Part 1

Sailor Star Love

Kudou Yohji sighed, he was bored. That was happening a lot lately. It wasn't the missions that dragged him down, it was rather his love life.

Or lack of love life rather...

No hot dates for him in a while, he shrugged no woman had caught his fancy lately. There was one a married woman, with long dirty blond hair. She looked familiar, from behind she looked... He couldn't place it but he had found her alluring. She turned him down of course, married women always did the first time she was accosted. But what was she doing in that bar if she wasn't looking for someone.

"YO! YOHJI-KUN!!!!" Ken banged on his door. "You're going to spend the day in bed?

That was my initial plan, thought Yohji, especially since Ken and Aya were making so much noise at night. Poor Omi, he sleeps with headphones on, shows how much more intelligent he is.

"Ya, ya..." Yohji called back. "Just gimme a minute..."

Yohji stretched like the proverbial cat and reached for a pair of boxers. He preferred to sleep in the nude, he had a quick smile, that was the hedonist in him. Why am I even getting up? he wondered, the Koneko wouldn't be open today, civic holiday, so why the hurry in getting up.

He sighed, I'm up now... might as well... He pulled up the black boxers and reached for his most comfortable pair of pants, his jeans. He didn't feel like wearing his almost skin tight leather pants. But he reached for one of his many high cut sleeveless T-shirt.

He headed for the bathroom and knocked himself on a closed door. "MAAAAA!... Who's in there?!"

"I'll be out soon, Yohji-kun!... I'm almost done..." Omi called back. The only problem was when you cohabited with people was bathroom usage. He sighed, maybe he needed his own place.

As Omi was finishing in the bathroom. Yohji thought about the last few days event, an event that made Aya reach a point with his relationship with Ken. Yohji spied them kissing as he waited.

Takatori was dead, the Schwarz sponsor was killed by Aya himself. But the more he thought about it, the more he thought Schuldich and the others of Schwarz had something to do with that.

Schwarz had helped them, Yohji had no doubt about it. I don't think we could have succeeded otherwise. He kept that last remark to himself, but Schwarz almost gave them Takatori on a silver platter.

"All done!" Announced Omi as he got out, Yohji nodded and got in, undressed and headed for the shower, he kept thinking about the night's event.

He was running forward and gracefully leaped in the air. Like his namesake he landed without a sound. He was after all the most experienced of the four. Aya was next to him in a blur, katana drawn, his face etched with determination, his eyes wanted blood. Takatori's blood.

Like always, thought Yohji, dressed to kill.

"I think you'll need more than a good dress code, Kudou..." Yohji's hand went to the mono filament device on his wrist, Aya turned and eyed the newcomer, knowing all too well who he was.

"Schuldich..." Aya growled.

Schuldich raised an eyebrow. "My... Aya... I can call you, Aya ne?... You do remember my name... I'm flattered... really I am."

Yohji would have burst laughing if it weren't that they in a mission. But even for a mission, Yohji couldn't help but have a small smile.

"Get out of my head you bastard!" Aya has such of way with words, thought Yohji. To his great surprise, Schuldich chuckled, the tall man blinked.

"Aya, Aya, Aya..." said Schuldich. "I don't need to read your mind to know that what you wish to do with that katana of yours..." His voice had a deep sexy purr to it, taunting yet alluring.

"You're here to die like your boss..." said flatly Aya.

"You have a one track mind... No, I came here to tell you that I shall not oppose you... Neither will the rest of Schwarz."

Yohji had to blink at that. "What?..."

"Our contract was canceled... Takatori is no longer our concern... Too bad he choose to break our commitment the night Weiss decides to attack... But ha... C'est la vie!"

"You're one cold bastard..." spat Aya.

Schuldich looked at him with a bored expression. "So are you... And you have such dull thoughts unlike some people..." The tall orange hair men looked briefly at Yohji. As the tall Weiss man wondered if Schuldich had meant him, he saw a wink. He frowned, he must have imagined that.

"Stop the chit chat..." Aya's eyes were still on Schuldich.

