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Taylor Takahashi


Warning: cross dressing, yaoi, lots of swearing, sex, sex, then some more sex, slight angst, exhibitionism, semi-PWP, TWT

Disclaimer: I don't own Weiss Kruez. If I did own Weiss Kruez it would be rated NC-17 and there would be a lot of sex, sex and more sex. So please don't sue me, I'm a poor college student. I promise I'll return them after I use them for my perverted pleasure.

Taylor: Well you see, the only point of this story was to get Aya-chan in drags and have Ken screw Aya senseless.

Ken: *catcalls*

Taylor: calm down Ken-chan. So the characters might be a little OOC.

Omi: Little! Ha! You mean a lot.

Taylor: I'm sorry I made you act like a little kid.

Omi: that's an understatement.

Yohji: you made me act like a pervert.

All: but you are a pervert

Aya: you owe me the most! you put me in drags! *grabs his katana* Shi-ne!!

Taylor: eep! *hides behind Ken* At least you got laid ne?

Aya: fine, but you owe me!

Taylor: Fine, what's it gonna cost?

Aya: *becomes thoughtful* I get Ken as my slave in your next fic.

Taylor: *snaps her fingers* Done! *Ken is on a leash and wearing bondage clothing*

Aya: Where's the handcuffs and the king size bed?

Taylor: What do I look like Santa Clause?

Aya: *pulls out katana out of his hammer space* Shi-ne!!!

Taylor: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Okay!! *snaps her finger* Sheesh! next Omi will be asking me to give him a Nagi sundae

Omi: Taylor!!! You owe me too, can I have a strawberry Nagi sundae?

Taylor: O_O

Yohji: I want Schuschu and Brad tied up in a heart shaped bed!

Taylor: I don't owe you, so shut up!

Ken: I'm gonna rip you to pieces Taylor!!! *moans* Do that again Aya! *loud moans* Never mind Taylor!

Taylor: O_O My life is too wierd! On with the fic! PLEASE TELL WHAT YOU THINK!!!! I DON'T MIND IF IT'S FLAMES!!!!

Of all the people in the world I had to fall desperately in love with him, Ran Fujimiya. Yes, the infamous cold and unfeeling Aya. Yohji said that even he the love master would not be able to get me through this impasse. Who would've thought, I, Hidaka Ken would be the one to fall in love with the icy-hearted Ran Fujimiya. Sometimes even I wonder what I see in such a cold person, then I recall the rare half smiles that appear occasionally on those beautiful and full lips, the way emotions other than anger and hatred slip through his stone walls, and how the sunlight reflect off his gorgeous crimson hair. There I go again, romanticizing everything that clueless bastard does. Nope, I haven't told him yet, but if innocent little Omi could figured it out I doubt my hints are very subtle. I think I fell in love with him the moment I saw him, though unconsciously my heart definitely choose him at that moment. It was until recently I finally admitted to myself that it was more than lust and obsession that I feel for the cold solitaire warrior. I love him dammit! I would do anything to have him love me back, for a chace to break down the icy stone walls that imprison the gentle and loving person inside. Maybe someday he will love me back, maybe. Keep on dreaming Ken!

"What is it?! I was trying to sleep! This better be important!" Yohji said irritably as he stalked down the stairs.

"Yohji-kun it's 11:50! It's almost noon." Omi replied, looking up from his laptop.

"So, you didn't go to bed at 3 in the morning."

"Guys, we have a mission." Aya said sternly "We are to infiltrate a prodigious high school in Kyoto."

"The last thing I need is to go back to high school!" Ken groaned slouching further into the soft leather sofa.

"Why are we going anyways?" Yohji asked while peeking into the fridge to find a suitable breakfast.

"An international fire arms trafficking organization is using the school as a cover, and many of the parents of the students are involved in this organization. Also they recruit many of the students as possibilities for future members. The organization is said to be extremely dangerous and have ties with several important governmental figures of numerous countries. Our mission is to find the hidden base and assassinate the leader of the organization."

"I hated school!" Ken whined.

"Quit your whining Ken. You sound like a fucking wimpy girl!" Asked Yohji.

"Thanks to you, I have the mother of all hangovers. I knew there was a reason why I never drank. Aren't we a little old to be going back to school Aya-kun."

"Omi has already registered us, as for the age Omi also made the appropriate adjustments. Besides we are only 2 to 3 year older than the senior students, and Omi is the appropriate age."

Readjusting himself so he laid on his stomach, Ken muttered curses in what sounded like 5 languages before promptly passing out on the couch.

"Don't worry Ken-kun, you don't have to get good grades, only one of us would have to be selected as a possibility as the future recruit. Did I mention one of us have to pose as a girl?" Omi added.

"What?" The two older boys who were still conscious stared at Omi wide eyed.

"You kidding right Omi?" Yohji managed to say between his coughing. The shocking news had made the tall blonde chock on his milk. "Nope, dead serious! I just got this e-mail from Manx saying it would be too suspicious if 4 boys just transferred in on the same day, and the school only had enough dorm for 3 boys."

