Part 2

Sailor Star Love

Purple eyes framed with red hair narrowed. "Care to tell me that again... Slowly..."

Yohji gulped, Aya wasn't pleased at all, that was the understatement of the year. The smaller man was glaring at him, Ken was just next to him, his arm folded on his chest.

"What the hell is wrong with you Yohji-kun!... You brought a member of Schwarz HERE!!"

Yohji frowned. "What would have me do... let him to die on the sidewalk?"

"Yeah!" replied Ken. "It's sure as hell he wouldn't have done YOU the same favor... Except maybe plunge a knife in your back..."

"He wouldn't have!" spat back Yohji.

"Hn... He's been brainwashed..." replied Aya.

"I have not... I'm in perfect control of my mind thank you very much!..."

"Tut mir weh..." Moaned the man on Yohji's bed. Yohji bit his lip, it was the German's moans that had alerted Ken and Aya.

Schuldich opened an eye, he wasn't stupid, they didn't want him here. He couldn't blame them, they had been bitter enemies. His head hurt so much and his ears kept ringing, he couldn't brainwash anyone like Aya suggested, right now he was using every concentration he had left to block out their thoughts. He was in enough pain, he didn't need their sneers in his head.

"You should have brought him to a hospital..." said Ken. He hated to admit it, but Schuldich injuries weren't faked. And if anything Yohji said was true... Someone had tried to do away with Schwarz. He looked at Aya, they might be next if those who had planted the bomb saw Yohji drag Schuldich here.

"Idiot!" spat Aya. "You may as well condemned us all when you brought him here!... If you were seen..."

"The explosion brought out the neighbors... I slipped with him in the chaos that followed... I don't think I was followed." replied Yohji.

"You don't think?..." started hotly Aya.

"I had to move fast Aya!..." spat back Yohji.

"Hngh..." Schuldich could see that his presence what putting Weiss against Yohji. He would just leave and manage by himself and kill whoever got Crawford, Farfarello and Nagi... Damn... Nagi was still a kid, almost seventeen... The bastards would pay.

He got up slowly, his head was spinning and his legs felt like Jell-O. "Shist!..." His head throbbed but he got up.

"Ka... Schuldich... Stay down... You're not well..." said Yohji worried.

Schuldich turned his head, the small look of pain in his face told them he wished he hadn't done that. He flashed his happy-go-lucky smile to Yohji, he felt the right side of his face was bandaged so he didn't know if his smile was crooked or not.

"I... Better go... Your team... mate don't trust me... Can't say... I'm..." He started to walk away. Shist! he thought, the room is spinning and the floor feels like a sponge. With a German curse, the redhead fell down the floor.

"KAI! You're not fit to stand up... much less walk... Now go lie down before I deck you one!" threatened Yohji.

"K... Kai?..." said Aya.

"You know his FIRST NAME!!!..." Ken looked pissed. "What else did you two share?..."

"Back off Hidaka..." growled Yohji as he helped the German back into his bed. "YOU... STAY THERE!"

"H... Hai Yohji..." Schuldich looked a little frightened and yet at the same time pleased. But the bed didn't bring him any comfort, his exertion had given him an even more throbbing headache. He tried to keep it in but the pain was beginning to be too much. "Ich fuhle mich gar nicht wohl!...Der koft tut weh!..." He moaned.

"HUH?" Three pairs of eyes looked at him, wondering what he just said.

The door to Yohji's room opened, they all facevaulted when they saw Omi and Nagi.

"He's saying: I'm not feeling well... My head hurts..." said Nagi calmly. Behind him Omi looked like he wanted to be 10 feet under.

"WHAT IS THIS?" burst Ken. "Bring home a Schwarz's day??? What next Farfarello comes out of the closet???"

"Ewww... That's be disgusting..." said Nagi.

Everyone blinked at him and the German softly laugh. "Hai... Not a pretty sight... OW!" He winced and Yohji sat next to him and pressed a cold towel to his brow.

"Settle down... You have to calm down... Or else you'll keep hurting..."

"Hai..." said Omi. "It's a wonder he's not nursing a commotion."

Nagi smirked. "Crawford always said he had a thick skull..." The two teenagers started to snicker when Aya placed himself in front of them, with a searing look of doom in his face.

"Eeeep!" whooped Omi.

"Omi-kun... Explain his presence here..."

Omi gave Aya the short and sweet story because he could feel the purple eyes redhead wouldn't like him to be pussy-footing around. When he was done, Aya frowned.

"I'm calling Manx..." he said. "Schuldich looks like he can't go anywhere... But you..." He pointed Nagi. "We're keeping an eye on you..."

