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Steph -Ifni no Miko-
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Silent Steel

Xellos no Miko

Kotori Ky Monou


Stormdancer Yomochi

Shar Chin

Bernardine Frances Trollope

Meishinkan Rab

Zach Grafton

Alexis Ericta

Kirsten Miller


Megan Jones


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Amanda Barton



Jusenkyo Tale's
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Stephanie Gilmore


Elizabeth -Trickster Priestess-






Slayers Fanatics ML Round Robin



Slash Girl

Zelas Metallium

Sailor Glacier


    "Hello everyone, this is a message from Harukami. I've gotten a lot of messages asking about when FOES will be complete. The answer is... I honestly don't know. I get ill a lot, and I've been suffering from a popped rib which caused muscle atrophy and tendinitis, and the doctors aren't sure why my arm isn't healing. This makes it difficult to type for a long time. Also, I've broken up with my girlfriend and well, I just haven't had the urge to write. I know where I want to go with Foes, but I'm just not going there very well. I don't want to put out something I don't think is good enough. So, please wait as long as needs be. I'll try to finish it, but I can't promise anything. However, if you would like to see the short works I've produced in the meantime, please check out my homepage at http://harukami.iwarp.com/ Thanks!"



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