"It isn't a trap... Don't worry... it doesn't concern Schwarz anymore..." replied Schuldich to a question Aya hadn't asked verbally. The red haired man eyes slanted even more. "Think what you will..." The tall man shrugged at Aya, he took a few steps away. "What would rather do?... Kill me or go directly to the source of your hatred. We both know you're not one to go for the middle man..."

Aya nodded. Yohji was a little surprise to see his teammate capitulate like that. He was even more surprised to see the rest of Schwarz appearing. His red haired companion hissed a white haired man hissed right back at him. Yohji stood ready but he saw Crawford put a restraining arm on Farfarello.

Aya's eyes slanted. "Your dog needs a leech..." He spat when he saw the man lick his blade.

"I can take him down quick... no problemo... hehehe..."

"No..." Crawford commented. "Stay where you are, Weiss is not our enemy... If we don't get paid to eliminate them..."

"hn... You're no fun..." said Farfarello.

"Yeah..." said Aya. "I should take him out of his misery..."

"Just you try, pretty boy..."

Nagi looked at the sky, sighing, sometimes he wished Farfie would shut up, permanently.

"We're going..." said Crawford, Schuldich nodded.

"Hai... we have no business here... Not anymore..."

"Crawford... Can't I have a little fun?... I wanna see if his blood is as red as his hair..." said Farfarello asking it the same way a child asked for extra candy.

"No..." was the answer. Yohji frowned as he heard Crawford add in a whisper. "Don't be so eager to die... that will happen soon enough..."

Yohji saw Schuldich looking at him as thought gagging him, he then gave him a smirk. Now that we are no longer enemies... Maybe... Yohji blinked, he had heard Shuldich's nasal voice but the German's lips hadn't moved. Schuldich also looked surprised but he broke into a smile and flitted off like his teammates.

As Yohji washed his hair, he thought about the rest. Them completing their missions, Aya standing over the body of his nemesis. The tall honey haired man still didn't believe that once that mission was over, Aya marched right up to Ken and kissed him, just like that.

He thought he would have to pop Omi's eyes back in their sockets.

Yohji sighed, he had no idea why, but seeing Aya and Ken kiss filled him with a melancholy.

I probably feel neglected because I haven't had a date for a while. I'll remedy to that tonight...

He got out of the bathroom, he was feeling rather happy and he even skipped to the coffee. "So compadre... What are you all going to do today?... Oh and Aya... You better let Ken have a little rest you know..."

Aya became as crimson as his hair, Omi coughed. "This place hasn't been cleaned in a while... We should make use of the holiday to do so..."

"Oi... Omi-kun... It's a HOLIDAY... We're supposed to have fun!" said Yohji.

"You can have fun after... When we do Weiss work or we have to tend to the shop we don't have time to clean... I say it's a great time to do it!" replied Omi with enthusiasm.

I think the boy needs to get out more often, thought Yohji as Ken whined about how he was too tired to do cleaning and Aya wanted to sink under the table.


"Hn?... Crawford?... What's wrong man?" Schuldich looked up from his plate, naturally he wanted to check into Crawford's mind and see what was the matter. He was surprised to see his leader had shut his mind up. That was peculiar. Schuldich looked around and saw Nagi completely absorbed on his own laptop, Farfarello was sitting on the floor in a corner rocking himself. If they heard him, they didn't make any outward sign.

The tall German looked at his leader, he could see Crawford stared blankly at the screen, his hands stopped in mid movement as he was typing away. Schuldich wondered if he didn't have a vision of the future. Crawford let go of the air he had kept in his lungs.

But before Schuldich could say a word, Crawford turned to Nagi. "Nagi... Go check your connexions... I need to acquire that new processor and I need it for yesterday."

"What's the hurry?..." asked Nagi.

"Just go... I need it. I need to compute something real important and this aka processor isn't fitting the bill..." replied dryly Crawford.

"Demo... it's a holiday today... it's going to be hell to..."

"Just DO IT!!!" snapped Crawford.

Nagi got up irritated. "YES, SIR!" he spat. He turned heel and grabbed his coat, he made sure he slammed the door as he got out. Farfarello looked up briefly then returned to rocking himself.

Schuldich looked at Crawford. "Brad... I think you went just a bit hard on him..."