"Aya-kun!..." said Omi.

Aya turned around and glared at Omi. "You should know better..." He looked at Ken. "Watch them..."

"Hai..." puffed Ken. "There goes the evening..."

"Sumimasen, Omi-kun..." said Nagi.

"It's all right..." said Omi.

"Hey... I know how it is... Crawford is a stiff neck too!"

"You should be grateful, Nagi... He saved your life..." said softly Schuldich.

"Huh?... What do you mean Schuldich?" asked Nagi.

"Crawford knew... He had a vision... He must have known someone was coming to kill us... He drove you away on a stupid errand and he made me mad enough to storm out... Crawford... You asshole!" Schuldich slammed his fist in the mattress.

"He'd really do that?..." said Ken. "I find that hard to believe from someone like Crawford..."

"He was a human being with feelings... He was a friend!... We worked together, but we were a team and we had ties... Just like you do!" spat Schuldich.

"He was kinda like a big brother..." said Nagi, he brightened. "maybe he's still alive!"

"Nein..." Schuldich closed his eyes. "If he did what I think he did... He wanted to save us to his expenses..." Schuldich swallowed. "Damn fool!..."

Nagi bit his lower lip. "W... What are we going to do?" He felt helpless, if Crawford was gone... The news hit him hard, no it couldn't be true... not Crawford!

Ken frowned, he saw Schuldich and Nagi saddened by the news as if they had lost a family member. He guess he would feel as bad if Omi and Yohji died. They were living breathing people with emotions and ties, just like them. It's uncanny when you think that someone is your enemy, that you assume he or she is an uncaring monster. Not someone with hopes and dreams just like him. He couldn't look at Nagi and Schuldich in the same light anymore.

Omi frowned, how did this mess start? "Ken-kun?"

"Hai, Omi-kun?..." said the brown haired youth.

"Maybe Nagi-kun and me can do some research... Find out who could be behind this... I could use his help..." started Omi.

"You heard Aya..." started Ken.

"Listen!" Nagi said. "I know you don't trust me right now... I guess I understand..." He looked briefly at Omi. "I still wonder why Omi-kun let me come here. But I know this... I can help find those bastards who wanted to do us in... I got dead teammates! I want to find out who did this and make them pay!"

Ken was a little surprised by Nagi's outburst and Omi added. "Hai, Ken-kun... Maybe we are their next targets... Maybe Crawford gave us a wild Ace and we can anticipate their next move!"

"I don't know..." started Ken.

"You boys do that..." Aya's opened the door. "I have our orders."

Yohji felt nervous. "And they are?..."

"We're to integrate the two remaining members of Schwarz into Weiss..." He said calmly. "Nagi-kun... you and Omi are in charge of research... Take my computer Nagi and help Omi. Find as much info as you can."

Nagi blinked. "H... Hai..."

"Another thing... Tomorrow you'll get your own room... For tonight you can use mine... Don't touch anything..." scowled Aya.

"Hai... Aya-kun..." said Omi. "Come Nagi-kun..."

Omi took Nagi away while Aya turned to face Schuldich.

"As for you..." growled Aya. "I guess you better rest, Manx and Persia will arrange something for you tomorrow..." Aya turned to Yohji. "Since you brought him here... You take care of him..." He gestured to Ken to follow him. "Try to rest too..." And they were out.

"Whoa..." started Schuldich. "Now I know what it feels to be drafted..." He chuckled.

Yohji gave him a nudge. "Don't joke..."

"Gomen..." Schuldich said, then he smirked. "Ne... Yohji..." He scooted in the bed.

"What are you doing?..." asked Yohji.

"What does it look like I'm doing?... I'm giving you a space the bed is big enough for both of us..."

"You gotta be kidding..." sweatdropped Yohji.

"It's your bed..."

"I am NOT sleeping with you..." said Yohji adamantly.

"Where are you going to sleep?..." asked Schuldich.

Yohji sat on the edge of the bed. He didn't know. His couch wasn't long enough to accommodate him. He didn't have much space in his small apartment, his biggest furniture was his bed.

"I won't jump you Yohji... I really don't feel like doing anything something like that..." started Schuldich.

"I'll sleep on the floor..."

"SHIST! Don't you trust me?" said the German.


Schuldich puffed. "Sheh... Danke fur das vertrauen..."

Yohji sighed. "I need time... Shit! Up to this evening I thought I was straight!"

Schuldich sighed. "Enschuldigung..."

"Can you say something I could understand?..."

