The archive of fanfiction on this site. The reason this site exists in the first place.

Smoking Mirror
For all you Final Fantasy VII fans: My Shinra fanpage! ^^ With sub focus of the yaoi couple Reno x Rufus. =9

White June
The Weiss Kruez Yaoi fan site created by Ruaki way back when the fandom was still young and remarkably yaoi-less. ^_^ When she decided to end the page I picked it up from her.

Ghost in the Machine
I wanted to do this for a while and finally got off my buns and did something about it. A Rockman fanpage dedicated to the good fics and fanart out there. ^_^

Match Point
The website of a Prince of Tennis Livejournal Role-Play. Moved here because Tormalyne could no longer upkeep it.

On Silk Screens
A collection of all the doujinshi currently in my collection with a cover image, an internal image, a short summation of the doujinshi, and it's sale status.

Colors of the Win
My little spot to stick all these winamp skins I feel compelled to do ... as well as all those lovely skins others do. ^_^ Enjoy, fellow MP3 listeners.

Of Paper Skies
A page devotes to hosting Son Gosai's artwork.

i exist
My own personal page where I put up anything I darn well please. ^_^

Star Well
All the links I have collected and organized since before this site even came to be.

No Where
Where I keep all the old updates, going straight back to the beginning of the page.

Bubbles of Baubles
The place where the gifts and awards the page has received are stored. *-*

Past and Present
This months updates, most recent updates are actually in the little "more" part at the bottom of the Update part of the main index page.

Livin' Memory
All the miscellaneous stuff that's just gotta be on the page. ^_^