Flame of Corruption


They must die. They will die.

That is my goal. No matter what they said, no matter what they drummed into my head in that thrice-be-damned room out of hell. Oh, don't mistake me, I love to kill, to feel the blood on my hands and twist the blade deeper into soft and enhanced flesh alike, but I won't kill the human bastards.

Oh no, they'll be the last to die. First, first, I'll kill them. The ones just like me. Weaker and more pathetic, soft and worthless before the human scum, but in the end, just like me. Born from me and my own damn failures to comply to their damn orders.

Do you feel this, brat? My hate? My cold? Can you possibly understand the pain of living and breathing as one of you only to have it ripped away in the name of war? How could you possibly understand?

Yer a damned prodigy killer, and you still dare to speak to me about God? God is dead.

Do you hear me? God is DEAD.

He left me to that cell, to their orders and tortures, he left me to their mercy. If he loved everyone why did he leave me? Did he want the world to burn? Did he want the boy who walks like a girl, that sanctimonious summoner, to call up Justice? To call up me?

Your God doesn't care about man or Gears. He doesn't care about you. And you still pull out the sword, sell your soul, and fight for a thing that doesn't exist, all in the name of love and justice. Snap out of your fantasy world, kid, before it kills you.

Strikes you dead ...

Like I will one day.

Only, I, will be far sweeter than death. Honey to the cold, warmth to the bitterness that will consume you. It's an offer. It stands if you just reach out and take it, forget god and peace and join me.

But you never will.

And I'll never offer.

Death is too cruel.

But I am death.

So I am cruel.

And just as ruthless.

Just as cold.

The end of everything.

Justice is just the preview, I am the coming attraction.

So why, why, don't you kill me?


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