"Sorry, when I'm tired... My German just sprouts..." started Schuldich. "Yohji... It's your bed and... I'm just saying we can share it... I couldn't do a thing if I wanted... Too darn dizzy..."

Yohji turned and sat next to him. "How's your head?"

"Like Hidaka-san played soccer with it..."

Yohji chuckled. "Okay you win..." He took off his T-shirt and slipped in the bed next to him. "But if I feel wandering hands... I'm really letting Ken-kun play soccer with your head!"


"Good..." Yohji turned on his side away from Schuldich and closed the light. "Oyasumi..."

"What?... Don't I get a good night kiss?..."


"Don't push it, Kai..."

Yohji was running with Asuka... They were gaining on them... The shadows... The evil men... He stumbled.

"Asuka... Go!... Leave me!"

"I can't do that!" said the woman.

"You must!" She nods and runs away.


A shot is heard in the night and two lives are forever shattered.

no... No... NO!... NOOOOOO!

Yohji felt the shadows loom over him. "Why her?... Why didn't you take me?"


He lifted his head and there she was. "Asuka..."

"In the flesh... So to speak... Since I'm dead..." she smirked. "Aw... Gomen... When you die you kinda make crappy one liners..."

Yohji closed his eyes. "Are you here to haunt me?"

"Heck no... I got better things to do in the afterlife..." she kidded.

"I killed you..."

"I was dead inside Yohji... I was made into a tabula rasa... A clean slate, a new hard drive, to be filled with their info... I was already dead, Yohji... You freed me..."

He started to cry.

"Yohji... You have to let go of me..."

"I can't do it..."

She sighed. "You must... You can't dwell in the past... You have to think about the future..."

"I have no future..." He tells her.

She slapped his head with an upward slap. "That's where you're wrong, Bucko!..." He yelped out in pain. "Did that hurt?... Good, I hope it straightened you up inside..."

Yohji looked up to her, she had Angel wings. She was beautiful. She smiled to him.

"I'm flattered you still think of me that way, Yohji... But it disturbs my rest to be remembered in nightmares."

"I can't forget Asuka..." He put his head in his hands.

"You will... You need just to open your heart..."

Yohji blinked "What do you mean by that???"


Pitch Darkness.

In the distance a ray of light.

Yohji was attracted to the light and ventured over there.

As soon as he stepped in the light, there was a blinding light.

He was... Elsewhere...

A prairie... Peaceful... No... The sky held a menace, it looked like a black and white film, grainy with black streaks.

In the distance, he heard laughter.

He turned and saw a little family enjoying a nice picture perfect picnic. Children playing, mother pouring some limonade, the perfect little family, one boy, one girl...

"MAMA!!! Kai is cheating again!!!" said the little girl.

"Not true... If you kept quiet and stopped talking to yourself I wouldn't have found you..." replied the boy.

"I did NOT!"

"Did too!"


"Now, now... Children... Play nice... I eh?..."

Cars were coming in the plains, black cars with tinted glass. The man's face paled considerably. "Greta... Go with the children..."

"Aber... Friedrich..."


The woman took her children, but it was already too late.

"Guten morgen, Herr Doktor Friedrich..." A man all dressed in black blocked the woman's path. Many other followed. Yohji frowned, their insignia and clothes were familiar someone.

"Leave my family alone..." spat the doctor.

"You know why I came here for... Give me the boy and we will leave you and your wife and little girl go free..." said the man his voice seemed to be like that of a snake.

"I'd rather die than let him go with the likes of you!"

"That's easily arranged..."

Three shots were fired.

Three lives cut short.

Their live blood splattered the field like the poppies that were blooming.

The little red haired boy looked dazed, still holding his dead mother's hand. Blood splattered on his face and shirt.

Yohji rushed forward, he would grab the boy and try to make a run for it. Unfortunately for him, he passed right thought the boy.

A... A ghost?

"Nein... A memory..."

Yohji whirled around and saw Schuldich looking at him and at the scene, sadness etched on his face. "What are you doing in my dreams, Yohji?... Am I so smitten I have started to incorporate you in my dreams?..." He lifted his hand. "Go..."

He frowned, Yohji was still there, that never happened before. Schuldich had the power to go into other people's dreams, so he had complete control unto his own. He tried to make Yohji vanish again without success.

Meanwhile, Yohji was watching the black clad men bring the small child away. The child at first was in shock and was followed obediently. But when they were about to put him in the car he woke up and put up a fight, screaming and kicking.

The men finally subdued him by applying a wet rag to his face. They could have killed him, thought Yohji, those men, they don't respect their kidnappee. But why would they kidnap a small child?