The American returned to his typing. "Just butt out Schuldich..."

The German red head frowned. "What the heck is wrong with you?"

"Nothing... Unlike some people... I WORK!"

Schuldich frowned even more. "Are you saying I'm not pulling my fair share of work around this place?"

"No... But if you wore less gaudy clothes I MIGHT be able to concentrate more!" snapped the dark haired man.

The tall German got up. "You're being more and more like an asshole tonight, Brad..."

"Oh no one needs your snide comments, Mister-I-can-see-in-your- mind. If you can't be useful around here... Just do me a favor and leave."

"Shist!" expectorated Schuldich. He grabbed his trench which was hanging on the chair he was sitting and growled a choice curses in German. "Adieu!..." he spat as he, just like Nagi slammed the door.

Crawford sighed and closed his eyes. My friend... You have no idea... Now... Only one left... The black haired man growled. "Farfarello!"

Farfarello looked at him, Crawford gulped he looked sane and calm, just like he did sometimes before a fight. Those occasions were rare. The Irishman spoke in English to the dark haired man. "Ye won't succeed in scaring me awa', Chief... Or maykin me mad enou ta leave. I wager me saw through yer wee game... Ya got a vision..."

Crawford blinked then he nodded. "Yeah... I didn't tell Nagi nor Schuldich... But someone took over Takatori's place... and he or she is cutting all ends loose... They are coming here... To kill us."

"Yah... Ya think they'll stop at us?... Ye're just buying 'em time..."

"I know what I'm doing... I consulted the future for Schuldich and Nagi... They will pull through..." said Crawford.

"What about us?" asked Farfarello.

"That's why I wanted you to leave too..." replied the American.

Farfarello nodded. "Well, then... Let's give 'em a welcome they'll remember..."


"No... I'm stayin... Death before failure..."

Crawford knew there was no turning back for Farfarello. And... neither there was for him. Schuldich and Nagi had a chance... with Weiss.

Yohji was happy that he finally given the others the slip. He wanted a hot date tonight and staying with Ken and Aya, whatever they were doing or hanging out with Omi wouldn't change that. He headed for a disco he never really went to before, as Weiss it wasn't a good idea to favor a place. That would make him easier to track down, switching hanging places did wonders for his stealth.

He got in and surveyed in a good corner, eyeing the gentle sex. He was in luck tonight, many beautiful ladies were there. The night was still young, he would browse then put the old Yohji charm into action.

There was a redhead that struck his fancy. She was cute, but something was missing, he couldn't quite place it. He was mulling it over dancing subtly her way when he finally understood what was familiar about that woman.

She made him think of Schuldich.

Yohji paused in his dancing. Why was he thinking about Schuldich for? He was here to find a nice lady to spend the evening... and who knows, maybe the night.

But Schuldich's face came back into his memory. That night, he had winked at him, Yohji felt his cheek color slightly. He shook his head and danced nearer to a blond. He was straight, Schuldich might have been... a nice looking guy. But that was it...

He absently passed his fingers in his hair as he was dancing. He wondered if the German's hair was soft or not.

Yohji then returned his attention to the women dancing around him. Nonsense why should he be thinking of Schuldich when there was so many beautiful women all around him.

Now that we are no longer enemies... Maybe...

Schuldich's nasal voice echoed in his head. Yohji frowned did the German implanted something in his brain? He had fought the German many times. But he had never heard his voice in his head before.

Why did that happen then?...

Yohji felt something, a presence, he turned around and the fiery haired member of Schwarz was dancing on the dance floor. Yohji looked directly at him and the German's eyes focused directly on him even though the Weiss member was in the darkness of a dance floor.

"Crap..." cursed Yohji under his breath. "He's coming over here..."

Schuldich walked amidst the darkness and jet of colored lights, directly to Yohji. "Missed me?" he smiled.

"W.. Why the hell should I miss you?..." sputtered Yohji.

The German lifted an eyebrow, Yohji spied a sparkle in his eyes a certain amusement too.

"Maybe for nothing... maybe for everything..."

"Do you always talk in riddles?" asked Yohji.

