoyed plum eyes in his direction. "I said you and Yohji can handle it."

"I agree," Manx added. She cast a quick look in Ken's direction. "Although I think that Siberian might need a little work for this mission..."

Ken barely heard her. He was too busy glaring at Aya as he and Omi headed out the door. Stupid Aya, this was all his fault! The one time Aya had to open his damn mouth... Now how was he supposed to stick to his 'stay away from Yohji' plan? Sure he and Yohji lived together and worked together but that didn't mean he had to take missions with the guy! And of course his room had a pretty sturdy lock...

"I'll take care of Ken," Yohji declared superciliously.

"I don't need your friggin' help Kudou!" Ken bit out, his temper flaring at Yohji's arrogance. "I can handle everything on my own!"

Yohji shrugged, pushing up his sunglasses. "It's your call. I've gotta get my stuff together." He smiled graciously at Manx. "Until next time Manx."

The redhead nodded briskly, her curls bouncing. "Next time then."

His grin grew into a leer. "And I'll see you tonight Kenken," he added huskily, placing a notable emphasis on the word 'tonight'.

Ken looked away furiously and didn't bother to dignify Yohji's words with a reply.

"Well there's definitely something going on between you two," Manx noted when Yohji had gone. "Did you guys get into a fight or something?"

Ken sighed and raked a hand through his hair agitatedly. "No, he's just been annoying me lately, that's all." He tried valiantly not to blush. If only Manx knew the nature of Yohji's 'annoying'. He hastily changed the subject. "So what's this about me needing a little work?" He shuffled his feet embarrassedly. "And can you also brief me on the mission? I was kind of...uh distracted during the video."

Manx raised an eyebrow in question.

"I had a late night, okay?" he muttered defensively.

"I see." She picked up the manila folder from the coffee table and handed it to him. "All the details you need are in here. But in a few words, you and Balinese are to destroy a business tycoon named Akizuki Hiroshi. Akizuki's been secretly sponsoring corrupt scientists banned from various universities and other institutions to continue experimenting with human cloning and alterations. The Electropolis night club is a front for their experiments. They kidnap innocent people and perform tests on them in the laboratories that are hidden underneath the club. Tonight Akizuki is meeting with some potential buyers for a drug he's sponsored. Your mission is to infiltrate the club, dispose of the drug, kill Akizuki and his scientists as well as destroy the labs."

"Cloning? Sounds like Masafumi all over again." He wrinkled his nose at the thought of the man-monster.

"This should be a much simpler mission than that was," Manx stated. "For one, Schrient no longer exists."

"Yeah. Good bye and good riddance." He looked over at the redhead. "And about me needing work...?" he prodded. "You can't be talking about my fighting skills."

"I'm not. I was talking about your wardrobe."

"My wardrobe?!!" He looked down at his blue and white soccer jersey and cargo khaki pants. "What's wrong with my wardrobe?"

Manx eyed his clothing with frank aversion. "Tell me, is that what you're planning to wear to the club tonight?"

He stared at her confusedly. "Of course not. I'm going to wear my assassin gear. Why would I wear anything else? I don't wanna stain my good clothes."

"Oh never mind," she huffed, rolling her eyes exasperatedly. "Just come with me. A friend of mine owns a clothing boutique. She'll fix you up."

"Nani?" Ken was aghast. "I don't need any fixing up! I look great! This is my soccer jersey dammit!! What's wrong with my clothes I ask?!!!"

Manx smirked as she dragged a ranting Ken out the door.

Yohji finished tying his hair into a loose ponytail, slipped a pair of black sunglasses onto his head and then stood back to observe himself in the full length mirror. His pants were black leather and fit him like second skin. The black coat he wore was sleeveless and reached beyond his knees. He wore nothing underneath except for a black band around his arm. [1] He nodded, satisfied. He looked good; ready to seduce all the protesting anxiety straight out of Ken.

