Part Six


Ken was faring a lot better than Yohji. Stealthily, he made his way into the basement, killing all six guards that had been hired to protect Akizuki during the big drug sale.

Of the four laboratories that were hidden in the basement of the club, only the last two were occupied. Four scientists in the first lab, five in the second. A piece of cake, really. Killing would be no problem since he had the element of surprise on his side as well as the gun he'd stolen from one of the security guards he's killed. He was prepared.

A pleasant buzz accompanied Ken as he killed the first four scientists with relative ease. His recently acquired 'tipsiness' had given him an aggressiveness beyond what he normally possessed. He felt like he could do anything! And to think, Yohji had been worried about him.

Ken scoffed as he made his way to the next lab. This mission was too damn easy!

The huge bodyguard whipped out a gun and pointed it at Yohji. "You're gonna die pal."

Yohji calmly pushed up his sunglasses. "Are you telling me that Akizuki didn't deserve this? The guy's been sponsoring corrupt scientists to experiment on innocent people."

The man scowled. "So what's your point? Some people have to be sacrificed for the greater good."

"I'd have to agree," Yohji said pleasantly and with swift precision, his wire uncoiled and yanked the gun from the man's beefy hand. "Your boss died for the greater good, looks like it's your turn now."

"We'll see about that," the man hollered and hurled himself on Yohji.

"For such a big lunk of meat, the guy sure can move," Yohji thought to himself as he was slammed against the wall.

One large hand smashed into the delicate bones of Yohji's cheek.

"Ow, FUCK!!!"

Obviously not a very glorious moment.

"I'll teach you to go around murdering boss like that!"

"That hurt, you ass!" Yohji lashed out, his foot connecting solidly with the bodyguard's gut.

"Oof!" The hefty man went sprawling, tripping over Akizuki's dead body and crashing into his desk. Papers and various other office supplies went flying.

In a flash, Yohji's wire was strung taut around the man's neck. He gurgled out curses, blood leaking from his mouth and then he was silent.

Yohji flicked his wire clean and sighed. His cheek was hurting like a bitch.

He hurriedly exited the office only to be greeted with two more burly security guards.

This was not his day.

Ken crouched down behind a steel table and gingerly touched his mouth. It was bleeding. He'd been dealt one hell of a punch. On the table above him, beakers and test tubes exploded in a frenzy of glass and metal.

He swore. Things were going shitty.

Only two of the five scientists were dead. The other three were now armed and dangerous. Ken hadn't been expecting the vile of green liquid that one of the scientists had thrown at him. The noxious odor now clung to his clothing. He could only guess as to what kind of crazy concoction it was. These scientists weren't passive like the ones in the other room. Two of them had guns and the other had no qualms about hurling around acid and other chemicals. Fortunately, he was hidden beneath the maze of lab tables but still. They had guns, dammit!

Glass shattered against the wall behind him, the stench of chlorine washing over him. His eyes began to water.

"Who sent you here?" One scientist demanded, stalking around the body of one of his peers. He leveled his gun and fired.

Steel splinters erupted as the table was demolished. Ken felt a sudden pain shoot through the side of his forehead. Blood began to pour from the wound.

Ken hurriedly ducked behind another table. The gun he'd stolen from one of the security guards had long since run out of bullets and unless he approached his enemies, his claw would be useless.

"Where the hell is Yohji?" he thought as another shot rang through the air. This one was a bit too close for comfort.

Crawling through the mess of lab tables, Ken desperately tried to avoid getting hit. Shots were ringing out all over the place while thrown while loose chemicals were befouling the lab something nasty. Not to mention the fact that the computers at the terminal on the other side of the room were beeping loudly and incessantly.

He had to do something. He was hidden fairly well but the way things were being abolished, there probably wasn't going to be much left for him to hide behind.

Ken groped his hand about on the table above him, searching for something, for anything that he could use. His hand closed around a beaker. He grabbed it. It was filled with a yellow liquid that was smoking.

He stuck his head out and quickly ducked as three gunshots fired in rapid succession. Ken hurled the beaker in the general direction of his enemies.

"My experiment!"

His hand closed around a test tube and he threw it also. If they had no hesitations about flinging around dangerous chemicals, then why should he?

"Stop you fool! These are dangerous!"

Ken snorted as he flung another beaker, this one containing an angry red mixture.

"No, not the red beaker!"


The room damn well exploded. Computers crashed, literally, glass shattered, experiments ruptured and all lab equipment flew.

Ken covered his head as he darted out from the collapsing table he'd been hiding under. His sole thought was 'Oops.' His mom really had been right. Playing with dangerous chemicals was, well, quite dangerous. Especially now that the lab was on fire.

He was rocked back against the wall by a sharp kick in the stomach.

"What the hell did you do?!" the scientist screamed, lunging towards Ken.

Ken gasped but managed to unsheathe his claws. In the distance, over the chaotic clamor, he could hear Yohji calling his name.

Two rapid swipes sent the man flailing into a mess of flaming table and broken microscopes.