"Only with those whom I know love a challenge..." Schuldich smirked again.

"Aha..." nodded Yohji he turned around and tried to find a better dance partner. "Well it's a holiday today, so don't expect too much..." He spied a girl but she had already a date if he judged by the way she hung on the guy that danced with her. If you can call that a dance...

The redhead laughed. "That's what I like about you... You surprise me..." Yohji felt a little disturbed by the look Schuldich was giving him, it looked like...

"Hai... I am hitting on you..." Schuldich said simply.

The honey brown haired man choked. "I'm straight!"

Schuldich got closer to him. "I thought I was too... But here I am..." He purred.

Yohji walked away from him but the amount of people there prevented him to go very far. He could only edge slightly towards the end of the dance floor "You're... just trying to trap me somehow..." Yet Yohji had to admit to himself that he had been thinking about Schuldich a lot lately.

"I thought about you too a lot..." The German said, flashing his easy smile.

"Stay away from my thoughts..." said Yohji angrily.

The red haired man took Yohji's hand and he looked at him intently. The other was wondering what he was doing when Schuldich pulled him closer. Yohji was pressed directly on the German's chest his eyes at his level. With most women he had to look down, with Schuldich he had to actually look up.

Yohji's breath got caught in his throat as he watched the German. Slight shivers of budding desire were coursing through his veins. It augmented when he watched with fascination Schuldich look at him with the same burning desire behind his amber eyes.

Yohji looked away rapidly, blushing ashamed to have felt desire just now. He was dimly aware of the German who had pressed himself closer to him.

"Yohji... Why should you be ashamed of what you feel?..." He purred in Yohji's ear.

"Because I'm not..." The sentence stayed there. Yohji had turned to tell him and now his lips were just inches from the German's. Both of them held the other's gaze, Yohji's heart was rapidly beating in his chest. He could see a hesitation in the German's face, who licked and lightly bit his lower lip.

I'm scared too Yohji...

"What?..." asked Yohji, breaking the spell a little, distancing himself from the other man. He collided with a woman who looked at him then at the other man.

I was right... You can hear me... Yohji...

"Schuldich... That game has gone long enough..." said Yohji nervously, his eyes still on the other man's lips.

It isn't a game... I am attracted to you... it scares me too... But... It's almost irrisistable...

"Don't stand so close..." whispered Yohji, slowly retreating but the other advanced slightly and they stayed in the exact same distance. They were edging out of the dance floor, neither one seeing that they were getting out of the dance floor. Yohji stopped backing up when he felt the wall. Schuldich pressed himself close to him, his face just inches from his.

Why?... You want to kiss me... Have you ever kissed a man before Yohji?...

"N... no... I... I haven't..."

Me neither... But I'm dying to try...

Yohji's heart stopped in his chest when he felt Schuldich's lips on his own. The kiss was gentle yet extremely arousing for both of them. The red haired pulled away and looked at the man he just kissed, a warm smile spreading on his lips.

You liked it... So did I...

"Shut up... Don't ever touch me again..." Yohji was trembling. How could he have let the other kiss him like that.

It takes two to tango...

"I didn't want this you forced me..." Yohji hid behind his rationalization of the situation.

"I didn't, you know it... You kissed back..."

"I certainly did not..."

"You enjoyed it... So did I..." said Schuldich.

"I did not!"

The German looked at him and the eyes. No use denying it, Yohji... You can try and delude yourself... But if you felt nothing. Schuldich let his eyes travel down on Yohji's frame and he gently brushed his leg between Yohji's leg. How do you explain this?...


Am I really?... In that case... Schuldich quickly grabbed Yohji's hand and pressed it against his own crotch. The other took his hand away quickly as if he'd been burned. But he had felt the other's erection. Now you can say I'm a Hentai, Yohji... But I've learned to be truthful to myself... You should too... You want me just like I want you...

Yohji trembled, ashamed of his reactions to the man. Was he just looking to drag him in bed?

No... I'd love to take you to bed Kudou Yohji... But I won't if you don't wish it... What I feel for you is much more than just physical pleasure...