He couldn't help but grin. Tonight would be perfect. Sure Ken would object at first but that was only expected. The boy was completely inexperienced when it came to sex. He'd even bet that Ken was a virgin, judging from the way he blushed beet-red anytime he saw a pretty girl. But this morning, after a few moments of getting over the shock, Ken had begun to respond to his kiss. If Omi hadn't come in when he did, who knew how far they'd have gone? It was only a matter of time. Ken would be his and he would enjoy it, that much Yohji knew. And the way he saw it, tonight should give Ken plenty of time to adjust.

The sound of the front door opening jerked him from his thoughts. Ken was finally home. He'd disappeared with Manx after the mission briefing, which was rather sad. He liked provoking and flirting with Ken. The way his temper would flare, even while he blushed was quite endearing. The boy was too delicious for his own good, that was certain.

He stalked out into the living room, intending to intimidate Ken into kissing him. He could still feel Ken's sweet mouth opening for him, his body trembling beneath his own. He couldn't wait for the next act. However, the moment he saw the soccer player, all rational thoughts fled from his mind. His jaw dropped.

Ken was sporting a pair of clunky black shoes that were adorned with silver buckles and straps. His impossibly tight pants were silver-grayish plastic that flared gently over his shoes. He wore a skin-tight, shimmery burgundy t-shirt that was a few inches too short at the waist and allowed him a glimpse of hard stomach muscles. Silver wire was twined around his neck and around his left wrist. But the biggest shock was his hair. Those soft, chocolate colored locks were streaked silver and burgundy and dark blue. [2]

"Holy shit."

Ken looked up and his face immediately bloomed into a full-fledged, no-holds-barred blush of epic proportions. He mumbled something incoherently, staring intently at the floor.

If Yohji thought the soccer player looked cute in jeans and a T-shirt, what the hell was he now! Ken was screaming sex. Every luscious inch of him was oozing with blatant sensuality. Yohji had often thought that Ken should wear clothes more flattering to his body but now he revised his opinion. If Ken dressed like this everyday, he'd go crazy with lust.

"You look so fucking good," he growled thickly, coming closer to Ken. He couldn't take his eyes of the soccer player. He looked so different, so incredibly hot. God, how he wanted to shove Ken up against the wall and tear his shirt off. Slide his hand into those tight plastic pants and feel how hot and stiff Ken would be. Suck him hard until he blew apart. He wanted to hear Ken moan his name, feel his tight body clench around him as he fucked him so good.

Ken looked like he wanted to bolt. He tugged uncomfortably at the hem of his shirt, trying to pull it down to the top of his pants to cover his bare flesh. "Manx made me visit her friend who did me up," he explained hastily. "It's for the mission."

"I see." His voice was hoarse but he couldn't help it. White hot desire was surging through his veins and his leather pants were constricting almost painfully. Ken had absoluetly no clue what he was doing to him! He tried to control his desire but that tight outfit was giving him very naughty thoughts.

"Um," Ken was backing away from him warily. "We probably should be going now."

"Yeah we probably should," he agreed, distracted by the way Ken's pants were molded to his firm thighs.

"Stop it!"

Ken's sharp tone rivited his gaze up to his flushed face. He lifted an eyebrow in silent inquiery.

"Stop looking at me like that Yohji," he warned.

"Like what Ken?" he murmured silkily. "Like I want to fuck you? Because I most assuredly do."

Ken opened his mouth but nothing came out. His eyes bugged out.

Yohji smirked. He loved to shock Ken. That was the great thing about inexperienced virgins, they were just so easily scandalize, Ken being no exception. Of course now that Ken's mouth was hanging open, he would have to do something about it.

He reached out and grabbed Ken by the waist, his hands sliding around smooth, bare flesh. He pulled the soccer player into his arms.

Ken gasped, still too shocked to really struggle. "What are you doing?!"

His mouth descended for Ken's. "I think you know."

Ken turned his head and his lips fell upon Ken's flushed cheek. "Let me go!"

"No," he whispered gruffly, licking the soft, sweet flesh. He trailed wet licks and kisses down his jaw and onto the silky skin of his ear. Tracing the delicate pin shell, he was smugly satisfied to feel Ken shudder. Yohji's lips moved downwards and sucked roughly at his neck.

