Until Morning

Mohji Kudou

I'm tired. Typing up last night's mission reports, homeowrk, and then - nothing in particular.

I'm alone, and I like it that way, for now.

Before long, Youji will turn up and tell me I'm crazy, staying up this late for nothing. But it's not nothing - is it ever nothing?

And right on cue, the door opens.


This has happened before.

"Welcome home, Youji," and of course, I smile up at him.

He ruffled my hair - something he'd never do outside of this room.

This room was special.

"Thanks a lot, Omittchi."

I glared at him, but my heart wasn't in it. I adore the nickname. Just between us.

"No Problem, Yotan! You know that!"

He's smiling at me.

"So, what are you doing up so late?"

"Waiting," I said softly, arching an eyebrow, knowing that he left 'kiddo' off the end of the question.

"And for whom are you waiting?"

"Godeau," I said dryly, before the smile returned to my face. "You know very well who I was waiting for!"


"Of course!" I smile again, and know that Youji is leaning over. I don't have to bother looking.

He kissed my cheek.

Like I said - this room is special.

"Good night, Youji."

"Sweet dreams, Omi."

I feel a real smile blossom on my face.

Youji pulled me to my feet, and into a warm hug.

I let him stroke my hair, and I put my arms around him, wrinkling his suitcoat.


Youji is a strange man, and I don't understand him. But he needs this.

I don't mind his hands on me, or his lips on my face.

Sometimes I wonder why he goes out so much - he cries in his room when he gets home.

And soon his skin is against mine, and we're both breathing heavily.

He didn't do anything with the girl - I can tell, that he was waiting for me. And I know that I'm the reason he doesn't taste like stale smoke, as well.

My bed.

Always, on my bed.

I let him nibble and lick and kiss all he wants - I like the feel of his hair and breath against my skin. It makes me shiver.

And then, we switch.

A strange development, to say the least. I know I was terrified, the first time we'd ever done this.

And he's trembling beneath me, soft groans barely reaching my ears.

Of course, we're prepared.

There was a brief pause in our 'activities', whilst lubrican was distributed, along with the condom.

Youji's purrings filled the room.

I was quiet, the most noise I allowed myself to make was a soft, breathy moan - for fear of waking our 'comrades'.

With a soft 'nngh!', he spilled over my hand and onto my sheets.

A moment later, I followed in suit, and came inside of him.

We lay there for a while, just looking at each other.

Youji is sentimental. He was probably memorizing the curves of my face, while I - as I always do, after these 'lovemaking' sessions - tried to look inside of him, to see why he wanted THIS from ME.

I brushed his hair away from his eyes, and smiled. He left then, down the hall, into his room.

Not even a good night kiss.

I wonder if he'll ever stay until morning.

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