Yohji was about to protest when Schuldich's lips closed over his own. The white hunter felt a stirring in his heart, something he never felt before with the countless women he kissed. This was different it was like it satisfied a hunger in him.

The women he had known ever since Asuka died, they knew nothing about him or his line of work. He couldn't get involved more than one night with them. How could they accept an assassin? Schuldich was different.

Hai... Yohji... I know what's it like to have to kill people for a living...

No... It's not like that!....

Yohji-kun... Deep down inside... You know it's true. Schuldich thought this mind speak was wonderful since they could talk and kiss all the while.

No, thought Yohji, we did it to help people... It might give you good conscience, Liebchen... But it all depends on your point of view... I'm sure all those pretties here would be quick to judge you if they only knew... They would condemn you, just as easily as they would me...

"IYA!" screamed Yohji as he pushed Schuldich away. He collected gazes from other revelers.

"Feh... fag boy didn't like to be kissed?" said a guy to his date.

"Who cares?" The woman with him replied loud enough for Yohji to hear her. "Damn freaks... Wish they wouldn't make a spectacle of themselves..."

It was too much for Yohji, he pushed Schuldich away and ran out of the disco. Schuldich looked at him run away. A guy gave him and Yohji a rude comment, the man would sport a black eye come morning. Schuldich ran after Yohji, he couldn't let the white hunter run away from him, not now... he needed to know how he felt.

Yohji had taken some advance and Schuldich could feel the small link he had with the Weiss member dwindle. He didn't want to loose that, he wanted it to never sever. The Black Hunter pursued the White into the night.

Omi was playing at an arcade. It's been a while since he had indulged, but he couldn't stay a second more with Aya and Ken. Those two were devouring each other with their eyes and Omi was feeling like he had overstayed his welcome. EVEN though he stayed with them.

"Yohji-kun had a good idea to slip out... Aya-kun and Ken-kun were starting to drive me batty." chuckled Omi to himself.


Omi frowned, I know that voice, he thought. His ship crashed so he decided to investigate, letting the high score flash behind him. He walked between the videos and spotted the familiar voice. It was Nagi from Schwarz. Are they involved in a scam of some kind? thought Omi.

"Listen, I don't care if you pay well... I can't have this kind of equipment at this time of day especially on a holiday!" replied the burly man who talked to Nagi.

The young man snorted. "Yeah right! You can't find me a simple state of the art processor... but if I were to ask you for dope you'd have no problem finding some..."

"Shut your trap, punk..." replied the man.

"Many have tried... care to try your luck?" smirked Nagi.

Omi frowned, he saw from his vintage point three guys closing in behind Nagi. Those aren't fair odds, but then again, Nagi was part of Schwarz, a team of Assassins, just like Weiss.

"You've been a smart alec too long with me kid... Now that you don't have Takatori anymore... You're dead meat!"

Both Omi and Nagi went wide eyed. How would that guy know about that? Unless it was a trap...

"LOOK OUT NAGI!!!" cried Omi as he let a series of darts fly. Nagi dodged a baseball bat and hit the man rushing him in the gut. Omi had hit the other two guys and in the confusion that ensued, he grabbed Nagi and pulled him out of there.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" asked Nagi, angrily.

"Saving your bacon... What does it look like?" spat back Omi.

"I was doing fine on my own... I would have gotten that guy!" replied Nagi, irritated.

"Suuuure you would have, and you would have been splattered by the other two behind him." They ran out of the arcade and disappeared into the night as Nagi was grumbling.

"What was that?" asked Omi.

"I SAID THANKS *&$)_%&(%!"

"My... I think you hang around Farfarello too much..." chuckled Omi.

"Oh, shut up!..."

Omi heard their pursuers catching up with them. We have to hide thought the young man. Turning a corner, he saw they were in a dead end, the wall before them was high, too high to jump over and scaling it would make their pursuers catch up to them.

Omi was looking for an answer when Nagi's arms wrapped around his waist. Omi was about to ask what he was doing when he no longer felt the ground under his feet.

"SHH!" hissed Nagi as he lifted both of them up to the roof of a building. As soon as they touched the roof, Nagi fell down, exhausted.