Ken rushed through the debris, glass crunching beneath his boots. He could make out Yohji's figure through the smoke. He coughed as he ran, the stench of clotting mixtures and toxic chemicals filtering into the smoky air.

"Come on Ken!" Yohji yelled, snapping his wire shut. "This place is a fucking mess!"

"Are they all dead?" he panted.

Yohji grabbed his hand, dragging him over flaming rubble. "Yeah! Now let's go!"

He followed Yohji, coughing violently. His eyes were aching and his forehead was throbbing.

"Your head's bleeding," Yohji said as they ran down the halls.

Ken could barely hear him over the shriek of the fire alarm. He could hear people screaming in the club upstairs. "It's nothing!" he wheezed out between coughs. "I guess we didn't have to pull the fire alarm afterall!"

"We still have to set the explosives," Yohji replied, pulling Ken into a small bathroom at the end of the hall. "The last lab was destroyed but the other three are still intact."

Ken nodded as he leaned against a stall door. He felt strangely dizzy. He could hear Yohji talking as he worked on the explosives but the words weren't registering. He stared straight ahead at his reflection in the dirty mirror. Blood was streaking from his head, trailing down his cheek. He looked quite crappy.

"There." Yohji stood up and dusted his hands off. "We've got plenty of time to get out of here."

Ken frowned as his reflection began to waver.

"Hey, are you okay? Ken? Ken!"

Ken opened his eyes, half expecting the foul reek of strange chemicals and smoky wreckage. He was greeted with no such thing. All he could smell was the faint scent of the vanilla candles that Yohji kept in their apartment.

"You awake?"

Ken blinked and slowly sat up. The slight motion sent his head into a frenzied rush. He fell back against the sofa. "My head," he groaned dramatically, squeezing his eyes shut. "I think my brains got mashed."

Yohji snickered. "Won't be the first time. Here, take this."

He cracked open an eye and accepted the Aspirin and glass of water. "What happened?" he asked, after nosily swallowing the pill and a gulp of water.

Yohji sat down on the edge of the sofa, beside his lap. "You passed out in the bathroom. I think the fumes got to you." He reached out and gently tapped Ken's head. "You're lucky the bleeding stopped here. I thought you were going to need stitches."

"I'm just glad you brought your car," Ken muttered, touching his wound. He caught Yohji's eye. "So mission accomplished?"

"Yeah, mission accomplished." Yohji shook his head. "You sure did a number on that last lab."

Ken had to smile. "I threw this beaker of weird red stuff and the whole lab practically blew up. I couldn't think of anything else to do. They had guns and one of them kept throwing all these test tubes of chlorine and acids and stuff at me."

"Creative strategy," Yohji remarked. "I like that."

"What happened to you anyways? You sure took your time coming to help me."

Yohji shrugged. "What can I say, security guards are big men. But the mission is over so why worry about it?" He smiled slyly. "The night's still young, Kenken."

Ken studied the blond warily. He'd been hoping that Yohji would have forgotten about the sudden lust he'd acquired for him. "Well I've got a pretty bad headache, so I'll be going to sleep soon," Ken replied, making a production of yawning. "I've gotta get up early tomorrow to coach the kids."

Yohji raised an eyebrow. "Your headache wouldn't be so bad if you hadn't been drinking."

"I'm allowed to drink," Ken said defensively. "Don't patronize me, Yohji. You drink all the time."

"I can hold my liquor while you can't," Yohji countered. "But I don't mind having a drink with you now." He smirked, long fingers coming to rest upon Ken's knee. "You're pretty sexy when you're under the influence."

Ken shoved Yohji's hand away. "Would you stop? I'm sick of playing these stupid games with you."

"I'm not playing any games Ken," Yohji answered. "If this is complicated, it's because you're making it so."

"You're blaming this on me?" Ken stared at him incredulously. "I don't believe your friggin' conceit! What did you think I was going to do, hop into bed with you at the first possible moment? I'm not one of those trashy bimbos you date!"

"I'm aware of that." He reached out and gently brushed away a shock of brown hair from warm skin. "I want you and you want me. It's really that simple, Ken."

"It isn't that simple at all!" Ken exploded, jerking away from Yohji's gentle touch. "One minute you're dating girls and the next you want to sleep with me? What the hell is that?"

"I've always been bisexual," Yohji replied, trying to be patient. His libido wasn't allowing him the luxury of patience, though. More than anything, he just wanted to drag Ken to his bedroom and fuck him straight for a few nights. But Ken was his teammate and he deserved special attention. Or at least convincing.

"This isn't natural!" Ken wailed, rubbing at his forehead.

"Sex is the most natural thing in the world," Yohji declared. "And it feels so good. If you weren't a virgin, you'd know that."

"I'm not talk-ing about s-sex," Ken sputtered, his face heating up. "I'm talking about you and me. I'm not your type at all! Your dates are always so beautiful and elegant. If anything, Aya's your type, not me."

"I don't want Aya," Yohji told him succinctly. "He's beautiful, yeah, but I want you."

"Why?" Ken demanded. "What the hell can you possibly see in me?"

Yohji leered. He loved getting Ken all riled up. "I like my boys stupid and clumsy."