Red hair, golden eyes, german... How can I be so dense?

"It's you... Isn't it, Kai?..." asked Yohji.

Schuldich frowned and poked Yohji. "Shist... Can you go into people's dreams too?..."

"Not that I know of..." Yohji replied. "It was you wasn't it..."

Schuldich's eyes became bleak. "Hai... That was me..." He frowned, he didn't want Yohji to see what was coming next. He didn't want him to see how they had broken him...

He concentrated and the decor changed, it became a bedroom, spacious and comfortable. Schuldich went to the bed.

"How can you enter my dreams?..."

"Maybe you let me in..." replied Yohji. "I'm not going to get near that bed... Where are we anyway?"

"My room... Well what used to be my room..." sighed Schuldich. "It only exists in my mind, now..."

"Aha..." Yohji walked around the room, CD player with a lot of contemporary and classical music, DVD player, some good films, a few frames of painting. "Didn't know you had any taste..."

Schuldich smirked. "I must have some... since I found you attractive..."

Yohji decided to ignore that last comment, although he could feel Schuldich undressing him with his eyes. He was used to it, it had happened a lot, but with women. To have a men's eyes on him was...

Highly arousing...

IYA!... Highly...


Shit why do I feel like that?

"Was it you?..." asked Yohji.


"The boy, it was you..." Yohji said with certitude.


"Why?... Why did they do that?"

Schuldich looked at his ceiling, he wished Yohji hadn't seen that. "They learned of my abilities... It was in the last days of the cold war. I, along with my family, lived in the part of Germany which was under the Soviet Union's influence... What you saw was the last remnants of the Gestapo..."

Yohji frowned. "I thought it was disbanded?"

"Officially, yes... Both for anyone living under the communist iron fist, Gestapo was far from being dead." Schuldich turned on his side to look at Yohji. "The Russians were trying to develop an elite force, a team of assassins that could also infiltrate and do espionage... The Russians were very interested with anyone with extra-sensory powers..."

"What did they do to you?..." asked Yohji.

"You don't want to know..." Schuldich responded hastily, shivering a little.

Yohji looked at some trinket on the table before him. Did he really suffer a lot? He turned to look at the German's face, haunted and listless. Hai, he did suffer, he had seen that look of other people's face before, people who hid behind a smile so they wouldn't crack down and cry.

"You're very observant, Yohji... then again, you were a private investigator..." said Schuldich.

"You know..." frowned Yohji. "You could try having a conversation with someone instead of plucking all the info you need directly from his brain..."

Schuldich sighed and looked away. "Gomen... Force of habit... I won't do it again... but..."

"But?" Yohji raised an eyebrow.

"Touching your mind, it helps me..."

Yohji snorted. "Yeah right, my life was no bed of roses..."

"I know... but... It just does..." He closed his eyes. Yohji, I love you... if only you loved me back... I'd feel so complete...

"HEY!!! STOP TALKING IN MY MIND!!!" raged Yohji.

"N... Nani?"

Yohji stormed to the bed. "Stop playing coy with me, Kai... You broadcasted you thoughts to me..."

"I didn't..."

"BULLSHIT!" Yohji in his rage had climbed on his bed and had clutched his shirt. "You did that... stop saying that you love me!"

Schuldich frowned and grabbed Yohji's shirt and yanked him in the bed with him. "EVEN IF IT'S THE TRUTH?"

"Stop that!"

"Why?... What's wrong?... Mister Macho can't handle this?... It would be better if I was a woman ne... Easier, more accepted, you could chase me and I could giggle and tell you how manly you are..." Schuldich looked him straight in the eyes.


"Why?..." asked Schuldich. "Give me one reason why I can't love you?"

"I... I can't... I'm not..." Yohji looked away. What is wrong with me? I'm feeling faint, he's towering over me, I'm actually aroused... NO... No I can't be... "GET OFF ME!!!" he screamed.

Yohji gasped when he felt Schuldich's weight shift from over him. He felt relieved yet also frustrated as if part of him wanted the German to continue to hold him in his power.

Schuldich fell on his side next to him, hugging himself. "G... Gomen... I don't know what came over me..."

Yohji looked at him, his voice was so harsh. It sounded like he was crying. "Schuldich..." He was surprised at the soft tone in his voice. His brain was almost screaming of fright when he turned and hugged the German, resting his head on the broad back. "I'm sorry, Kai... I don't know..."