Omi looked at the men completly baffled that they disappeared. Omi chuckled softly as the men backed up, still looking for them.

Nagi was pale and Omi sat next to him. "Are you okay?"

Nagi nodded. "Hai... Just winded a little... I never did that before... and now I have a splitting headache..."

"You better rest..." said Omi.

"I need to lie down... even if it's for an hour... And I need to eat something... or else I'll be sick..."

Omi thought about his options... Maybe if he was real careful, he could sneak Nagi to his room. He'd rest and would bring him food and then when Nagi would feel better he could go back to where he usually went.

Yeah, but he would know where we live... Omi thought about it for a while then he remembered Schuldich saying he knew where they lived. He had taken that out of their mind.

Nagi was shivering and Omi thought it would be better for the Schwarz member to lie down like he said. The young blond hooked Nagi's arm around his shoulder.

"Come on... You can lie down in my room... it's not far from here. Just don't make a sound... I think I can sneak you in without Aya or Ken knowing."

Nagi nodded and they headed for Omi's place.

DAMN! Why did I let him get to me like that? Yohji was furious, he was reliving what Schuldich had done to him.

He kissed me!


I'm straight... I'm not into men!

"You kissed back..." Schuldich nasal voice rang in his head.

No I couldn't have kissed back. Schuldich was a member of Schwarz, they must have a hidden agenda. They probably seek to kidnap me or something.

If Schuldich wanted to play with my head... Why did he let me go? He's much faster than me...

If Schwarz wanted to kidnap him, they would have done so... He was all alone hardly a threat for the entire team.

It didn't add up...

Maybe Schuldich did mean what...


He's a member of Schwarz and he likes to play inside peoples head. He must have an ulterior motive.

Hai... Drag you in bed.


I'm straight!

"But if you felt nothing, how do you explain this?..."

Yohji felt like his body had betrayed him. Why did he felt that way towards Schuldich anyway. He sighed. I'll never know now... Unless the German tracked him down.


"Eto?..." Yohji blinked and turned around Schuldich was running towards him.

"Hey... You run fast when you want, you know that?" said Schuldich smiling to him, not even tired.

"Hn... Yeah right... What do you want?" Yohji turned and sat back down on the bench.

Schuldich was next to him in a flash, grinning. "You sure you want me to answer that?..."

Yohji frowned. "Go away... I told you, I'm straight..."

"I remember that... Then why did you kiss me back?"

"I did not..."

"Did too..."

"Did no - ..." Schuldich silenced him with his lips over Yohji's kissing him. Yohji's eyes went wide, he struggled a little. Schuldich let him go but stayed close to his face.

"Well?..." Schuldich whispered.

"Well what?..." replied Yohji.

"Tell me without lying that you didn't like that... and remember I can tell if you're lying..."

Yohji was taken aback. He frowned, did he enjoy kissing Schuldich? No, it was mostly shock from the surprise from that kiss.

"Then kiss me..."

"What?" The Weiss member blinked at him. "You're NOT serious!"

"What better way to know?... Kiss me... If you can honestly say it disgust you... I'll leave... and never bother you again..."

Yohji looked at him, not knowing what to do, that's when Schuldich surprised him yet again. He closed his eyes and waited, his lips slightly parted for Yohji's kiss. He didn't give any emotions off, he just waited, trusting.

"I could kill you... Your guard is down..." said Yohji.

"I'm aware of that... I'm ready to take a chance on you..." replied the German, not opening his eyes. "Are you able to say the same?..."

Yohji looked at him. He does look nice like that, eyes closed neither frowning nor smiling just there, peacefully. His eyes locked with the other's lips, looking at them intently. He was scared, why was he doing this to him, what was he trying to prove? I'm straight! I can't kiss him.

Then why couldn't he tear his eyes from the German's lips? Was he excerting some sort of mental control on him? He pulled back. It didn't look like it, the German hasn't moved. The scene was rather ridiculous looking, the tall red haired man waiting to be kissed.

Schuldich kisses had been gentle, he really could have forced me physically to kiss him. He was so fast, he could have stolen any kiss he wanted, yet he hadn't. Yohji still wasn't convinced but he inched closer to Schuldich.