"Who's the unlucky one that gets to be the girl?" Asked Yohji who was currently consuming a rather large plate of microwaveable pancakes.

"The weiss that would be posing as the girl would have to be selected for the recruit, coz they'd be less suspicious of a girl. Persia-sama prefers it to be Aya-kun, since he is the best at hand to hand combat out of all of us."

A look of extreme discomfort flashed across Aya's beautiful features, while Yohji burst out laughing which conveniently spitting a mouth full of pancakes all over the counter top.

"No fucking way! I not going to walk around dressed like a fucking girl! I'm not taking this mission! Shit!"

"But Aya-kun you have to. Manx-san is coming over this afternoon to give lessons, and debrief us on the mission."

"I've gotta go get my camera! I'm gonna thoroughly enjoy this!" With that Yohji ran up the stairs to his room.

2 hours later

Ding dong. "I'll get it. It must be Manx-san." Omi yelled.

"Oh joy!" Yohji came running down the stairs, followed by a very sullen looking Aya.

Ken sat up with a soft moan, and asked, "What's going on? Did I miss anything?"

"Manx is gonna give Aya a makeover!!! I'm gonna get it all on tape!"

"What the hell?"

With a bewildered look on his face Ken watched as Manx strolled into the family room with a bundle of bags hanging off her arms. Setting the bags down on the floor, Manx started to work. "Aya-kun, go try this on first." Manx said pulling out a black lacy bra and a pair of matching panties.

"When hell freezes over." Replied Aya.

"Oh come on Aya, you have to." With that said, Manx pushed Aya into the bathroom with the sexy women lingerie.

10 minutes later

"Aren't you done yet? How long do you need to put on underwear." Manx asked irritably.

"Come on Aya! I want to catch this on film!"

"Are you okay Aya-kun?" Omi asked sincerely, while Ken was trying his hardest not to get a raging hard on. Finally the bathroom door flew open, out walked Aya clad in nothing but the lacy underwear grumbling under his breath about how bras buckles are even more evil than Reiji Takatori. Everyone was stunned, while a classic nosebleed appeared on Ken's pretty features.

"What?!" asked Aya.

"Say cheese!" Aya gave Yohji the ultimate death glare as Yohji snapped several photos of him.

"Looking good Aya, but your bra needs to be stuffed some more." Manx proceeded to pull several tissues from the Kleenex box and stuffing them into Aya's bra. Ken stared dumb founded at his walking wet dream, Omi shielded his eyes, and Yohji just sat there taking photos and laughing his ass off.

"There we go! Now your two breasts are about the same size!" Manx said triumphantly, "I just have to wax your legs and then you can try on these clothes." Aya still only clad in the lacy underwear remained motionless while Manx applied the warm wax onto Aya's legs. "ITAI!!!!!!!!! Damn that hurts!!" Aya screamed.

"Stop whining like a baby. You're an assassin, don't tell me you can't handle the pain of waxing."

"That really hurts though! Now what?"

"Go try these on Aya." Manx handed Aya a black miniskirt that went to about mid thigh, and a body hugging red satin dress shirt.

Aya took the clothes unwillingly and went to change in the bathroom, because he's having trouble with his panties and needed to readjust it. A few minutes later, a stunning vision walked out of the bathroom. Aya looked incredible in the red satin shirt. It complimented his ivory pale skin and brought out his eyes and his hair. While the skirt hugged his slim hips perfectly, and showed off his impossibly long legs.

"Go ahead, laugh. Let's get this over with."

"You look great!" Commented Ken while trying to hide his hard on.

"If I didn't know better I'd hit on you." Yohji said.

"Aya-kun, you look so pretty!" Omi added.

"Damn you do look good, even better than me in that outfit. Add a touch of makeup, and you'll be ready to go." Manx said while pulling out her makeup case. After light make up and a wig, Aya looked absolutely fabulous!

"Don't you three have work to do?"

"Nope. We closed the shop for today."

"Go read the binders on the counter. They contain all the info we have on this criminal organization. Now, Aya you get learn how to walk." Manx said and reached for several pairs of shoes, "Put these on."

"Oh god! Why me!" Aya groaned but complied with the command. Putting on the black high heels, Aya tried to stand but failed as he fell right back down. "Dammit!"

"Try again slowly." Aya stood up slowly, wobbling a bit but other wise succeeding in the simple task.

"Make sure you sway your hips when you're walking." Ken was trying his best to concentrate on what Omi was telling him and Yohji, but he could not understand a word he said.

"Ken-kun, did you hear anything I said?"


"Omi, Ken's off in dream land and screwing Aya."

"Yohji! Shut your pie hole!" Ken snapped.

"Make me!"

"Guys stop it! Ken-kun, Yohji-kun you guys can go and help Aya-kun. I guess I'm stuck with all the research again."


Why did I stop there you ask. Well, I hit a writer's block, so my head hurts now. Please tell me what you think!!! this is my first Weiss Kruez fic, so I need feedbacks!

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