"I know what you mean... It's like... You thought you knew who you were and now... all the cards are wild... Nothing makes sense..." Schuldich wanted to turn around and embrace Yohji but parts of him were appalled he had such thoughts. He was wagging a war within himself, one side of him wanted Yohji and the other was revolted he had such feelings for another man.

They stayed like that for a little while. Yohji felt comfortable, warm... It was different yet so similar to when he held a woman. Then again, had he ever had any tenderness such as this with the one night stands he bedded?... No, if he thought about it hard enough the answer was no.

Have I been deluding myself all that time? Was it this I was seeking in those women? Maybe the answer wasn't too far away. Maybe the answer had red orange hair. He nuzzled Schuldich hair, it had wood and spice undertone, the scent of a man, strong yet gentle. He nuzzled deeper in the hair and felt the warmth of the other's skin.

It feels so different when I kiss him. What is this attraction/repulsion I feel? I feel good next to him. I never felt this good before, most women I have been with... I feel like it's been to supress those feelings I feel for him. He's in turmoil, just as much as I am, scared yet curious. He had many occasions to have his way with me, he could have dragged me in a deserted alley and rape him.

He didn't, he told Yohji he wanted more that just physical pleasure, love then? Is it what I am afraid of love?... Only one way to find out.

Yohji used his free hand to part the German's mane. His mouth started to feel Schuldich's skin, he open his mouth and tasted his skin at the junction of the neck and shoulder.

Schuldich shivered, he loved this. Yohji was a skilled lover, he could tell as the other nipped his skin. He wanted more, he wanted the white hunter's hot lips on his own. He slowly turned himself to face him.

"Yohji..." whispered Schuldich before his mouth captured Yohji's lips. He kissed the side of his mouth trying to gain access with his tongue. The chestnut haired man let him in easily and darted his own tongue at him. Their tongue clashed in and out of their mouths, arousing both of them.

Yohji purred softly, I never did that before. I want him and I think he wants me also. We both want this, why be afraid of this then?

The kisses at first gentle soon because more demanding and urgent, hands started to explore. Yohji gasped as he felt Schuldich hands cupping his buttocks and massaging them. No woman ever did this and he loved this sensation, his own hands when to the German's chest and teased the nipples through the clothes. By the way Schuldich was panting, he could tell those little nubs were very sensitive to his attention.

Yohji felt swept by a wave, a typhoon of sensations that made him forget he wasn't into men. No he wasn't... but he was addicted to Schuldich's touch already. He didn't want just any man to touch him, only the tall German who trembled under his fingertips.

Yohji was starting to think his clothes where in the way when he suddenly felt Schuldich's hands on his bare skin. This contact made him hard against the German's skin. He heard the German moan as he smoothed his hand over the other's bare chest.

"Where?..." gasped Yohji as he felt Schuldich's hard length brush his own.

"Dream... listens to our whims... Gott... Yohji... You're driving me crazy..."

"You're doing a great job yourself... Aaaah... oh yeah... Keep doing that..." moaned Yohji as he climbed on the German. Lips locked again and tongues darted, passion swelling their member.

"Yohji..." Schuldich's voice was strangled with passion. "Oh gott... GOTT... You're doing it... YES!..."

"Kai... mmmm... Kai..." Both men started to trust against each other, their bodies covered by a thin layer of sweat which helped the thrusting even more. Yohji shook his head as he felt Schuldich tease his entrance with a wet finger. He let out a loud moan as he felt himself submerge by his orgasm. He was panting, shuddering when Schuldich also reached ecstasy a minute after him.

Both men snuggled against the other, filled with this fulfilling warmth that had just tided their hunger.

"Is it possible to fall asleep in a dream?" asked Yohji.

"I think we're about to find out..." whispered Schuldich.

"What's that sound?" said Nagi, lifting his gaze from the computer screen.

Omi listened and grumbled. "Not again!... Gee whiz... Aya-kun and Ken-kun sure want to make up for lost time..."

Nagi chuckled and looked at Omi, the youth had brought Aya's computer in his own room and they were working side by side. The younger boy looked at the other licking his lips, the sounds of the other room making him feel a little hot under the collar. He shook his head, he was pretty sure Omi wasn't the kind of boy to do this kind of thing. He wondered if he would be lucky and maybe prove it other wise, time would tell.

They heard an exclamation then the calmness returned to their apartment.

"I guess that's over... Those two..." Omi shook his head.

Nagi smirked. "Hai... but something strikes me as odd..."

"What?" asked Omi.

"Since when does Ken or Aya speak German?..."

Omi's eyes went wide. "No... way..."

Nagi looked at him dead serious. "I don't think it wasn't Ken nor Aya at all..."

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