He closed his eyes and brushed his lips to the other's own. The German gasped a little when they touched, maybe he wasn't waiting for it anymore, thought Yohji. Still the German didn't move, Yohji wondered if this was really a kiss and he pressed his lips more firmly. Yohji frowned, he didn't kiss women like that... maybe if he tried a real kiss.

Yohji titled his head and closing his eyes, he kissed Schuldich as he had done, countless of times with women. The German made small appreciative sounds and lifted his hand in Yohji's curly mane.

Both Weiss and Schwarz were getting caught up in the kiss. The German started to respond to the other's kiss and Yohji who didn't want to be outdone kissed him back passionately.

Soon their kisses deepened and they held each other tightly, closely. Hands roamed from chest to back to hair, both men purred.

"oh... Yohji... Wunderbar..." whispered Schuldich, parting from the kiss long enough to say so. He captured back Yohji's lips as soon as he had uttered that, darting his tongue on his lips.

Yohji was about to reply. Am I not always? when his tongue stopped, his eyes went wide. He pulled away rapidly from Schuldich who couldn't help but groan in disappointment.

"What the HELL was I doing?" Yohji could still taste Schuldich on his lips. I was kissing a man.

Schuldich looked at him, he closed his eyes and sighed. It was worth a try at least... He had felt Yohji's emotions, he was kissing him back with passion. He made everything crash down when he opened his big mouth. He could almost punch himself, why did he talk?

The German sat back and sighed. What was he hoping for anyway? Schwarz and Weiss were enemies, what could have made him think this would work? They were too different.

Yohji was still reeling from what he had done when Schuldich got up. "Wh... where... Where are you going?" Yohji asked.

"I'm leaving you alone... If you were disgusted with the kiss. I'd leave you alone... So I'm going..." Schuldich turned to leave when he felt Yohji grab his arm.


"Why?... If you don't want to..."

"I never said that..." Yohji slowly said. "Damn... I don't know what to feel right now... I always thought I was straight... And now..."

"And now you're not so sure..." Schuldich continued the sentence for him. Yohji frowned wondering how the heck he would know. Duh... he thought he's a telepath of course he knows.

"Nein..." said softly Schuldich. "I know because that's exactly what I'm going through..."

Both men stood there, try to digest what had happened.

"What now?..." Yohji suddenly broke the silence.

Schuldich shook his head, pensive. "I don't know..." He had a small smile. "I can't ask you to drop Weiss... and I can't drop Schwarz... I guess that means..."

"We can't go our separate ways after this..." spat Yohji. "Damn... Schuldich, I still don't know what to do with this... I know nothing about you!..."


"Hum?..." blinked Yohji.

"My first name is Kai..."

"K... Kei?..."

Schuldich smiled. "Close enough... Yohji... I better go back to my place... I need to think... I think you do too..."

Yohji nodded. "I wouldn't be much of a date if I didn't at least walk you home... Unless that's a state secret?"

Schuldich chuckled. "Iya... We'll be moving in a couples of week. Besides, if I thought you meant me harm... I would have never closed my eyes on you..."

They both laughed and they walked towards Schwarz's home.

They walked a while until Schuldich turned and said. "It's here... Thanks..."

Yohji nodded. "T... Take care..."

Schuldich smiled warmly at him. "I will... You should too..."

Yohji nodded and walked away, the German climbed the stairs to his apartment. He frowned. Weird, he thought, usually Crawford leaves at least one light on. When he actually goes to sleep. He was probably tired.

Schuldich took out his keys and looked at Yohji one last time before unlocking the door.

As soon as he opened the door, he smelled the odor of gas.


His mind worked at lightning speed everything moved in slow motion around him. He saw the door continuing to open and he saw the devise attached to it. It was rigged so that who ever opened the door would trigger it. Schuldich was turning around his hands lifting to protect his head. The spark went off.

The explosion was deafening.

Yohji turned around, he felt the warmth of the explosion. He saw Schuldich been thrown forward in the street by the explosion. The German landed on the concrete and he rolled then lay prone on the ground.

Yohji sprang forward.


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