"Stop it Yohji," Ken whined, his eyes falling shut against his will.

Yohji didn't answer. Instead he slid one hand gently into Ken's shirt, caressing the taut flesh. He grasped one nipple and stroked it quickly, working it into a hard nub. Ken whimpered, moving restlessly against him. "Like that Kenken?" he hissed, his other hand wandering over the firm curve of the other boy's buttocks. His tongue glided over Ken's collarbone, and back up towards that sensitive spot behind his ear.

"Yohji," Ken moaned, his hands clutching Yohji's shoulders. "Please...d-don't..."

He crushed his mouth against Ken's, putting an end to the moaning. His tongue swept into the luscious folds with blatant domination. It was even sweeter and moister than he remembered. His hands moved up to tangle into Ken's streaked hair, as he plundered the lush, quivering mouth. He thrust his hips against Ken's, desire enflaming his entire body as Ken arched towards him. His tongue was dancing with his own, his hands wrapped tightly around Yohji's neck.

For all his virginal protests, Ken was responding. He could feel the hardness concealed in tight plastic rock against his own erection. That very knowledge made him heady with passion. He sucked violently at Ken, grinding his pelvis furiously. Their movements rocked them backwards onto the sofa, with him straddling the soccer player, his hands digging into the silky tresses that spilled over his skin.

Ken wretched away, panting heavily. "The...mi-mission..."

Yohji nuzzled the long column of exposed throat. "Hmm," he murmured huskily, bringing his hand down to fondle Ken's nipple through his shirt. His erection was agonizingly hard as he rubbed himself upon Ken. Shit, he wanted to fuck Ken so bad!

Ken jerked his head back, inadvertently giving him better access to his neck. "Uhh!"

"Ken," he groaned, sucking his way across slightly sweaty flesh. He stroked toned pectorals harder, his movements upon slim hips growing more frenzied. He was going to come, this was too much, he had to be inside of him...

Ken was whimpering in earnest now, tears rolling down his cheeks. His hands were clutching Yohji's arms tightly, his hips arching against Yohji's thrusts. This was so wrong but it felt so good. Nothing he'd ever done had felt like this. Yohji's hands and his mouth were doing such amazing things but it was Yohji! He was confused, so many emotions conflicting inside him. Reason was insisting that he get the hell away from Yohji, Duty was shouting about the mission and Desire was urging to fuck everything, especially Yohji. [3]

He gasped with pleasure, even as duty won out. Using all the strength his passion-induced brain could muster, along with a hell of a lot of willpower, Ken shoved Yohji away.

Yohji was completely unprepared when Ken pushed him roughly away. He fell back against the cushy embrace of the sofa, as Ken stumbled to his feet.

"We have a mission!" he cried, his voice ragged and strained.

Yohji stared up at him, his erection throbbing with unfulfilled desire. Ken looked utterly delectable and so fuckable. His streaked hair was adorably tousled by his fingers, tear stained cheeks endearingly pink. His t-shirt was rumpled, tight pants revealing everything. It took everything inside of Yohji not to jump his bones.

He stood gracefully, jade eyes locked with coffee tinted ones. "Just remember where we left off Ken," he demanded, his voice rough. With one smooth motion he grabbed Ken's hand and pressed it hard against his erection. "Remember this."

Dark eyes grew impossibly wide as a blushing Ken squirmed.

He resisted the urge to rub himself against the fidgeting hand. "Let's go," he grated out thickly.


1 - I stole Yohji's outfit from the second manga. Maybe you've seen it? It's the pic of all the boyz and Omi's wearing a kawaii lil' ti-dyed t-shirt and Ken looks so kakkoi in a bowling shirt thingie and he's got shades! There's a similar Schwartz pic and Schulderich's wearing a bandana and Crawford's in a wetsuit with khakis! Admittedly, Farfie looks pretty hot ... gryns

2 - Streaked hair a la Koyasu in the Schlag des Herzens and Dramatic Image Album CDs. A must for all clubbers, na? :)

3 - This is for you Nicky, I couldn't resist~!

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