"And," Yohji continued blithely. "with a tight ass and sweet mouth. You feel right in my arms Ken. I want you. Badly."

Ken was blushing, partly in anger and partly in embarrassment but he was determined to remain firm. He knew just how much of a sweet-talker Yohji could be and he wasn't about to let a few lame compliments sway him. He was not going to sleep with Yohji and that was that! "It's all lust. Go find someone else, Yohji. I'm not interested."

Yohji grabbed hold of Ken's chin, bringing the younger boy's face inches from his own. Wide coffee eyes stared back at him. "It's been four months Ken. Four fucking months. That's how long I've waited. I'm not patient and I'm sick of waiting. Fucking other people isn't an option because I want you and only you. And..." He hovered over Ken's mouth, tasting Ken's breath flow into his own. "You want me too. Admit it."

"I don't want you," Ken whispered raggedly.

His lips barely touched Ken's. "Not at all?"

Quivering lips parted. "No," Ken murmured, closing his eyes. "Not at all."

It took great restraint but Yohji pulled away. He smirked. Breaching Ken's scant and virginal defenses was entirely too easy. Yohji had to prove his point before he could give in to rampant desire. Ken wanted him. It was blatantly obvious. He just needed to admit it and then they could move on to the fun stuff.

Ken opened his eyes and blinked confusedly when he wasn't kissed. He saw Yohji's smug smirk and his temper flared. "You bastard!" he snarled, glaring. "Stop toying with me!"

Yohji desperately wanted to kiss Ken. The boy was hot when he was angry. "How about we make a deal?"

Ken's anger gave way to suspicion. He narrowed his eyes. "What kind of deal?"

"If I win, you spend the night with me. If you win, I leave you alone."

"Leave me alone?" Ken parroted, looking hopeful.

Yohji nodded, straightfaced. "At least until tomorrow night."


"Well you never know," he replied, hiding a smile. "Between now and tomorrow, I might decide that Aya really is my type."

Ken snorted. "So what do I have to do?"

"It's simple," Yohji responded. "I kiss you and if, at the end of it, you want me to stop, then you win. But if I make you hot and you want me to continue, then I win."

"You'll never win," Ken scoffed. "I'm not attracted to you in the least."

Yohji smirked at Ken's naivety. The boy had no idea of what he was getting himself into. He could have mentioned a few memorable moments when Ken had been more than attracted to him but he didn't. No point in gloating quite yet. There would be ample time for that, amongst other things, later. Right now, it was time to lure Ken into a false sense of security. "All you have to do is tell me that you don't want me to continue. Easy enough?"

"You aren't going to do anything funny, are you?" Ken asked skeptically.

"Like what? Tell a joke?"

"Very funny. I mean, you're not going know...try anything...uh..." Ken trailed off at a loss, tugging at his bangs.

"Try what?" Yohji prodded, swallowing the urge to snicker.

"Oh nevermind!" Ken huffed. He scowled at the blond. "But you're not kissing me here on the sofa. I don't want you flinging yourself on top of me."

Yohji stood. "Your choice, lover boy."

"Oh shut up!" Ken shuffled to his feet and wavered slightly. "You should feel ashamed for taking advantage of me when I'm in this weakened state!"

Yohji slid his arm around Ken's waist, steadying him. "I'm taking advantage of you because you're in this weakened state."


He squeezed Ken's ass. "Sexy."

Ken yanked himself away from Yohji. "Go to hell."

Yohji took off his shades and tossed them onto the coffee table. He cast a sultry gaze upon the brunette. "Alright then Kenken. Where do you want to do this?"

Ken looked away, fidgeting. "In the kitchen," he muttered finally, looking pouty. "I'm still thirsty."

Yohji winked. "Kinky."

The younger boy glared daggers at him and stamped into the kitchen. Yohji strolled in after him, watching his ass. Too bad they'd changed from their clubbing clothing into their assassin gear. He missed the sight of Ken clad in that hot, little number.

Yohji leaned against the fridge and watched as Ken hastily drank down a glass of milk. He could feel himself getting hard. Milk was all too reminiscent of cum and the way Ken was gulping it down, bordered on definite erotica.

"Do you have to watch me like that?" Ken snapped, refilling his glass. He took a hearty swig, glowering at Yohji over the glass's rim.

Warm lips curved into a sensual smile. "I was just thinking about you giving me a blowjob."

Ken choked. Murder marked his face but he said nothing. He merely coughed and finished the rest of his milk.

"Ready Kenken?" Yohji asked, leering.

Ken wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Do your worst," he bit out, dark eyes flashing.

Yohji stalked towards him, crowding him up against the kitchen table. "Nuh uh," he murmured, reaching out to touch Ken's moist mouth. "I'm going to do my very best."

"Yohji - " Ken began, his breath tickling Yohji's fingers. He looked uncertain, his confidence slipping at the secure assurance in Yohji's tone.

"One kiss," he said softly, tracing the curve of Ken's bottom lip. "That's the deal."

"Do it then," Ken whispered, his eyes luminous in the dim kitchen light.

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